Eat, Pray, Love – Bali, Lombok, Gili, Part One


The headline is not in the right order, but it makes more sense to me like this. Its about the places I’ve visited in Indonesia. I wrote way to much to fit it into one article so I divided it into two. In the last month I have been a bit lazy updating this blog cause enjoying traveling pretty much consumed my whole days and nights. So now that I am back home in Berlin since the 10th of October I will try to rebuild the past with my notes as long as I remember. And hopefully finally finish this travel journal.

Have fun reading of Part One

Jakob Schille

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one week in hot and steaming Singapore

sIMG_1457This is the first stop on my way home which is in a Asian country. It still has a lot of western influences to be honest. But except the western influences the first country I have ever been to with real Asian culture. Which means a very interesting mix of Chinese, Indonesians, Malaysians, Thai people and Indians. Probably even more then the stated different cultures clashing there onto each other. I expected it to be a big cultural shock but it was okay and you adapt fast to the customs and different food. Especially when you like Asian dishes like curry’s and sate, pad thai …. So have a read about one week in Singapore.

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No time to say "Hello, Goodbye"


Hi Mates

Before my adventure in Aussie began it was already over and I had to move on. How sad is that. I had fantastic three weeks in Aussie. Mainly caused by the many awesome people I met on the way. But to reflect all that here is my last Blog entry about Australia but already posted from Singapore. So have a read about everything after magical Byron Bay until my last night in Aussie in Coolangatta.

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the place 2 be, Aussie


I_ should have planned to spend more time here to stay longer in Australia. It is also a really nice place to visit. In a different kind of way than New Zealand is, But also great in its own way. Or maybe I had such a great time because of the people I met here. Up to now I had a blast and it was so good. I’m looking forward to what comes next and be happy to travel further. To do more stuff I didn’t do up to know and enjoy my round about last two month as much as possible. Until I have to head back into reality. Until then have a read about my last second week in the Land of Oz.

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Good morning Sydney


Here I am. Not in New Zealand anymore. But at least not at home already. I arrived at my first 3 weeks stopover in Sydney and will sooner or later travel up to Brisbane. But for now I am still here in Sydney and enjoying the good sunny “winter” weather and the nice atmosphere of this town. It is so far the most enjoyable town I ever have been to. So enjoy reading and also have a look at those nice pictures. It is even better then it looks.

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Goodbye my beloved New Zealand


Currently I am sitting in an Jetstar airplane on my way to Sydney. And when I posted this article I am in Sydney. Which means I had to leave my favorite place on earth. In essence back to Germany. But with some stops on the way home. Look forward to new posts from the country of the high pitch girl voices with blond bleached hair where you have to get used to use mate instead of bro.

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The last two months


Only 11 Days to go. Literary. I’m already so sad I have to leave soon. But I’m not going to be sentimental right now here. Its too early for that and not the last post from within New Zealand. But it will be very soon, and that is sad. Anyway, have a read about the open house, my project in Christchurch and a bit of stuff up to right now. I think since I started posting I haven’t been that up to date I am right now.

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