DSC01036Hello fellows,

Again an interesting week for me. So here I share my Storys and Pics from my Trip with Amy and Martin to visit Luisa in Ahipara in the Nortlands. I have to catch up some time to cover the passed by time. So see this as a start of a few more entry's soon. Have fun reading it.

See you soon,



90 Mile Beach Road Trip - 3.12. - 4.12.2011

DSC01004After one Week in Auckland I was already sick of it and ready to leave again. On the Weekend the plan was to visit Luisa in Ahipara, So Amy, Marten and me arranged to meet as early as possible on Friday after work. Like it is always in my Job it didn’t work out. I tried to leave 5pm. Because of a Project I left at 6:30 pm. Amy thought I would pick her up close to my work (cause she worked close to my Office too). But I didn’t. So we have been ready to leave approximately 8:30. Up to Ahipara takes time, around 5h so we decided we have to leave and drive at least as far as we can get. We DSC01007left Auckland over the Harbor Bridge to the north during the sunset. After one hour, almost 9:30 pm, Martine took a unplanned stop to top up his Motor Oil in the dark. It was close to a small Town called Warwick so we stopped there too to grab some food. Unfortunately everything was closed or closing. We found one tiny and not really promising Fish and Chips Shop. It wasn’t tasty but at least something to fill our tummies before going to bed. From the locals there we’ve got a tip that we can sleep in our Vans at Snales Beach.

DSC01081Next morning we noticed it is not the prettiest Beach we’ve been to. Without hesitating we left this place early in the morning. We grabbed some Sandwiches from the local bakery and left, still 4 h to go to Ahipara. It was a beautiful day. Sunny, nice and calm. We didn’t want to rush through and miss all the nice spots in between. We stopped at some nice Places but the most impressive one was at Abby Caves close to Whangamata halfway through to our target. It took us a while to find them but the effort was worth it. The Scenery DSCN3168looked like out of Lord of the Rings. Soft grass green Hills with flowers, brusk rocks lying around and these typical mystical Forrest's. Hidden in the woods three walk able glowworm caves. If you wanna go in there you have to bring Flashlights and braveness. Those caves are sometimes really steep, filled with water and some parts low and narrow. We figured out where the first cave is, but we didn’t went down. It was too steep to go down and somebody told us later because of all the rain the past days the water level in there is reaching your waist. We planned to go swimming this Weekend, but not in a dark spooky DSC01062cave. We walked further trough this amazing areal until we reached the middle Cave and decided to go down. We climbed the wet and slippery rocks downwards until we reached the floor. The wet floor. Also this cave was flooded with water. Not until the waist but ankle high.We took of our shoes to prevent them from getting too wet and continued our tour barefoot with the flashlight exploring the cave. After 50 meters the tunnel like path altered to a hall shaped cave with beach sand, water and the predicted glowworms in it. We settled down for a couple of minutes to turn of the Flashlight to adore the starry sky. It looks amazing, almost like the Milky Way. After humming in the dark and trying to scare each other we went further through the cave until it ended. On our way back we noticed other fearless conquerors. We DSCN3201tried to scare them making silly sounds. But after laughing out to loud we switched to Elephant sounds. Obviously irritated instead of scared they passed by and we left the cave. On the way out we picked up our shoes and started to climb out of the cave. With a Flashlight in one hand and two shoes in the other it has been complicated to climb up the steep and gelatinous path. Amy thought it is a good idea to throw her shoes further up to get rid of them and free up her hands. The first one bumped onto one rock, bounced of into one of the numerous gaps in-between all these Rocks. We only have heard the sound it made. Pock, Pock, Pock down deep lost deep in the interspace of the Rocks. She didn’t throw the second. Fortunately we handled to fiddle the shoe with a stick out of the gaps. After the Cave we wandered around through cursed Stone rock Gardens, mystic Forrest and open wide grass green paddocks.

The cool thing there it is non commercial and not a tourist spot. We have met only a couple of people strolling around in there.


IMG_2393Then we continued our trip to Ahipara. We didn’t do any major stops anymore. We spend already too much time in the Caves. Okay, we stopped at a tiny café for tasty cake and coffee and to get attacked bye a stupid aggressive Bird. Luckily he was prisoned in a huge Cage. Maybe that’s why he has those serious issues. Other birds came to be petted. Luisa was annoying all of us already with numerous Text Messages Smiley. So next stop have been Kaitaia, for real. The biggest city next to Ahipara with a big Pack n Safe. Next day was Amy’s birthday. We decided to have a big BBQ to celebrate her Birthday after midnight. So we bought heaps of grocery’s for green Asparagus with self made Hollandaise, Salad with dressing, Steaks, Corncobs, Onions, Salmon, Chicken Drumsticks, Bread, Ice-cream Cake, Saur Cream, Potatoes and different Sauces, ahh and a lIMG_2402ot of Beer and Cider. Way too much definitely, but you know how it is to be hungry and go shopping. First we didn’t even found the Pack n Safe. I asked a little bit odd looking guy for the way to the Shop. He told me he’s working there and if I can give him a lift. Amy was driving with Martin so I had one seat left so I did. I was glad when we arrived. It took us at least 1h until we reached the counter. We drove for more than 20 min to Ahipara and 15 minutes more to find the lodge. Its close to a long white sanded beach. The weather was still nice but it was too late to do anything. So we met Luisa, went for a shower, been impressed by the beautiful Endless Summer Lodge (high quality Hostel, almost Hotel level but warm and cozy like home, no locks …) and start to prepare the BBQ watched by envious and also IMG_2398astonished eyes of other backpackers. It felt more like we invaded this place and disturbed their relaxed atmosphere. And I bet we did. But we didn't’t mind. We have been hungry. Sadly I wasted the Hollandaise Sauce. I followed the recipe but I didn’t had a blender, just a mixer and I put the Sauce after I was done in the freezer to cool it down faster.Big fault. It ended up like butter. In combination with thIMG_2407e hot grilled Asparagus it was okay. Lets say eatable. After 2h of preparing baked potatoes, stirring Dressing together and grilling the Meat we finally ate 10:30 pm until our bellybutton plopped outwards. Then, it was almost midnight it started to rain and we were glad to have a roof outside to stay dry. A couple of Beers later Amy offered her Ice-cream Cinderella Cake. The Ice-cream had a pinkish hue, and a artificial taste. Inside it was stuffed with gummy bears and topped with Cinderella figures. Then Amy got her present, a Salsa Dancing Music Album and something else I cant remember. Couse it rained we went only for a short walk to the Beach. But after a couple of minutes we went soaked with water back to the hostel on the other side of the Street to fall asleep into those really nice comfortable Beds in these cozy warm colored rooms.

IMG_2416Next morning we woke up early to enjoy the Sunday at the beach. But we had pouring rain. It was raining the whole night. And it looked like its gonna continue like this. I’ve been really depressed this day. We drove 400km one way to reach this beautiful place to have the second chance of going to the ninety Mile Beach (last time we forgot to go there). This time we couldn’t do anything because of the weather. All of us would have been keen to Surf the Sand dunes and go swimming. But we have been later wet enough anyway. We made the best out of this Situation and started our Brunch containing all the leftover Dishes from the Day before. Full again we relaxed a bit before continuing our trip back to Auckland (this time in one rush).


IMG_2422Before we left, we finished together the ice cream gummy bear Cake to farewell Luisa under Martens Caravan

Trunk Door in the rain while Luisa tried to sing (OMG Zwinkerndes Smiley, I have a Video). We left as fast as possible. Unfortunately Smartins Car was grumpy this day. It didn’t start without help. First we started to try to push it over the property. But it was too slippery on the wet grass to push. So I lined up Shaggy* and connected for the first time in my life cars together with starter cables in the poring rain. But it was worth it. We revive his engine and went away.

DSCN3261Heavy rain crackled down the whole way back. We stopped once at Mangawhai Heads. First time we have been there (with Carlos, Almuth, Sebi) 3 month ago, I didn’t realize that the meaning is actually Fuchskopf and we have been really impressed and stunned to found a huge rock looking like a Fuchskopf Smiley. But this was last time. This time we didn’t even went out to go to the Beach. It was still raining heavily and we stayed in the car for Lunner*. We had a Beer and Nachos with Salsa Sauce. Then we finally drove home. We wanted to be there to participate the Christmas Carol in the Park Event. But we found out its not happening because of the weather conditions. That’s why we stayed in the hostel end enjoyed the rest of the evening in the Hostel Lounge relaxing, sharing pictures and our experiences on the trip with our friends.


Lunner*: Invented by Smarten*, it’s the equivalent of Brunch (Breakfast and Lunch). Lunner is the combination of Lunch and Dinner. Is being held up around 4:30 pm between Tea Time and Dinner

Smarten*: is Marten but with a Prefix S. The S stands for Smart and is a good fit for him. Sometimes Smiley. At least as a Nickname.

Shaggy*: My 1992 Toyota Esteema Lucida, Shaggy  because it is shaking a lot in it related to damaged shocks absorbing very slowly bumps resulting into shaky Car driving