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this time my new entry is about things like some Christmas Events in Auckland, my first real Job and my new second Job which I already mentioned last time.

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Meeting John and Coca Cola Festival in the Park - 10.12.11

DSCN3389Finally after weeks of trying to get in touch with John after meeting him 3 Weeks ago at Lake Tarawera we finally met. He invited me to his place to have a chat about his this Project he needs me for.

So I met him on his Property near Auckland City. It is a huge 5 acre of land on top of a hill with shoreline, a Castle like amazing looking Mansion, high class interior (most of it German high class products), a huge heated Swimming Pool and lots and lots of technical gimmicks. The best is he also has a Helicopter he invited me to fly sometimes. I was blasted away inDSCN3396 the first moments. I couldn’t believe it to be here. Sometimes I am really happy that I did all this here. It wasn’t easy and the reasons for being here are not nice and I still would love to have my old live back it turned out to at least something good. Until now I have been very lucky with a lot of things here. I like to be here at the moment.

John lives there with his Family, Wife, three Children's (often overseas), a caretaker and a lovely dog, Tess. He is in the Locksmith business und needs a couple of Server replaced in his Branch Offices and somebody who take care of his main Office Servers. It is a unique fantastic opportunity for me. Both of us are DSCN3411fine with me leaving after finishing this Project. So I can earn in a shorter time enough money to travel hopefully the rest of the time without worrying that much about money and jobs. That’s the plan and I hope its going to work out. We sat down had a cup of tea and talked a bit about the business side and how and when we can start. I am still working at my other company so I soon had to tell them that I have to leave. Not easy for me, again but necessary. I have to be a bit more selfish to accomplish my targets and I hope the will understand or at least accept my Plans.


DSCN3414We went to one of his Branch Offices to have a look around what I am dealing with and to get to know some employees and their needs. Then we went to his Main Office where I also get a place to work for a couple of month. It’s a new furnished again very nice office. I know it sounds repetitive but I don’t have enough vocabulary for all of those superlatives. But believe me its great there and will be a pleasure to work their. Hopefully I don’t change my mind when I start.


DSCN3417After chatting and visiting one of the branches he showed me his land and his House, especially the extra Apartment with everything you can imagine, also high quality and fabulously looking. He offered me to stay there for the time I am working for him. At this point I was not sure to do this but now I decided to do it. It will save a lot of money and makes the way to work really short. After 3 hours I left his amazing place to head back with an exceptional good mood to the Hostel.


IMG_3850Then I met some friends in the Park and after telling them how it went out we came back to the Hostel to get surprised that Campbell (the Manager) showed up with a beautiful Christmas Tree. Lit up like little children's we where happy to put it into a huge bucket with heavy rocks. We wedged in the Tree and topped the hole thing up with heaps of water. Then the girl part came. They started to decorate the tree with more or less beautiful electrical blinking Christmas lights, weird trashy figures and Pigeons. Yes, Pigeons. In the end it looked like a Gipsy or Hippy Tree. We also added some food labels, we are usually writing our names on it that nobody else is consuming it, with our wishes on it. Something like Campbell we wish free Wi-Fi, that he once is doing our dishes, a new guitar, a fishing rod, a nice Christmas …. When you look onto it from far enough away its better than nothing Smiley. Then we had our fun with decorating ourselves which results in some funny pictures.  IMG_3869












DSC01098Already in the right mood it has been a perfect fit that this evening the Coca Cola Festival in the Park event was happening. It started 7:30 pm in the Auckland Domain. So we left 8:00 pm. U are probably thinking: What ???. But jeah that how it is here always. If you go with a lot of chaotic guys from different Country's with different mentality’s somewhere you usually are not right on time. Fortunately here it is more kind of a lifestyle and more accepted then it is in Germany.

IMG_2465So whatever after some of us cooked their food and others took their shower we finally went to the Auckland Domain to attend the free concert and Christmas atmosphere. Nah, maybe not really a Christmas atmosphere, more like a festival atmosphere. The Places around the area already have been very crowded as well as the Park. The concert started already but we didn’t miss a important part at all. We took a seat on the bare grass. Everybody around us brought some Blankets and Picknick Baskets full of Wine, Liquor and Food. Everybody was in a nice mood and it became even nice when the sun made enough room for the moon. Some of the concert acts have been quite good and some of them haven’t. The fire effects DSC01105covered some of that and made it okay. We chilled there for almost 2 hours until we Idiots decided to leave. We thought it will be soon over and we don’t miss anything. And we where right. At least that it will be soon over. We didn’t expect that it ended with a huge firework. Even compared with ours in Germany a really good one. Unfortunately we have been already 1 km away. But we’ve gazed amazed at the fireworks from the streets on the way back. For sure it would have been nicer in the Park. Next time we don’t leave early for sure and risk that we miss something.


DSC01116We have been back at the Verandahs around 10:30 pm. This night Volkan had to work at one of the better Clubs in Auckland called Margarita. So we spent the time until 11pm meaningful with getting tipsy. Then we, Merav, Marten, Amy, Babtist and Vanessa,  went to the club to visit Volkan. Lucio and Holly already have been there. We got in for free and also got a couple of free drinks. We played Billiard for a while. Stupidly a drunken jackass came by and was playing as a fourth player without asking. He was a complete ass and all of us have been happy as we finally finished the game to get rid of this guy. We were dancing a bit (I tried to) and a couple of hours later we left the party and ended this night by walking back home.