CIMG2721living here is fun. Everyday something new and it’s hard to get a daily procedure. But that’s what makes it fun to be here. One of a few downsides here at the moment is: The weather. Here it is the worst Summer since more than 5 years. It is not a real summer like it is usually. Every day we get a few showers and the temperatures are never then less than 23 degree. Which sounds cold, but isn’t. If u are in the Sunlight its easy to get sunburned within 30 minutes and then its also much warmer. But whatever, here is my Post covering New Years Eve and our move in at Johns.

Have fun, J

I should start to write the introduction at last. It is completely outdated. The weather, couple of days later is perfect. And like I said last Post I wasn’t as diligent as I wanted to be to post directly the next one. I will never make it to catch up.

working in my Holidays - 28.11.2011

DSCN3475John asked me if I can start to work on the 28th. Of course I can. I haven’t really work for almost 4 month so why not. I didn’t thought I could start that early but as earlier as better to earn faster money for traveling again. I had company vacation at Xsys between the 23th and the 9th of January. Perfect. I started in his nice Office to work on a new Company Documentation and the first Servers to replace them in his Locksmith Branch offices. I continued working on it for three more days in my Holidays which gave me a nice additional salary. Very nice.

Sicky 27th – 3th 2012

I don’t know why but I became sick over the Holidays. It always have to be over the Holidays. Nothing serious, just the typical saw throat, running nose, headache, fever … you usually get in the winter. But here it's not winter. Strange thing isn’t it. It seems that I’m so used to get sick in this period of time that it is no matter of Seasons or Temperatures. It seems that I have been delivered with this behavior. Whatever, I tried not to be too affected by it but it was impossible.

After work on the 29th and the whole 30th I stayed in bed. I slept, watched Movies and listened to Music and still felt sooooo bored. It was terrible. If you are ill like this it is much nicer to stay at home and be nurtured by somebody you love. There i really missed somebody close who took care of me. Whatever. But my Hostelmates have been really nice and asked always if i need something. I appreciated this a lot.

New Years Eve 2011/2012

DSCN3480For new Years Eve we planned kind of a Party in the Hostel. With lots of delicious food and Drinks. We bought heaps of grocery's but decided to keep it easy but still delicious. Together we prepared Bruschetta, Baked Kumaras, Potatoes, Chicken Sate Sticks with Pineapple, Meatballs, Greek Salad, Noodle Salad, baked Vegetables, Chips, Garlic Bread, Cheese Bread and a lot of Sauces. A Yammi huge Meal, we have been 16 people celebrating together. So, still too much but appropriate enough for a decent New Years Eve Party. Right after shopping at 3pm we started to prepDSCN3493are everything and ended up right on time 9 pm with everything prepared and ready to shovel it down our throat. It have been delightful. We ate, played games, done silly pictures until most of us left together to the Harbor to see the Fireworks at the Skytower. We also met a couple of Girls at the water which I met in the Plane on the way over to NZ. On the way down to Waterfront it became more and more crowded. But it was strange that nobody had his fireworks. Nowhere any Bangs and Booofs, swooshs or shhhhhht. Weird. It is much better in Germany on New Years Eve.DSCN3501 Anyway, we ended up where we wanted to end up, at the stairs with a perfect view on the Skytower. Closely. It was foggy like in a Steam Sauna. Only from time to time you’ve gazed the shape of the tower. Okay, I exaggerate a bit. It was disappointing, without exaggeration. All of us expected more than that. And additionally the stupid flue I had. I was sweating like a Polarbear on Fidji. And it wasn’t even warm at night. I felt shit. But anyway I wanted to enjoy it. After watching highlighted clouds for 10 minutes we left the place in direction of Queens street. And on the way there and on the Queens Street itself everybody was freaking out. Strange dressed Ladies ,crazy dudes. A bit of everything for everybody.

CIMG2673Even I’ve been ill I thought it’s a good Idea to join Cindy, her Sister Janett and Nathalie into a Club/Bar. But I didn’t last long in there. The fever became evident and I gave up. After approx. 30 minutes I went back to the Hostel. Passing happy partying people. That’s so despicable. Damned. In the Hostel I found my friends cleaning up the kitchen and relaxing in the Lounge. We played around with some fluorescence Party sticks and constructed Balls and Fishes with them. Cool. Until pissed Lucio and Volcan came back to try to animate us to go out again. 3 pm. CIMG2670Because it’s a special night. We should do something special. 5 minutes later Lucio felt asleep in the chair and Volcan was lost on Facebook like usual Smiley. So we didn’t went out again. I couldn't have joined them anyway so I went to bed like most of us.

Have a look at the mediocre impressive PicturesCIMG2639


 Kicked out - 1.1.2012

Ohh jeahaa, the new Year started very good. Volkan (cleaner) woke me up to tell me that I have to get out of my bed and move out because of a group of people coming to the Hostel. My bed is occupied this one night. I booked in advance more than a month ago for open end. But whatever. Its strange sometimes in this hostel, the management part is really bad and sometimes there even is no management. They are writing all the bookings in a Book and wipe around in it with a rubber like there is no tomorrow. This can’t work. At least I’m not the only one of the long termers affected by their stupidity. One Day later I moved in at Johns place anyway so I didn’t really mind. So I packed my stuff and moved out. Okay not directly after 10 am like you officially should but whatever. I spent the whole day in a Café using a leftover free Wi-Fi spot from the Rugby World Cup and enjoyed the rainy day. Afterwards I said farewell to everybody just in case not seeing them soon again and left alone up to the North to the Pinewoods Motor Camp.

In the end the Group didn’t show up. Haha, stupid Hostel Management. But I didn’t want to throw them my money in their throat so I stayed at a Motorpark I even paid nothing for that cause it is one of Xsys’s clients. Perfect. The place was okay but with rain all over the place nothing to do. Even so I went to the beach and walked around a bit to discover the huge camping ground and the area around. I watched a Movie and went early to bed.

Shakespeare Regional Park - 2.1.2012

DSCN3560The car have been hot early in the morning. What means the weather is much better then the last days. But it also means that I’ve been forced by the sun to get up early. I fixed a Computer at the Motor Park and left the place. I had the decision between going skiing for a lot of money or go hiking for free. Easy one. So I drove to the nearby Shakespeare Regional Park. On the way from the Parking Lot I passed on the beach a huge drawn willy and some amused group of People taking Pictures of their creation while I passed by. Leastwise it is not just our cruel humor doing stuff like this. I’m soothed. The Track into the Park started with a BushwalkDSCN3566 next to a small stream and ended up on top of a vast open Plateau with swinging grass and running and jumping sheep. I went to a beach called pink beach. Don’t know why, there is nothing pink about it. On the way there I frighten a small sheep to jump into a obstacle where it got stuck. I felt so sorry and sad that after 10 minutes of thinking how to help him I scared it even more until it freed itself and jumped after a couple of tries unwounded out of it. I have seen the greenest grass I have ever seen. And I walked a huge part of the Track twice because I thought I have to turn right instead of left. So I did the whole track and all the annoying Slopes again. At least I did some exercises that way.

DSCN3576In the evening I met with Sebastian in the Albany Mall. One of my new favorite places here in Albany. We went together to Johns. He told us to move in on the 2nd of January so we did. But John was not there. Neither Dianne. Only three of their Children's and a couple of friends. And they had a party going on on New Years Eve. Almost still going. It’s a pitty we didn’t took evidence pictures. Everywhere Liquor, Dishes and a lot of Nerf Guns and hundreds of Nerf Bullets. One of their friends even had his leg in gypsum. While shooting on each other with the Nerf Guns he fall down the main stairs. It must have been a good party. The House looked shitty compared to usual :-). DSCN3584We drank with them and watched movies. We slept in the cars this night because the Apartment was occupied by some friends. John forgot we are already moving in and John is probably not showing up the next couple of weeks.

I never felt so wrong in place like that day. Like intruders. But their Childrens where great and even invited us to stay. Later Sebastian asked Johns Childrens if it is not strange that we live here. Eat with them, use everything …. They replied they are used to it. John is inviting from time to time for years people to live there. Good for us.


The Clean Up - 3.1.2012

CIMG2693We slept long, Finally the weather was bad enough again to not have a unwanted sauna visit in the morning. We helped the children's to clean their house a bit cause they have been afraid of the Chopper´s in the morning and started to clean. It could have been John coming back from Lake Tarawera. But actually he wasn’t. The Girls staying in the Appartment left back to Christchurch and Australia and Grace (Johns daughter) have been so nice to prepare everything for us to move in.





Because we still felt out of place we went to the close Muriwai Beach. A Black Lava Sand Beach with cliffs and huge amazing waves. Perfect for Boogie Boarding. What a coincidence that I had my with me. Stupid Sebi didn’t went swimming. So just I went. Nice. And I had a grate time. Those powerful waves catapulted me at least 50 meter from the sea back to the shoreline. On one wave. The current sucked you heavily into the sea that its hard to keep staying on your feet's even only half of your body is covered in water. And from the other side the forceful waves is crashing on you and push you to the beach or onto the ground until you’ve got spilled out back at the shoreline. Best Boogie Board experience ever so far.


CIMG2708We did a nice Hiking Track up to the Cliffs where a huge bird colony found its residence. You smelled them and their ammoniac leftovers before you have even seen them. Between smelling and seeing them you heard them. From the top we’ve got a tremendous view over the landscape and the restless Sea.





CIMG2754It was Cinema Tuesday. That means 11$ (5€) per Ticket. So we went to the Mall and by that also to the cinema. Because of not much choice we decided to see MI:4. It’s a loooooong movie, and I didn’t like it .… Nothing to tell you about.







Ahh and here before I forget to show some pictured memory’s of room 12 and the gang. Nice.DSCN3557DSCN3556DSCN3555DSCN3554