Hey Mates,

this part features the Catlins and Otago Region. Especially Dunedin where I stayed pretty long and had good fun this student city. Its already a month ago I went there. So to deliver a bit more present things: I’m back in Auckland at Johns Place working a bit and playing with their new puppy dog and puppy cat. And heaps of other stuff is going on you’ll may read about in a month. So far you have to be satisfied with this stuff, aye.


two days in the Catlins - 12.5.2012 - 13.5.2012

After leaving Stewart Island I spent the night in Invercargill to refund my money for to many nights prepaid for the Hostel on Stewart Island. So I woke up, went to the I-Site and got my money back. After that I left ASAP. Invercargill isn't the place where you wanna spent your holidays in. Next stop Catlins.

Catlins Day one
The Catlins are a huge countryside nature park between Invercargill and Dunedin at the coast. It covers almost the whole part between it and contains numerous beaches, waterfalls, short walks, places to see the rarest penguin species on the planet, remote surf places, the southernmost point on the South Island .... A lot to see and plan for two nights. I snatched the what to do in the Catlins pamphlet from the I-Site. I couldn't be better prepared to not miss out on something there.



I stopped in between my first night campground destination at a nice lighthouse next to a yellow sanded beach offering broad views over the ocean. Some of the Trees down here are so bended and crippled sometimes because of the single sided wind in one direction so it looks really funny. Next stop was Slope Point the southernmost point of NZs South Island. There is also a Point near Bluff but its a fake. This one is the real one and that for pretty unspectacular.  After passing by foot some padlocks and always looking down for sheep shit you reach it on a cliff. Only a sign in the middle of nowhere is pointing into directions indicating the South Pole ....




If Sebi would be here we could have continued our funny series of pictures. But we would have needed to replace Carlos anyway. So no chance of that. The sign didn't offered the right positions anyway. After that I continued already to the campground for the night. But it is within 2 cool bays loaded with stuff to explore. The campsite at Purpoise/Curio Bay is advised in the Lonely Planet. Everything is perfect except the campsite itself. The facilities where so basic it would have almost be the same without paying and staying somewhere without facilities. And saving the 10$. But too late for that. It was still early. So i went to the nearby Curio Bay.




IMG_0893One unique thing about it is the petrified Forest only accessible at low tide. Fortunately it was low Tide. I climbed all around it and spotted a lot of places where trees and the bark of it are still petrified, so covered in stone from an volcano eruption and the chilled down lava afterwards. Pretty cool, aye. So I went further climbing around the cliff. Spotting different kind of ridiculous looking animals. Especially birds but always taking care if a seal is around. But no one there. I almost climbed around the whole "peninsula" ending up on the other side of it at Porpoise Bay. A nice long yellow/white tiny grained sand beach which looks in the summer for sure perfect and is crowded. But this day it was just nice.


IMG_0910Later the same day I went back to Curio Bay. The second feature it has is arriving rare yellow eyed penguins daily an hour before dusk. When I arrived there it amount of people at least where 20 as many than before with just me. It's a famous place for this event. I took my position in the crowd and we all waited for the arriving stupid walking animals in suits. I must have missed a couple cause from behind from the small caves in the cliff we heard already screaming penguins indicating where the arriving ones need to go to.






IMG_0937And then late arrivers showed up on the shoreline jumping out of the water onto the rocks starting to drying themselves and cleaning their feathers and fat suit before they tackling the last task of the day to approach their track all around the tourists with cameras to their final target, home. It took one of them at least 30 minutes to get there. Stopping every now and then for a new try to clean himself, inspecting the environment, scream a bit, take some detours and poo uncontrolled onto the rock. Good fun to watch. When you then look further away you see a couple of others doing the same stuff meeting in groups to go home. Really nice.


Catlins Day two

The next day consisted mainly also out of a lot of short stops, short walks between the first and second campsite. I went to some waterfalls until I where sick of them. The best ones have been the Niagara Falls. Its more a bad joke. Its a place with nothing to offer around except this Niagara Cafe which is good. And a foot walk from it are the small Niagara Falls located. They are not even falls just some flat rocks in the water and a downgrade of maybe 10 cm. British Humor, maybe.


But one spot worth mentioning have been the Cathedral Coves in the Catlins. They are only reachable via a 10 min drive on a private road and only accessible at specific times of the day depending on the tides. I waited there for an hour cause a Czech girl, Anetta, recommend it once long time ago in Coromandel. And she was right with it.







The coves are reachable by a 40 minutes walk down to the beach and 10 minutes down this wonderful wide flat nice colored beach. Actually they are two coves connected in a V shape. They doesn't look very high on the pictures. But imagine the big opening part of them had at least a height of 10 meters narrowing down further behind to maybe 5 meters. The beauty was also I was the first one down there so no footsteps in the sand. Almost all parts of it, also in the cove, have been completely untouched. I like it. Its kind of similar to be the first one in the morning after a night full of snow and you are the first one who is putting the first footsteps into it.

The next stop was already my camping ground. Also not the best one but in a good location with more cool beaches around. IMG_0993

a bit Catlins and a whole lot Dunedin - 14.5.2012 - 19.5.2012

IMG_0999IMG_1009Still in the Catlins one of my favorite spots there is Nugget Point. A lighthouse on a rough scattered mountain pretty high and with cool views from up there down onto the rugged blue sea. And a lot of waves clashing onto the many peaks located in front of the big Lighthouse one. On the steep gravel road back, out of the sudden Sebastian and some friends passed by in his green Kermet colored car. We both turned stopped and chatted for a while about this funny coincidence and to meet later in Dunedin.

Dunedin, Day one
I wanted to visit Dunedin definitely before Cindy is gone. I expected to arrive at least a month later so it could have been tight. But it didn't took as long as i thought it would to reach it before mid of June. It was great she was able to show me the city and surroundings, get to know her friends, have a bit of the student life and activity’s, and couch surf for free in her shared house. Wicked. I arrived in Dunedin to early.


IMG_1056She was still in the Polytechnic at her lecture. So I used the time to park up my car and start to explore the town by foot. She is living a bit outside so almost a 45 minute walk into the center. But a good way to start with here. From the first view I had the town isn't very nice. The harbor side easterly of the rails is very industrial. But when you pass the rails past the famous Dunedin Railway Station and finally reach the city center parts it gets way nicer. I walked around for a while, met Sebastian in the Library again and met Cindy afterwards at the Octagon. The octagon shaped city center with all pubs, cinemas and restaurants nested in, around and nearby. But this one evening we didn't go out, we bought grocery’s cooked at home and drank there. I was introduced to all other flat mates. I already knew Nathalie, also from the plane arriving in NZ, but not the others. An Thai guy and a Chinese girl. Shortly before going to bed I remembered that I convinced Cindy not to buy bread cause I will bake some. So I had to keep the promise. I wasn't able to bake it cause I didn't knew how to deal with the oven so it had to waited until the next morning. I occupied then my couch in within my sleeping bag falling easily to sleep. The couch was the whole time very comfy I have to admit. Couch surfed approve.

Dunedin City tour, real Day one – 15.5.2012

Cindy only has one lecture a day, sometimes pretty late in the evening. Good thing about it this day it was in the evening and so we did a bit of a cruse around. I've got a personalized Dunedin city center tourist tour. Awesome.

IMG_1013IMG_1011First sight was the steepest street of the world, the Baldwin Street located a bit out of the center. You may now say never ever is the steepest street in NZ, its the one in San Francisco winding up the hill. But for real officially in the Guinness Book it is stated this one is it. And if you are walking it up you know, they must be right. The difference between this one and the one in San Fran is this one isn't going up in slopes. Its going up straight for whatever stupid reasons. There is no turn and it must be at least a 30° angle it is ascending the hill. It starts slow turning into a really steep part and back again to less steeper. It looks more like a ski jump track (Skischanze) and every car going up is accelerating on the less steep part hardly to tackling this hard as piece of a road. There are even one one side steps instead of a normal flat pavement. Some tourists get there own car up this one. And even though I have a 4WD I better didn't gave it a try. I guess my car would have died, forever on half way up.

After this one we left back into town to the botanic garden which has been kind of on the way. We stopped nearby and went for a walk through it. Passing nice greenhouses stuffed with heaps of cactus and tropical plants on the other side. Outside a lot of local plants and trees. We went to the funny part where they have the aviary houses with all those different kind of Kaka's (Parrots). Some of ‘em able to talk. Expressions like "hello polly", "you are cute" and some others have been repeated by some of them.
The third site for the day was the campus. We drove in, and after we finally got a parking spot (which is always a problem at that daytime) we walked all around it. It was a bit of serving the needs cause also this evening Cindy, some friends (Magda, Rita, Henry, Sean) wanted to go to the Capping Show (later more about it) so she had to pick up the cards as well. So we went over the whole busy campus with some really great and pretty old and new buildings. Especially one looked quite old and nice directly next to a small river. Unfortunately I didn't took a pic. So imagine it. It looks like the Dunedin Rail Station, the supposed to be 2nd most photographed building of the world. I didn't believe that and also didn't took a pic of that as well. You know how to use Google if you wanna know, right? Okay, in the end I asked if I could get a pic from Cindy so see below.SDC16606

Anyway I liked this campus feeling. All the busy looking students running around, okay not all look busy, only some of them but even though I like this vibe over there. In the library and all those buildings for the purpose of preparing for a good job in life. I just like this a lot. I should have studied something real too back then.

SDC16598Cindy and I split up. She had to attend her course and I went down all the way from the campus via George Street, a long shopping street connecting the campus area and the Octagon. I met Sebastian and his friends there and walked around for a while more talking than paying attention cause we had a lot to catch up with. We went to Velvet Burger for a feast and one pretty expensive beer we shouldn't have bought. Afterwards we thought we should drink some more and went into a location near the Octagon for some cheap Gin Tonics and a mug of good priced beer. A bit tipsy I've went by my own back to the Campus. Cindy and Henry waited in a Library for meeting the others a bit later outside somewhere. But my first task has been to find them. They didn't have only one big library there. They have a couple. So after crashing into some and a few texts I found out the final destination and met them there. I've got introduced to Henry a funny German exchange student as well having always a lie on his lips for fun. We wasted some time somehow until we met outside on the other side of the campus with Rita, Magda and Sean??? Just to find out we had to go back to almost the library we came from :-). A good walk. And also we've been pretty late and the show already started.

The Capping Show
It is a Theatre Show all ran by students. It is pretty famous in Dunedin so even the landlord of Cindy’s placed advised us to go there. The Show consists of many short and some continuing long sketches and different storylines meeting up in one final one. It seemed to be very British to us sometimes over the top (but only for Germans with WW2 Jokes and Hitler, we are not used to laugh about topics like this). All others where amused in the first place. I would compare it with the German good old Bullyparade which comes closest. They did a lot of sketches about the Maori, English culture and the local NZ government situation with (J/)Ron Key. It was hilarious and amazing that all this where just students. It took a couple of minutes to get into it for me but I was even more surprised of the professional level of what they did. They also had in between funny video sketches, game shows, singing perverted clowns (see video) transforming Christmas songs and others into dodgy ones, singing dolls, great sets .... It was fully packed with everything you can imagine. In between they had even a student band (which was good) playing altogether 2h long. And all this for just 15$, student price of course. All of us enjoyed the show a lot, the hall was fully crowded and everybody over the top amused.


The second good fully packed Day on the Otago Peninsula – 16.5.2012

IMG_1016Today Cindy had her early lecture. When I woke up on my comfy couch she already was back from that. We decided to do something with this great weather, so we drove onto the Otago Peninsula to visit there a few places too. Number one has been the furthermost one, Albatross Point. A spot famous for those huge rare Birds who have nearby a colony. Either you pay a lot of money or you just are lucky waiting for a while at the nearby viewpoint. We tried last but for waiting a while it was to windy and cold outside. We had enough after a couple of minutes watching them hovering further out over the ocean. In the nearby Information Center thy had a small 


exhibition with some displayed examples of those massive birds with their huge wing span. Before being blown away outside we left the windy spot to head to others. We went back further into the land on the peninsula to a nearby viewpoint. There we climbed up a hill to be even more exposed to the always on blowing wind. The view over the whole place, the Peninsula, Dunedin and almost down into the Catlins compensated the shivering cold. We also had a good view down onto Sandfly Bay. Ohhh not again I thought. I hate places called after this fucking insect.

Sandfly Bay






It was the place we headed next to and fortunately this time the namer isn't this tiny fruit fly looking like insect. The namer is actually flying sand. Puhhh. But it was annoying too in one way. All the wind was blowing around the sand grains stockpiling it into huge dunes. This placed was abandoned. Only three other guys we had to share this long sandy bay. So we had a good chance of seeing the incoming Yellow Eyed Penguins or Seals. We went into a nearby animal observation shed which saved us from being blown away and made it more enjoyable to sit and stare for spotting seals, penguins, birds or whatever else comes in. Unfortunately no penguins today there. After putting the beanies back on tight we went out again to watch some seals harassing a seal lady until she got away (the wildlife can be hard). But it was funny to see how those seals behave to each other when they are angry chasing each others growling and moaning.


Cindy prepared a delicious Lasagna this evening. Good to warm up.

Third day not that packed: Speights Brewery and Cadbury Tour – 17.5.2012

I can't remember what I did the forenoon all time long but it was already 1 pm when I went out. Cindy drove me out to the campus again and we went to a nearby café on George Rd for a good hot chocolate before she went to her lecture and I to my Cadbury Chocolate Factory tour at 2:30 pm. They only have three big brands here in all the stores. It's Cadbury, Whittaker and believe it or not Lindt. Last one of course the best one but also most expensive. Cadbury isn't my favorite, even a cheap chocolate in Germany tastes way better. But I never went into a chocolate factory so I did now.


IMG_1054The factory are is located right in town and contains a couple of buildings and silos. But in the end they unfortunately don't produce there a lot anymore. Some of the machines where off (off season like eastern), others where damaged or just not in used. So actually we've only seen some packaging machines (awesome, aye???), a mediocre chocolate waterfall just for the show in one of the silos and a melted chocolate sampling. At least i learnt some basics about chocolate manufacturing. This facility is also not producing those chocolate blocks they sell everywhere here in NZ they produce huge chocolate Blocks for the commercial market and use in restaurants .... The Products to produce it aren't also local ones, most of them come prepared and pre-produced from China and Australia. I hate globalization. So here they are just melting them together pouring them into big plastic forms and chilling them slowly down. The chocolate buttons, not the normal one, the small boring one for tiny pieces was damaged that day.
Jeah it does sound a bit disappointed and it was. I have to go back in Germany to a tour at Lindt in Aachen when I’m next time there or to Storck in Berlin. I guess it will be better.


I needed to go shopping for a new pair of jeans. One of the two old ones was lets say very breezy near the crotch area :-). It definitely needed a replace. The few past walks must have given it the rest there and one jeans is just not enough to live with, you probably can imagine. I went into a recommend shop and found right on a fitting cool pair of, jeah slim jeans. First time, I'm going to be a hipster soon ;-). I went this time in between my next target the Speights brewery to the other well known burger shop, Angus Burger (the better one) to grab something to eat. At 5:30 pm the next tour started and needed a foundation.


IMG_1072The Brewery tour was a bit of a run too fast down how to brew beer here (mostly with sugar, bähh). Also a bit too basic and also in a not in operation factory. Not because of faults or globalization this time. Its because they needed to shut down to move into a new factory building nearby. But the tour was better, still. We walked through all stages of producing it and all those rooms where normally they really produce the beer you drink here. But the fun part of the whole tour was the last part. The last 20 minutes in a tasting room. Not really used for tasting more for bench drinking. My group containing of 7 befriended students (one of ems birthday) and me. A bit weird but they where nice guys so I didn't felt very much left out alone. Especially after the last part of the tour. We tried hard to drink a lot. But these cheapskates here chilled the beer down to very cold 3 degree or so to apparently reduce the consumption here. I should have asked if I'm right. But I didn't. Drinking games weren't allowed in there also. Anyway we managed still to "sampling" heaps of it until the time was over. Compared to the Cadbury Tour, even though no machine or facility was in use right now it was better than the Cadbury tour. But compared to the tour I attended at Berliner Pilsner with my class in 9th grade ("chemistry" lessons) it was not even close as good. We are one of the center of beer brewing and it was in full use 24/7 with unlimited testing and a bit of food .... I'll have to go there again. And look at the following picture. These are my new random friends. They wanted me on there picture so Smiley.


It rained badly when I went out. I was lucky getting picked up by Cindy again to get home. We stayed there only for a while. We left after half an hour already to the baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaar bar. Maybe with a bit less a's but aaaaaaaa lot of fun. We picked up Rita on the way there and met Lydia (the third one from the student group from the plane to NZ) there. Good thing about this place was it’s a student bar which means cheap liquor. Wicked. We didn’t took as much advantage of it like many others there (just a bit). For example this one guy approx. 50 year old guy in his green short arm sweater. He looked so like a docent.


Weeks later Cindy found out he really is. He was so fucked annoying all of us so every time he left his beer at our table we let it disappear without him even noticing. He always sneaked around girls fiddling around or singing drunken stupid songs and dancing to others songs. Its not as ridiculous on karaoke day but he was ridiculous I can tell you. I almost started a rumble with some Maori guys. They may have been aware he is a docent so they try not to hit him. We thought for a pretty long while about singing something as well together but we all weren’t very keen to do it so we left before it could have actually happened. Good for all of us I assume.IMG_1065

Rita knew at Seans place there is a huge party going on in near the so called warzone. Known for being the part of the town where most of the party addicted students live. Sometimes they enlighten sofas or other stuff on the street. Get roofs to crash underneath them while staying on them. But only on special occasions. We attended for a while. It was outside and not too warm to be honest. We disappeared then in Seans bordering complex to the garden/party areal. So we went to Seans house met a lot of his friends and flat mates. nice people including a hysterical Slovakian girl with her Canadian boyfriend getting crazy about their teams challenging each other in the Hockey World Championship, talking for a while and went home then.

A Day out of Dunedin but still packed - 18.5.2012

Oamaru is the place to be for molesting Yellow Eyed and Blue Penguins. So good fun. We went together with Henry there. It’s a long drive north out of Dunedin town. We tried to shorten the drive with talking crap´(Henry is far out the best one Zwinkerndes Smiley in this discipline) and switching every 3-10 seconds the track on the love songs mp3 cd we found in Cindys car. Henrys favorite: Adele. Who is, as I was recently educated, original from NZ and explains the amount of times it was played in August throughout the whole summer on the radio.

Moeraki Boulders


On the way to Oamaru there is a spot called Moeraki Boulders. Boulders because it features huge balls out of rock. I was told it started with a sand grain and ended up over the century's it grew until they became as big as I am and a bit heavier. Some of them where also already damaged. It looks like they became tiny cracks and the salt water is pushing into them leaving salt in the gaps and somehow slowly cracking up the cracks even more until it breaks. At least it looks like that, but its still hard to believe they started out as a grain. But it is possible that layer by layer they became bigger and bigger. The surface is very smooth and hard to climb on. And its also funny that of all places it happened just here. Hard to believe. Unfortunately some of the pictures from these places are a bit bluish. I forgot to switch the white balance setting from clouded to sunny. I try to fix it afterwards so it’s not that of an obvious problem anymore. We continued driving from this place further north up to Oamaru.


Steampunk Penguin populated town Oamaru

30 2 sec. long teaser songs later we finally parked the car in Oamaru. It’s a very different city center than all those others down here and that’s highly appreciated. It doesn’t contain all those typical looking buildings from the 50-70s. It looks more like out of the American movies about the civil war and a bit later.

IMG_1098DSC08237More like Abraham Lincoln and 18th century. They even had steam trains (it’s a rarity) and a zeppelin. The city hall and main museum looked so different to the normal architecture down here. Even though its not old and just fake it looks old and a bit familiar. We went to the I-Site to get pushed into doing one of those blue penguin tours for 20 bucks (we didn’t do it fortunately) and went afterwards into a café. Lets say 5 cafes until we found one at least which doesn’t close at 4 pm weekdays. It had some cool steampunk bits and pieces sitting around. Warmed up a bit and a couple of funny conversations later we headed off to the first penguin site.




We were supposed to see Yellow Eyed Penguins. So we went to this nice headland part with a short walkway form the car park to the spotting shelters where we settled down for a while. But we where to early so we went around it and explored the nearby surroundings, went down to the opposite side of the beach where the penguins arrived until it was late enough to get back to the shelter. A couple of more minutes later the first penguins arrived already. But this spot wasn’t as perfect as Purpoise Bay in the Catlins cause we where way too far away from them. Good for them but not as exciting for us.





So we went off to the next spot. Cindy knew already where to park the car to see the Blue Penguins for free. Right in front of the place where the tour starts of course. We parked up the car, had a bit of fun re-parking the car around the corner when Henry went out for a second and wasted some more time chatting until it went dark completely, And we left the car. With torchlights listening to from where those weird noises come from. It didn’t took us too long to spot the first ones. Actually 3 jerks right in front of us. They are way smaller then the Yellow Eyed ones. Sooooo tiny and cute. They where stumbling around together making there way from the land to the water. We tried not to get too close to them or to place too much light on them but actually they didn’t care. They weren’t scared or shy at all and coming really close up to 20cm close with their tiny swallowtail. Really adorable. After seeing heaps of them and having enough of freezing outside we went back to the car to leave back to Dunedin.


Another long drive back ahead Henry had enough time to explain Cindy everything about the in between shifting raising the pressure on the acceleration pedal (Zwischengas) in manual cars which was hilarious and other funny shit. We stopped half way for a loo and to enjoy the starry sky before reaching hazy Dunedin again. We did a short stop at Dominos for snatching some student discount pizzas and headed further into city center.I went to the cinema with Rita, Sean and Magda to see the Dictator, funny as, Cindy and Henry continued to meet some other friends to have a evening of Tatort (ohh gosh). I was pretty late already at the cinema having a fast feast in front of and a chat with some random people (it’s happening so easy here, at home you would think what a weirdo, why is he/she or they talking to me, here not, like that) until the other guys showed up 5 minutes before the movie started. We didn’t reserve cards so we took the last and possible worst seats you can get in the first row. Saw necks where included in the student priced tickets, wicked. Afterwards we went to the Ra Bar near the Octagon to have some drinks, live music and playing some pool. We did some games until drunken Sebastian and Roman showed up joining us for some more drinks and pool until Cindy met us as well for some designated driver coke, yeha, and a bit of pool until it was late enough to go home. But before doing that Cindy drove Magda, Sebastian, Roman and me to one of the viewpoints over Dunedin. The view good over town but chilly and windy as hell wouldn’t be. So we didn’t  stayed too long before before getting blown off. IMG_1116

Tunnel Beach, Rugby live and funny student Friday – 19.5.2012

Its gonna be a looong day so we didn’t went out too early. But we left. Towards Tunnel Beach. It is right next to Dunedin a bit south of it and I probably passed it without noticing this cool spot. It’s a bit annoying and steep half an hour path down to this very cool area. The way down is not that much of a problem, more the way back up afterwards, but anyway worth going down. The ocean was rough and causing some serious waves smashing against the cliffs all around. Stunned by that Cindy persuaded me into going closer to the edge of it and lying down near the edge (I crawled there) the head across the border watching the waves.


IMG_1138The bigger ones even caused the whole ground to shake when they where impacting directly. Scary, at least for me, Cindy wasn’t scared at all. After that we went through this naming giving tunnel which was once used to get access to something like a tiny harbor, or at least something to get your goods of the ship, down to a small beach. We spent some time there until we had to leave back to Dunedin to not miss the Rugby game. So all the way up again. Damned. We headed home and prepared for Rugby and the after game party and left by bus aware of being drunk tonight and better not driving by our self.


Rugby Highlander vs. Bulls
Not that I ever had a minimum interest in Rugby at all I had at least to watch one game live in the stadium. Done. And it wasn’t too bad. Before we met Henry and waited for Alex in front of the Stadium. And there was this sausage roasting stand. So we all had some. Even though normally they are really bad it was ok there cause I was able to use as many different sauces I wanted too. After drowning it in all of them it was quite delicious. And a good start for the game.


We went as a big group of 10 people and did the best to support Dunedin’s team by waving there flag all the time when the others in the audience did as well. Nobody had really a clue about what happens on the field. But it didn’t matter. It was good fun like it was anyway. Now I really need to go to a football game in Berlin as well. Not really interested in this sport too but a thing I need to do.


The game was over and everybody keen to leave. It was chilly and the best way to get warm is moving. We left altogether the stadium to the next liquor store on the way to the flat mate house of one of Cindy’s friends, Lydia. We also grabbed another Pizza at Dominos, but this time under fake funny names like Unfall und Haarig.



We had a feast at Lydias place, had some music, played mau mau, took funny pictures and inhaled the liquor to be fueled up to head out to the Octagon for a bit of a party. On the way we lost already a part of the group and ended up in one of the pretty crowded clubs. I even did something like dancing :-). At least it felt like that, but Cindy helped a lot. It was a nice long night. We hopped through a lot of Bars and Clubs until I noticed I lost my favorite sweater my father gifted to me long ago and my even more favorite eftpos cards. So no money for me in the next time except via Credit card (but my account in Germany is half locked now, thanks to the fucking Sparkasse). In the end we lost everybody and went home in the end walking for 45 mins. It was already 4 when we arrived. Before falling asleep at 5am we had some Tomatoes with Feta for preventing having a headache next morning, yummy and wine Smiley.

leaving Student City - 20.5.2012

It is always hard to leave a nice place where you had a good time. But on the other hand it’s the best time to leave and not get stuck. So I had to move on. I moved all my stuff back to the car. And left for real after going to the library with Cindy for the last time. It was so nice there. I really enjoyed it and probably miss out on student life. It must be fun to live like that for a while.


I tried to get my sweater back from the 10 Bar but its not named after 10am so they where closed and I had to leave without leave towards Aoraki. It was Sunday so I had no chance of getting my eftpos card back so I lived on my credit card. Good that it even works even though the fucking Sparkasse killed my disposition credit completely. And fortunately nobody ever asks for the pin as well cause I forgot it long time ago already. So I drove almost up to Aoraki, a small township easterly of the Mount Cook just there for hiking purposes. Because it didn’t want to pay money for staying there I just camped next to the only road leading up there. It’s funny, I never got a fee so far. Instead of that I had an awesome starry clear sky and a lot of shooting stars, jieaha.