Wanaka was already my choice to chill out. I knew its nice there but didn’t expected it to be that nice. So instead of 2 – 3 Nights I spent 5 Days there. Did Winetesting or Skydiving for example. I went afterwards with Marco to Queenstown (two nights), to Te Anau for a 4 Day Hike on the Routeburn Track, back to Queenstown and back to Te Anau for the a Overnight Cruise in Doubtful Sounds. So a lot to catch up with writing.

Sterling Man









Now, this is the second Part of NZs Westcoast. I drove down from Golden Bay via St. Arnaud (for nothing) to Punakaiki for the Pancake Rocks and to Franz Joseph to do the Fox Glacier hike. A lot of more story's and pictures coming soon. Enjoy ready.

Cheers J









Already two weeks are gone since I arrived here on the South Island. Time fly’s by here. I realized so far I did a lot and took a lot of pictures. And its hard to keep up so I will publish already the first part of it. Better than nothing Smiley. Soon another or the other parts will follow.This is about the Trip with the Inter Islander, my three day Abel Tasman Track and Golden Bay/Harwood Hole.

Enjoy reading and some of the beautiful pictures.

IMG_0522Hey Guys,

I am not in Auckland anymore. I recently left it to head towards the so famous South Island. Everybody praises it so much and finally I will be able to make up my own opinion about it. Currently I am in Wellington finishing my last Job for the next three month, if nothing unexpected happens. So here is what I did so far since the weekend before I left Auckland and the North Island.

IMG_0067So now it is a bit more clear when i am leaving. I already now know its gonna be hard and i will miss all this here. Especially the family. For sure not as much as i miss my own, but not far from that. Around the 19th I drive to Geoff, hopefully make it finally to hike the Tongariro Crossing Track, visit Napier in Hawkes Bay for a week or so. Stop in Palmerstone North on my way to Wellington to replace their Server. Then to Wellington where i may stay at a cool place at a friend of Geoff until i've finished the last Server Job in Johnsonville. And then. Then I'm going to visit with my Schrotty by the Ferry from Wellington to Picton. And finally will step on the the south island. It then had took me eight Month to get there!!!. But this is still in the future. So back to the past. Have fun reading.

Cheers J

It is terrifying another Month is gone. And I am running out of time. I didn’t expected to work that long. Which is good to earn money but bad because it is the nicest time of the year to go to the South Island. Anyway I did some stuff except working. I had a breakdown, visited Piha, bought a camera, went to Wellington for Work and visiting the City, learned some about retired people in NZ at the RSA, went to Lake Tarawera with Friends … and a bit more.


Now half of my time in NZ is already over and 6 more month until I have to leave this beautiful country. We’ll see. The last 6 month have been awesome and hopefully the future is continuing being good to me. This post Its like it is in the Movie Seven Pounds. I would call it Work. Not only work but most of the time is about work now. But its fine. Work is mostly fun and I,’m glad that I have enough of it and get paid well. So everything is fine. And a bit of spare time is also left to do something or to just relax.