Wanaka was already my choice to chill out. I knew its nice there but didn’t expected it to be that nice. So instead of 2 – 3 Nights I spent 5 Days there. Did Winetesting or Skydiving for example. I went afterwards with Marco to Queenstown (two nights), to Te Anau for a 4 Day Hike on the Routeburn Track, back to Queenstown and back to Te Anau for the a Overnight Cruise in Doubtful Sounds. So a lot to catch up with writing.

Sterling Man


Natural Art in the wild and lovely Wanaka - 15.4.2012 – 20.4.2012

IMG_1499I left Franz Joseph with Ditta to Wanaka. Compared to the Highway further North between St. Arnaud and Franz Joseph this part isn’t comparable. On the way we did numerous unplanned stops. There is soooo many stuff to stop see and be amazed in between. Just to mention them we passed and stopped for mostly just a short walk to see a beautiful lake which on a really calm day mirrored the scenery perfectly. And when you don’t have any clouds.








We stopped for great views onto Mt. Cook and the other Alps here, for great views over the rough west coast down to mysterious beaches, for Caribbean Beach feeling with wonderful bright sand and calm Bays. Also for getting eaten alive by the aggressive Sandflies at some nice spots. On the way we also paused for two nice Waterfalls (I think one called farytale) where I thought I start a trend stacking flat rocks. To find out at another spot somebody already started it. We went for a short walk to amazing blue pools. The whole scenery close by the pools where scattered with stacked flat rocks and crowded with Tourists and Sandflies.




This Country and especially this Part of the Country is amazing. The massive Mountains rising up to 2300m right next to your Highway, you’re driving almost on sealevel. It is so impressive. Heaps of rough Mountains, one Lane Bridges, tiny to massive rivers transporting the Water of the 3000 Glaciers and of course rainwater and never than less those huge, huge lakes served by the rivers in between massive rugged Mountains.





IMG_1585You can imagine these pictures are only a small view on the hole lot of it. It is only a tiny part of the hole lot. Without the surroundings, the sound, the wind, the sun and the rain. They cant transport all the other missing parts and in the end it is at least 10 times better here then it looks like on the pictures. If you have the slightest chance to come here don’t miss it. It is the most amazing country I have been so far.


retreat again, but in Wanaka

Wanaka should served the need for a rest again Smiley. Actually I didn’t do a lot but in the end compared to a normal life at home way more I would have done there in 5 Years. So even if I don’t do anything now and than I don’t regret it. Even though usually it doesn’t work out like I planned it to. We arrived late that day. We’ve already chosen which Hostel we’re going to. Its one of the best in the Area and after staying there I can confirm that. Wanaka Bakpaka is really well run. Good Mattresses, nice Log Fire every evening a good kitchen and a good lounge with great views over the Lake. So all in all a great place to relax for the next couple of days and give my foot a rest. IMG_1605

IMG_1617But of course we did something anyway. You meet new People, another Sebastian and Marco from Switzerland whom I spent afterwards roundabout two weeks with and became good friends.

He is so far the most funny guy I ever met here. He speaks Portuguese, French, English and the funniest German I have ever heard. Everything he says sounds so out of an german porn movie. Its not so much about the words or tiny mistakes. Its more about the way he says thinks like hmmm lecker. I always had to laugh a lot. But the good thing sometimes we gossiped about somebody on the streets or in shops in German. Once he said schau mal die Frau wie langsam die arbeitet so wird die nie fertig (oder so ähnlich). I’ve laught so hard right on next to her she must have guessed it was about her. It wasn’t what he said but the way he did. Hilarious.

Also we met Ronja and Duran???(from Israel) again and a Nina from Germany with Andrew from America and a Curled Hair Guy from England. I’ve also met Annaick with a new Friend from Quebec in Canada again. Last time I’ve seen her in Tongariro Crossing. So a bunch of people animating you to do something the whole week.

*Living the Dream, and testing Wine and eating the cookie of my life

IMG_1614I planned to do nothing. Except writing my Blog and laze about on the couch. It didn’t work. We decided with Ditta, Marco and Sebastian to do something. The free Winetasting on the other side of the lake sounded promising. So we stopped chilling around on the terrace in the sun adoring the good weather and the lake and went for a walk at the lakeside heading towards the vineyard. Half way at the I-Site we bumped into Ronja and Duran. They where “freedom" camping directly at the main center car park at the lake next to the i-site next to the camping permitted signs. What a coincidence they got a fine that morning. But lucky them their car didn’t work after getting a fine. The Police men was still nearby so they looked him up and told him they had to camp there cause their car didn’t start last night anymore and they where stucked there. Lucky them it got accepted so in the end they got around paying the 200$ Fee. We invited them to join us later after finding a decent campground and finish their fee thing off.


IMG_1636We went further around the lake by the poplars and the one famous Wanaka tree (further up) in the lake through the grapes of the vineyard up the hill where the chateau is located. Up there we admired the friendliness of the people up there, tried 10 different wines the whole day and after Ronja and Duran arrived ended up buying two different kinds of them to finish them on the edge of one of the hills there and enjoying the last sun of the day talking, drinking and taking pictures.


After this joyful event we headed back to town to get some food. Drinking makes you hungry. So we ended up at Uncle Toms, one of the Chinese Take Aways who serving all kinds of food ranging from Pizza over fish and chips to Chinese food and all kinds of deep fried sins. I already went there with Ditta the day before and had the most disgusting Fish and Chips so far and a Hot Dog. The Hot Dog here are made out of lamb sausages dipped in crusty batter deep fried. Bwääh. I would die for a normal Ikea Hot Dog with a good sausage. Anyway we went there again because of the choices we had that day. Or because of missing knowledge where you can get good decent food in town. But it wasn’t too bad. We shared two pizzas and garlic bread. Not too bad and not too god, but better than the day before. Afterwards we went to one of the bars met some more acquaintances. That day we where multiplying and growing from 4 People to 12. Always on the street you meet familiar people over and over again. Its funny.

IMG_1648So we had a couple of beers and went afterwards to the Paradiso Cinema. A well known Cinema here. Instead of normal seats it has comfortable couches. Instead of a massive screen and a high end sound system it offers you flair. Its not really about the movie. Its about the Cookie. The Movie isn’t important there. But the atmosphere. A movie named “The Hunter” with William Defoe was on. It seemed to be a Movie specially for the NZ and Aussie Market. Was about a stupid rare animal which needed to be found by a hunter. Boooooring. But anyway everybody was anyhow just waiting for the break in-between. Aware of that we jumped out of our couches to grab some of the delicious cookies. Double Choc and Choc Cookies with the chocolate still melting inside. They are from heaven and gone in a second. That’s why Marco and Sebastian already went there the second time. Then we approached to endure the second half of the movie. Easier with delicious pastry in your hand. After the Cookie ähh the movie we where looking for places to go to but out of season there is not much to do in Wanaka at midnight. So we went back to the Hostel and I chatted with Marco, shared some beer and went to bed.

I still thought about doing a skydive here in Wanaka but its so fuckin expensive. Every morning I see the ads on the walls and I think should or shouldn’t I? Well see.IMG_1651


One lazy Day

The day after I think I really didn’t do anything. I try to sneak free WiFi. But Wanaka and Queenstown don’t have Free WiFi at the Library because of the Tourist/Citizen ratio. They may have 5000 people living there but more than a million tourists a year so not affordable just by taxes. Ah jeah in the evening we spent some time playing  next to drinking Cranium (shitty Board Game). It ended at 2 am and actually nobody had a lot of fun playing it but everybody wanted to finish it. Anyway we decided to rent a small Bus next morning and drive out of Wanaka to do a day hike in the Mount Aspiring National Park to the Rob Roy Glacier. Funny coincidence: Simon a friend from Verandahs showed up and joined us.

Rob Roy Glacier Tour with 12 Attendants

So in the morning after everybody was prepared we left the Hostel heading to the Rental Car place to see what we can get. In the end we got a automatic (jippieh) Toyota Bus with 8 Seats. I had to drive because of the age, experience and credit card. Buuuuhhh. But I had my fun. The Bus did a good job. First we went together to the Grocery shop to by some munchies and went then through Wanaka via a 30 km Gravel Road to the Start of the Track.


IMG_1658The Car Park is down in some Flats surrounded by massive Mountains and Sheep and Cows. The track started easy through flat wide areas over a bride and then steadily steep up the mountain gaps higher and higher until the huge wide rocky area opened up the view onto the glacier. Not too bad but not compare able with Fox Glacier. But anyhow nice to see. After a break for a feast up their. After we finished our munchies we went back down to the Car. Felt the last sunbeams on our skin. We went back to town and only Sebastian 2 and I stayed awake. All the others took their chance to take a nap. To annoy them at least a bit I used more often than usually the break to weak them up a couple of times. Bloody lazy Bastards






We took the chance to go back to buy grocery's (for me Chicken Curry again) and 2 Bottles of Cider. I should’t have finished them that evening. In respect of the day after I just should’t have. The whole group ate together drank together and played Times Up. A really good and funny game. Every attendant has to write down onto small paper 5 very famous people, characters or similar. Those gonna be folded and placed all into one bowl. In the You have to make up teams. We had 3 times 4 people teams. There are three rounds. First round you have to explain to your team the picked name without saying it or parts of it, second round you have to explain it with one word and in the last round you have to mime it. Of course you can vary it by rounds of drawing or remote control one of your team members. Every team has maybe 1 or two minutes per turn every round to get as many names as possible. All discovered names gonna be counted at the end of each round. After all rounds the winnerteam is the one with the highest count. Really funny game. Especially when everybody is getting tipsy. It ended very late but it was the last night for some of us who left to Queenstown or other direction to Fox like Andrew and Nina.IMG_1700


Da Sky Dive

IMG_1729I had a small hangover that morning. Nothing serious but jeah, not too good as well. I relaxed for a while. Then I decided to do the Skydive. Marco did it in the morning that day and I thought now or never. So I booked the 15000 feet Skydive. Fuck the 400$ plus the stupid Shirt I bought. I will only do it once. The weather was perfect. Wonderful. So I booked it for 3pm. Enough time to recover a bit. While chilling Marco came back and explained me how it went for him. And I was really looking forward to it.


On time they picked me up. Already in the Car two Girls, Rachel from America and Maria from Dresden. Together we watched an Instruction Video on the way to the Airfield. Any Questions? No, just a weird feeling in the stomach. But not because of the hangover. More in advance of what is coming. In the Skydive Lobby you get more and more nervous. You have to sign some papers, go to a scale, get your suit, jump into your harness and say hello to you dive instructor. Mine a nice guy from Croatia. But first it was Marias turn. She was already getting crazy, jumping around because of her soon take of. I took care of taking some pictures of her. She did the 12000 feet jump so Rachel and I had a bit of more time to wait for ours and think about what we are doing. Anyway you feel there Skydiving is working like a machine. Those guys there are very professional and know what they are doing. Nevertheless people already died because of this activity. There are a few risks, especially the parachute is a weak part of it. That’s why you have to sign those papers. After Maria flew down and landed safely to welcome us completely relieved and happy it became our turn.IMG_1737

We took our “seat” on on of the two benches in the small plane, our diving instructor close behind us. We sat backwards, our head facing the back of the plane in two rows. The Diving Instructors did their random jokes, about forgetting something but everything is gonna be fine anyway, no worries and showed us Mount Cook. Then each Instructor tied his package onto himself, fastened every belt, placed the oxygen mask on our faces, placed the hat and the glasses onto our face … while the plane flew higher and higher circles to get to the jump height. The view from up there was wonderful. Clear Blue Sky, All the lakes and streams around you. And the Mountains. the plane climbed further and further up until we reached the destination height. Then it started. The door was opened and my adrenaline level raised a lot. My instructor always asking if everything is fine. Yes it is. Then the first people jumped. roundabout 4  doubles until it was our turn. My instructor slided us forward closer to the open door. What a view and what a strong wind. Last question if everything is fine. Yes. Then he slided one bit more forward turned me 90° until I already hang outside the plane with my feet and head in a specific position waiting for the kick.

IMG_1767He pushed us off. No contact to the plane anymore. We did one complete forward spin while accelerating in a freefall until reaching the maximum of 200 km/h. I was screaming like a little girl. My heart beating like a machine gun. Then I stopped screaming after maybe 5 seconds and started to enjoy the feeling. Another guy who would have probably taken pictures of me for additional 150 Bucks spinning around us. I soaked up the scenery around me. spinned all around to get a good and nice 360° impression of the things around me. And beneath me. It is a bit weird. your are not really scared of the height. Couse it is too high to measure it with your eye anyway. Its all so far away that it looks almost flat anyway until you get closer. But then the small headache started to get really painful. At least ten times as strong than in the beginning and it became hard to enjoy it. For 45 second (which felt way longer) we traveled at a reckless speed toward ground until he pulled out the parachute which braked us pretty strong to a lower travel speed. But still pretty fast. He did a turn (which is pretty much like in the helicopter with John on a huge turn but more intense) and asked me if I like that. I replied something like not too much. Maybe he didn’t got it right but we did some more turns. Until I almost faded away on a blackout. But just almost. I didn’t missed anything. The headache was too strong. We did some more turns until we approached to land. I had to raise my feet high up in the air to slide on the grass with my bum until we stopped on the grass. Pretty pretty intense. IMG_1771

I had to sit for a while until I was able to stand up and walk over to the lobby and meet with Maria again. She still happy taking pictures of me, I felt pretty sick. I tumbled back to take a seat and tried to process the experience and the headache and the beginning sickness in my stomach. I didn’t puked or anything but the dehydration of the last days became evident. So I peeled myself out of the gear and suits to tumble to a water source, took some pills against sickness from Maria (thanks for that) and drank as much as I as able to. Then I took a seat as long as possible until we had to leave back to the Hostel. The drive didn’t help either to get rid of the sickness. Back in the Hostel I placed myself directly onto one of the couches in the lounge and took a nap for an our until the others noticed I’m back. Funny sidenote, Andrew and Nina who supposed to leave to Nelson that morning where back. They didn’t got any ride to the North even though Andrew was hiding in the bush and hot Nina tried alone to get a car to stop. So they where back and booked a bus for the day after.

I took some Aspirin and left with Marco and them to the Farmers Market in Town. Its only once a week and one of the main events here. We arrived to approach all of the 4 stands. It took us amazing 10 minutes to rush through the crowds of people Smiley. But at least I looked forward to eat at the Red Star. A good priced Takeaway shop with the best Burgers in that area. And even though I still felt very sick I couldn’t miss out. So I had one. And it was a really delicious one. I wished that I would have known that earlier. But live is hard. I enjoyed it as much as I could. We played after we went back to the Hostel cards again and were talking a lot of stupid funny stuff.

From there on I also became some kind of flue. Saw throat, running Nose, Headache … Typical Stuff, and on top my still hurting foot. *Sterling man, SterlingSmiley.

Bye Bye Wanaka hello (Party/Queens)-Town – 20.4.2012 – 22.4.2012

So it was time to say goodbye to beauty Wanaka. As hard it is I had to move on. Ditta left already a day before. So I happily welcomed funny Marco on board of the RSS Schrotty to go to Queenstown. The way wasn’t too impressive cause we took the shortest way instead of the nicest one as we noticed afterwards. But anyway it wasn’t to bad.


IMG_1772So we ended up in good old Queenstown like all the other bloody tourists and hipsters. Queenstown isnt too bad kind of tiny neat town. Not close to be as nice as it was in Wanaka but still good. A lot more shops and Bars, Clubs and Restaurants but even more targeted to appeal to all of the tourists.

We passed by most of the Hostels until we decided which of the mediocre ones we possibly should take. So we ended up in the Art Deco. Not too bad but weird that you have to pay for linen or sleep in your sleeping bag for 28$. We took second option. At least I was able to check how good my sleeping bag is. That day we just discovered the town which didn’t took to long, had a coffee and another good and funny talk with Marco (like always) until we ate Dinner at Ferg Burger. An institution in NZ. Its rated as the best Burger in hole NZ. And it isn’t completely overrated. It is good. But no offense the one from one day before in Wanaka was as good as this one. But anyway it was massive, homemade bread, nice sauce, good seasoned beef patties fresh lettuce and tomatoes. All in all very satisfying.

The evening of course we spent drinking. Of course not. Not for me, cause I still have been pretty sick. Still something like a flue hold me back. Even the Pills I bought didn’t really help. So I went to bed and watched some movie while Marco, Simon, Ditta, Johannes, Tim, … *had their time of their life. Poor little me. At least I had a good rest.

*Time of my life

Next day I really went out. But first after Breakfast I went with Marco to town and bought a Headtorch for our planned Hiking trip with Simon. We planned to do the Routburn Track. So we had a lot fun shopping and dank another Moccachino. Then we went to the Food mall in town and had good Asian food down there. We met Ditta and Johannes and Simon in the end. The Headache most gone we went together out to spent the day in the Cowboy Bar. IMG_1777

Simon brought us there cause the Beer is just 3$ and the place is nice. He wasn’t wrong with that. We lent a card game and everybody had to pay one round so we ended up drinking 6 Beers as Tim and another French and Argentinian women joined us. Again our group grew like yeast. The Bar became fuller and fuller and people started to ride the bull until their fell off. Some of us did too, but me. Good thing at the Cowboy is you get something close to Pizza for free downside is even after 6 Beers we didn’t felt anything as if it is alcohol free bear. Weird. When we went out it was already dark. We went back to the Hostel, went shopping for grocery's on the way and prepared to go out.

Even though Marco didn’t wanted to go to the Buffalo again, even though he *had the time of his life the day before we ended up their. We wanted to meet Simon at the Cowboy again but he already went to the Buffalo, so we joined him there. Had some more drinks and shots, watched the Hipsters and kiddies but didn’t stay too long. After the three hired Girls were finished dancing on the Bar we went back to the Hostel. Not event close to be tipsy. What’s wrong with this town. Anyway good, cause next morning we had to get up early to not miss our ride with Annaick and Marie to TeAnau to somehow start our trip to Routburn on another day after that.

leaving Queenstown to Te Anau - 22.4.2012

Good on us we got a ride to TeAnau and it worked out even with the amount of space in the rental car of Annaick. They where so nice to take us with them to TeAnau. They wanted to do the Milford Sound Cruise and we the Routburn Track so perfect fit. We drove the nice road to TeAnau together and plopped out the car at Bob and Maxines Hostel. A very good rated one down here. And with reason. Even so the Hosts are quite a character they are very nice and the Bathrooms are very clean and huge. Even though the Bedrooms and the Rest of the Hostel.

We went to “Town” altogether to check out our Plans and complete them with bookings. In the end they’ve got a really good offer to do the Doubtful Sound Overnight Cruise (Marco and I did afterwards too). So we lost our ride to the start of the Routburn Track. So we had to change our plans a tiny bit. We decided to try to hitchhike, so booked just the two campsites on the track and a Bus ride from the end of the track to Glenorchy (which was a fail). If it doesn’t work out we still could go by bus. Then we went shopping. We had to buy stuff for Simon too, cause he wanted to join us one day later. We bought a whole lot of food. tons. As if we found out way too much afterwards. We bought Rice, 3 Litres of Wine in a Bag (Chasseur, disgusting), Noodles, CusCus, Flour and Seed for baking bread …. A lot a lot. And I still had two Cans of Baked Beans and three tins of Thuna in different sauces. Anyway I baked a delicious bread that night with whole flour Pumpkin and Sunflowerseeds. And it did work out. So we have been well prepared for the day after.

heavy, even more heavy, the Routburn Track - 23.4 – 26.4

The first day didn’t contain too much of walking. It was planned to get via Hitchhiking to the start of the Track and then after a 2 hour walk we would end up in at the first campsite (for free, jeah) a bit off the main track. But the first difficulty needed to be overcome. How to get there.

We packed our stuff in the morning and left not too early like we should have walking to town. We had to buy some stuff, I needed a hoodie and we forgot the day before to buy a Card game. In the end we got both. Unfortunately the most expensive standard Card game you can possibly get here. But hey we needed it. Cause somehow I lost mine (found them in my big hiking bag on the trip, damned)

Then we went to the main road going to Milford Sound (so in our direction) to catch a ride. But nobody wanted to take us with em. Only one nice women stopped. But she didn’t drove up the whole way. Just a part of it. To not end up there in the middle of nowhere, cause its really remote there, we declined the offer. All the scolding to passing cars of Marco and me didn’t help it either. So we had to take a the Bus. In the last minute we reached it. Everybody was hopping out before us. We ended up alone driving for three more hours to the start of the track. It was the right decision to take the bus in the end. Nobody would have passed here anyway.


So we started to walk. The first hour was pretty hard. We had to carry all our stuff plus Marco the camping cooker, cooking gear and some food and I the heavy 4 man tent plus a lot of the food and the stupid Chasseur. What a dumbass idea to take three liters of wine with us. But anyway we ended up me sweating and us exhausted at the first campsite. In the middle of A wonderful flats surrounded by nothing than mountains. Awesome. We build up our tent, collected firewood and started to cook our first dinner. Rice with each a can of Thune. Then we had a nice campfire and enjoyed a lot of the Chasseur. Not for the pleasure, not only. Manly to loose weight. It ended up like always with Marco pretty funny. DSCN4055


We had a beautiful starry sky that night with the brightest Stars and Milky Way you can imagine. It was beautiful. As I told him already it would have been so nice if I would have been there with one specific girl. That night I tried my toga extra linen and my new Sleeping Bag under real circumstances. And I didn’t freeze at all. Even though it was pretty cold. But it was still far away from comfortable. Camping is hard. All the stuff to carry all the hundred of meters you have to walk more then the people in the hut with heavier gear on you back and miss out on a nice mattress too. Sleeping on the side is impossible. Even on soft ground next morning your hips gonna hurt badly if you do. So sleeping isn't as relaxing as it is supposed to be. We listened to Bon Iver until we fall asleep.

Day One of the Walk 

DSCN4064We were supposed to meet Simon on the way to the first Hut on the Track. There have been two options. Either he is there and his hitchhiking worked like charm and he is there early and fit and happy as usually or wont show up at all and we carried all his additional food without reasons. You never now. We packed our tent brushed teeth (of course) and went away from our nice camp. As we reached the Hut we already noticed him. Lucky Simon sitting there relaxed on the bench. He of course got a ride with the our Hostel owner Bob to the start of the track. We have been happy he showed up like promised. We confessed we drink already half of the Chasseur and started to walk. Simon with the smallest backpack you can imagine. only the most necessary stuff he needed and a sleeping bag rated up to 14° but at least a good inflatable Mattress.


DSCN4085He the energy package he is sprinted on place number one ahead, Marco seemingly followed him easily. And then further back me stumbling following them. I can proclaim that I’m smaller and have to do more steps to catch up, or the heavier Backpack because of the Tent and more food or because my left feet started to hurt again or that I’m older. But in the end I’m just weaker and not as fit as those two guys. It was really hard to at least follow them.


After 4-5 h of hiking through beautiful scenery's with bushes rough rugged terrain small rivers, bigger lakes and huge waterfalls we passed our target hut to reach our Campsite. Again we have been the only ones there. Nobody keen to camp this time of the year. Good for us. We build up our tent. This time for three people. Its gonna be cuddly tonight. Arghh. And this time on weird artificial grass patches on gravel. Nor comfortable neither practical to get the hooks in. But even with attacking sandflies we managed it somehow and went down to the nearby lake. DSCN4103

DSCN4107There we discovered the perfect wilderness spot. A spot in a gap in between some massive rocks. Only one side exposed and open. First we had our lunch there. After that  we directly started to collect huge chunks of firewood, constructed a huge circle out of rocks build a table out of stones as heavy and flat as possible and constructed for each of us a chair. Then we left this awesome place to walk to the nearby spited rocks and for a walk at the lake. We ended there throwing flat stones flat over the surface to let them jump. After we became good at doing that we went “home”. We cooked our Dinner.

DSCN4108This day the menu only had three different types of instant noodles, bread and some chees to offer. Ahh jeah and one of my cans of baked beans with bacon. Simon shared his part of the Chasseur with us. But anyway, camping isn’t luxury, not at all. Freezing from the wind and the beginning dusk we went down to our shrine to start the campfire. The weather got a bit uglier at that point. It started to drizzle a bit and also became very windy. We continued to enlighten the fire which was harder than we thought. And it wasn’t as nice as we thought. The wood wasn’t very dry. So it smoked a lot and we haven’t been able to relax and chill out next to the campfire. We had to assure to keep it going which was hard and also move every couple of seconds out of the stinking steam. And then the Ranger came to told us off. We knew its not allowed to have a campfire there but it was to tempting not to have one. So we had to extinguish it completely and move all our rock constructions apart. Bugger. But jeah it wasn’t too nice anyway.

Afterwards we went into our tent and played cards for a while. Another bad night with not much sleep ahead of us.

Day two – the torture

DSCN4111This day and part of the track was the highlight of the whole track. We passed the highest point on 1300m. Doesn’t sound too high but it isn’t like in Austria and we had to walk all in all more than 900m up, and afterwards down again. And this with heavy load. We started very early in the morning. Woke up at 6 and packed our stuff as fast as possible. Simon was so nice to carry my bag that day and I got his lightweight one. Poor Marco still had his. But even this didn’t help and I ended up on position three again. I think I would have made it with mine too, but way slower and way more exhausted afterwards. The Track was beautiful.


DSCN4113The Topmost point majestic and rough with some wind and rain. But still worth it. The scenery is so adorable here. We passed the topmost hut and headed down afterwards passing nice lakes and rivers and huge rocks which must have cracked of the Mountains once long long ago and tumbled down until they lost their inertia. We passed a huge valley with a river in the middle. Our track went steep and steadily further down, down until we passed another huge hut. But still after 7 hours of exhausting hiking not ours. We headed further down to some flats and the last hut. Of course our campsite was again further away of the track. Assholes.


DSCN4129But again we ended up alone there at another beautiful spot. Next to a small river and a great view. Nice, and also the 60 year old female Doc Ranger was really nice and friendly and chattet a while with us. Simon felt ill and went to bed for a nap, Marco and I went for a walk through the grass flats almost to the end of it towards the huge mountains with the snow on top. What a lovely area again.

DSCN4214After we’ve been back we finished our last food stocks. We boiled water, poured a whole package of cus cus into and stirred it until it was ready. We divided it into three portions and added three different ingredients. One with Thune in Sweet and Sour Sauce, another one just with tuna and spices and the third one with Backed Beans with Meatballs. I started with the last one. It was disgusting. Then we circled it around. I ended up saying I prefer the Baked beans one gathering a lot of laughs. Cause it showed how much I liked this dish. But anyway we ate more than enough of it. Just to get lighter. The backpacks not us. We played cards again and went to bed. What else should we do.

Day three - the end

DSCN4215We tried to wake up early but somehow it didn’t work too well. We left the Campground and headed to the start/end of the Routburn Track. At least now it was pretty light and easy to walk. And it wasn’t as steep anymore then before. But somehow we missed the shuttle bus. Simon have seen it driving away. We where 30 seconds too late. Marco and I booked and paid anyway the one at 2 pm but we where sure they would have traveled with this one as well. So we needed another Solution.


DSCN4184Interesting side note we passed a asian women without any gear but sportswear running. She is running this track in three hours. For 35 km. Mastering an elevation change from more than 900 m. Twice for up and down. There is once a year almost on every big track a race where hundreds of people do that. its crazy.

So anyway we needed a solution. At the car park was nobody except abandoned cars. Probably from day hikers who wouldt show up soon. So we left the End of the Track via the only gravel road heading towards Glenorchy. 25 km away. But we had no choice. And then fortunately after 5 km a nice couple from Christchurch picked us up and brought us for free back to Queenstown. I asked a lot of questions out of my catalogue of random questions to keep the conversation going. The guys made fun of me afterwards. But jeah since im here I became good at this. We had a lot of fun there. But why in hell did we spent 25 $ already on the Bustrip we didn’t use. Damned. Sucky Simon of course didn’t spent anything. Bloody Bastard Smiley. Another expression Marco uses a lot.DSCN4234

Back in Queenstown Marco and I went after we all got one Hostelroom in the Southern Laughter Hostel to Ferg Burger. Yummy. Simon found out his Father who he supposed to pick up from the Airport in Christchurch is already in NZ since a day before. Simon mixed something up there. His father didn’t arrived on the 28th how Simon thought he is. He arrived on the 25th one day before our trip ended. He had 14 missed called. His father was on the way to the police cause he thought Simon is dead or so. Fortunately Simon reached him before that. In the end all good. We bought some winner Grolsch and drank it in our Hostel with some annoying Dutch Girl and a nice dutch guy. Afterwards we where to drunk to go out, and to wasted from the hike so we went to bed. Only Simon the energy bar went out and had fun. like always. I envy him for that.

Marcos Bungee Jump and Te Anau, again – 28.4.2012

IMG_0004We left Queenstown again. Left it behind like so many other places already. We headed to the historical first spot where Bungee Jumping was invented. Uiiii. It was at a neat little bridge 47 Meters over a river. Marco was so nervous. Way more than before the skydive. I wondered how nervous I would have been. He was white-faced as if he would have been ill, so scared. But he did it and had fun. He said it was even better then the skydive. I regret it that I didn’t do it there. But I still have a chance of doing it in Auckland. I’ll see. IMG_0003

IMG_0025After this stressing event we went via a short stop in a cliché gold mining town called Arrowtown to go to the I-Site to book our Overnight Cruise from Manapouri to Doubtful Sounds and having a massive two scoop homemade ice-cream in a handmade cone filled with chocolate. So delicious. The best I had so far here. And hard to top, but massive. Feeling sick of the ice-cream and the bloody touristy town we drove again to T Anau and checked in at Bob and Maxines Hostel. Again again. We went shopping to have a nice dinner.

Flashpacker on a Overnight Cruise to Doubtful Sounds – 29.4.2012 - 30.4.2012

IMG_0030We only booked it because it was “cheap” to do know. Instead of 400$ just 219$ each. For very good Food on the cruise, a short kayak trip and accommodation on the trip. I had my stuff in my backpack and Marco took his ridicules orange Mac Pac bag which already was braked open. It looked soooo funny. On a cruise with this plastic bag. Haha. The trip began with a boat trip at 12:30 pm to the most remote and most expensive and unused gravel road in NZ only reachable by boat. There we jumped into a coach to drive for 40 minutes to our cruise ship. A nice 5 floor ship with a lot of space. In the main Lounge/Dining room we got a run down of the things to do. And the cruise started.


IMG_0040We went into our rooms, inspected the funny bunk beds and enjoyed the first meal of the day. Self made whole flour Muffins. Than we started our short Kayak tour which wasn’t too exciting. It was just for an hour and you weren't allowed to do anything like leaving the group, exploring the environment yourself, open the life jacket belt, or get out of the boat at the shoreline. A bit annoying when you know how to behave in a kayak. Anyway it was over very fast and we’ve got some good soup to heat up again. Just before the dinner.




The whole time we passed beautiful scenery. High mountains and not too many waterfalls that day. It didn’t rain. We enjoyed the last meal of the day. I ate two massive plates and tried all the food they had. Afterwards I finished of another plate of their desert. I only say Chocolate Mud Cake. Yummy. All the food was delicious. While that we had a good chat to two g(a/u)ys from Queenstown. Both originally from California but since 7 Years living together in Queenstown. Very nice people. And I didn’t even needed to open my catalogue of random questions. Late only Marco and I discussed important topics like believes and behaviors of people …. Like always. And like always I enjoyed it a lot.



Amazing, bad weather 

We were so lucky. Under normal circumstances I would’t prey for bad weather but in this instance thumbs up. In the morning at 6 the Engine woke us up. I slept a bit longer. Until even for me it was too annoying to continue sleep. And the shaky boat didn’t help either. Everybody else was long gone. I snatched my breakfast as fast as possible to enjoy the scenery and the bad bad weather. Causing a lot of Waterfalls everywhere and causing them as well floating upwards or completely dispensing  in the wind.

IMG_0152It was so amazing. It was hard to stay dry. Marco ended up in his short underware and I after wetting my pants. Haha. Ending up in my waterproof over pants. We took heaps of pictures and videos. It was indescribable unique and nice. It amazes me more and more to feel how powerful and fantastic the nature is. I cant describe so enjoy a couple of more of the pictures.IMG_0132

IMG_0129After the same trip back, so cruise ship, bus, ship we have been back at the car. Marco left with the couple back to Queenstown. I was a bit sad of him leaving. I had a good time and it is again like loosing a good friend. But anyway that is how it is, but I’m getting a bit sick of it.IMG_0109

IMG_0099So know I spent almost the whole day writing down this crap. Good that the weather wasn’t too good to regret not doing a lot. Hope you enjoyed reading anyway and see you back here soon.

*Living the Dream: Expression from the nice Israelian Girls we met in Franz Joseph. Ronnja and Dana ??? User it in every possible occasion. Walking on Glaciers, Chilling at the Vineyard and eating the best double Chocolate Cookie ever while watching a movie in Paradiso Cinema in Wanaka

*Sterling: a word heavily used by Marco the Portuguese Swiss Guy in a funny Oxford English accent. Often used in combination with maaan

*had their time of their life: A phrase used by Marco as well. He had a couple of these. Especially used in combination with his experiences in the Buffalo Club/Bar in Queenstown, cause he really enjoyed it there Smiley