CIMG2721living here is fun. Everyday something new and it’s hard to get a daily procedure. But that’s what makes it fun to be here. One of a few downsides here at the moment is: The weather. Here it is the worst Summer since more than 5 years. It is not a real summer like it is usually. Every day we get a few showers and the temperatures are never then less than 23 degree. Which sounds cold, but isn’t. If u are in the Sunlight its easy to get sunburned within 30 minutes and then its also much warmer. But whatever, here is my Post covering New Years Eve and our move in at Johns.

Have fun, J

CIMG2491Dear family, friends and stranger,

I try to catch up to a closer past date. Still 2 weeks to catch up. So here is already my next post. And the one after is coming sooner than usually. I didn’t wrote it yet but I try my best to catch up. Finally I passed Christmas In this one. Enjoy how we here celebrated the cozy and contemplative days.

cheers Jakob


CIMG2454Times fly by. I t is already the 9th of January and 7 more month to go until I have to leave this country. For me it is a absolute different feeling of time. We passed Christmas and New Years Eve and there is sooooo much I did and saw and experienced. Almost to much for this short amount of time. But I,’m glad to have still time left to see the rest of this country. I didn’t got far but who knows what's next. I’m excited what comes next. But here for you some story's from the past.

Enjoy it


DSC01121Hi Followers,

this time my new entry is about things like some Christmas Events in Auckland, my first real Job and my new second Job which I already mentioned last time.

cu Jakob

DSC01036Hello fellows,

Again an interesting week for me. So here I share my Storys and Pics from my Trip with Amy and Martin to visit Luisa in Ahipara in the Nortlands. I have to catch up some time to cover the passed by time. So see this as a start of a few more entry's soon. Have fun reading it.

See you soon,


DSCN3130After leaving Rotorua behind I have settled down in Auckland again. But this time for work and earning some money. Again I live in the Verandahs Hostel and am happy that still a lot of friends from 3 month ago are with me here. Even if it’s a Hostel and not a Flat mate Room I’m staying for longer here. Read more about my Road Trip to Ahipara, my first three weeks working in Auckland and all the things besides.

Enjoy reading what happened since Rotorua,


Finally I’ve got a job interview. After changing some lines of my cover letter regarding my future plans andmy visa I got better replies. I was enormous excited cause I wanna have a job badly. But I also will miss this place and my friends I make here. So on one side I want the job, on the other I wanna travel with them further along. Sometimes it’s hard here. One of the bad things here. Everything is changing here somehow every day. None is like the last day.