CIMG2454Times fly by. I t is already the 9th of January and 7 more month to go until I have to leave this country. For me it is a absolute different feeling of time. We passed Christmas and New Years Eve and there is sooooo much I did and saw and experienced. Almost to much for this short amount of time. But I,’m glad to have still time left to see the rest of this country. I didn’t got far but who knows what's next. I’m excited what comes next. But here for you some story's from the past.

Enjoy it



Doing something - 11.12.11

DSCN3475Like often at Verandahs we thought about doing something. It is boring to stay the whole day in the Hostel doing nothing than chillin on the couch and waiting for the dawn. So this weekend we wanted to do something together. 10 People wanted do do something together. But nobody took took the initiative to plan something. And we didn’t agree on doing something. Most things are related to money. And some of us cant spent or don’t want to spent anything. Thought in the end we didn’t do a thing. It was like every day. Really boring. As longer you stay in one spot as more it gets boring and you have to motivate yourself to do something.

Hush Hush - 14.12.11

with Volkan and Lucio. No comment Smiley

Sebastian is back 15.12.2011

Sebastian arrived from Rotorua. He tried to find a Job here. But he didn’t got something. So he decided to join me here in Auckland. He had to left Geoff's place because the Family of the property he is taking care of  don’t want to have Wwoofer there over Christmas. So he and the other 8 female Wwoofers had to move out. He went back to Auckland.Unfortunately he missed Hush Hush

Pirate Party Weekend - 17.12. – 18.12.

CIMG2449John invited me to this Pirate Party last time I’ve seen him. Sebastian was here in Auckland too, so we went together. But first we had to get a Costume. First Priority was not to have to walk over the Plank into the Pool. This would have been our destiny if we wouldn’t have shown up like a real Pirate. So we resigned and went to the Costume Shop. Some of our friend went with us together to check out the dresses. Fortunately the Shop is only 10 min foot walk away from our Hostel. Inside they had a huge variety of dresses. Everything from Agypts to Zorro and of Course the Pirate category was covered as well. We tried for 1h all the pirate looking like Pants, Shoes, Shirts, Jackets, Hats, blink blink, CIMG2453Weapons and Makeup until we had our final Dress. We rented it until next Monday for 60$. Sebastian had to pay 120$. Pretty expensive. But we have been sure it was worth it. On the way back we stopped at Hells Pizza (yummy) and the RockShop to have a look for a Guitar for Geoff. With bare hands we went back to our Hostel. Because it was already late enough to leave. So we dressed and put on our Makeup. We expected baffled faces at the petrol station but almost nothing. It has to have something to do the close K(gay)Road. There are always strange People dressed like Pirates, Fags or Prostitutes. So we didn’t stand out enough to get any attention at all.

CIMG2460After a funny ride in Sebastian's green Ship over the Harbor Bridge to Johns House we bumped into the first Pirates in front of his Place. John himself welcomed us there. Showed us banquette and where the drinks are and for the start a couple of awesome Strawberry Daiquiris and Orange Daiquiris. Delicious. The whole House looked like a Pirate Nest. Everywhere drunken Pirates (some of them future workmates), Barrels, Treasure Boxes (some with Beer), Swords and more. There was also a Live Band playing 80s Music later and some drunken enough Pirates began to dance.



Others enjoyed a

Shisha or just the Liquor and the delicious Food from the Smorgasbord. Late that night the spook was gone and the Pirates went home to their family's. We drank a lot and stayed that night their and helped to clean the mess next morning. At least hundred glasses and a couple of plates. We’ve got invited for the next event, Christmas and a soon happening Chopper flight. Awesome.CIMG2469



Stop shagging Shaggy - 20.12.2011

DSCN2529This Day I was sick of my shaky car. And it it also not really safe to drive like this. I brought my car to the mechanic next to my company. I already had made a Quotation how much it will be for get the shocks replaced and all the other fancy shit related to this fix. After I heard the price first time I was blasted away and thought, No, I never let this being done. But I changed my mind cause it annoyed me too much. It costs me 850 $. But for safety its necessary. Regretfully I need to replace also my tires and do some other stuff to reduce the petrol usage. A old Car is mucho mucho expensive. But selling it is no option at the Moment. When I count how much I spent at all:

DSCN14343400$ Car

+ 350$ Insurance

+ 74 $ 3 Month License

+ 150 $ Oilchange, Airfilter

+ 50 $ new front speaker (not necessary but gooooooood)

+ 20 $ check Shocks

+ 380 $ WOF, new Tire, fancy Stuff like cleaning the inside of the Lights includes 60 $ for flashing unit

+ 150 $ 6 Month License

DSCN2265+ 850 $ new Shocks, Bump Stop, Wheel Alignment, just the front

+ 670 $ more coming soon for new tires and a check why my car is consuming that much petrol

+ 90 $ each petrol top up which lasts only for 340 km

fuckin expensive this peace of shit. I could have drove 10 Years with a NZ Bus Ticket. But I love my Car, it brings me everywhere I want to go, so I keep it. 

new Tasks - 21.12.2011

DSCN3232Three days before Christmas I told one of my Bosses at XSYS that I will do a project soon and leave after that. It was really hard for me. Not just because of the English component. Mostly because of moral issues. I’ve done something like this for the second time. And it has been done to me two times. So I think its even at the moment. My Bosses who fired me didn’t had any problems of doing this. Of course the didn’t had. Its their job to hire and fire. But its not my style. I think if I ever would own a company somebody else has to do the dirty stuff. I felt so guilty telling them I leave. The DSCN3250have been so nice and helpful. It’s a shame I have to do this to them. But it is the best for me. I couldn’t got a better chance at Johns Company. It’s a one life time chance. For a Backpacker it is a luxurious hourly rate. Even compared to the Wage at  XSYS and my Employee in Germany it is pretty good. So there is not way to regret it. But I fell sorry for pissing of my first real employee here in New Zealand.




DSCN3242To make it short. I told Allan my decision to leave soon and working for another company, and of course he was not happy but he reacted relaxed and productive. More like, how to solve the problems instead of holding me back or intimidate me. I'm really thankful for that. I didn’t expected it to happen like that at all. Like I said a couple of times ago here you can’t plant anything at all. And you shouldn't. I don’t know if it is like this just for Sebastian and me. One day you are living in DSCN3492your car eating spaghetti on a camping cooker without knowing where to sleep the next night. The next day you Wwoof on a beautiful property at a lake with boats, a tennis court, delicious food and nice company. Another day you fly in a Helicopter owned by your former new Boss and working on a Project for him while living in his ridiculous luxurious Apartment with his nice Family a Pool and a lot of nice Stuff around for free. Everything can happen here. And every time it will be harder to beat or keep up. The fall back to Noodles on a Camping Cooker will be hard.

To complete this day I went with Volkan, Sebastian and Marten to Calendar Girls. No Comment.

Okay, one comment. It was not as good as expected. You have to have money. But it was still a funny experience. DSCN3463