DSCN3130After leaving Rotorua behind I have settled down in Auckland again. But this time for work and earning some money. Again I live in the Verandahs Hostel and am happy that still a lot of friends from 3 month ago are with me here. Even if it’s a Hostel and not a Flat mate Room I’m staying for longer here. Read more about my Road Trip to Ahipara, my first three weeks working in Auckland and all the things besides.

Enjoy reading what happened since Rotorua,



Christmas party in Auckland – 26.11.2011

DSCN3140Unfortunately the easy lifestyle time is over for now. The serious life caught me back. So I left Lake Tarawera and Rotorua this time for longer then last time. Now way back for the moment. I drove 3 1/2h to Simons (one of the XSYS Bosses) home. Without GPS. After three additionally rounds of driving around in Ellerslie I found his place. A nice little Property with a little double shared house big enough for his wife and his new born Daughter.I arrived a bit late but I made it before we left to playing Golf on Ellerslie Racecourse Golf Court. But first I got Introduced to the Team. There is Allan (Boss), Simon (Boss), Wayne (Engineer), John (Boss Sales), Nelson (Sales) and their accompaniment. All of them are really nice, friendly After little chats, which are still really hard for me, and different kind of beers we went to the Golf course. My Bosses pretended they never played Golf before. But on the driving range I figured out they lied. Allan, Simon and John are really good at hitting the ball hard and sometimes even in the direction of the hole. So all of us first hit 100 Balls on the Driving Ranch until we felt skilled enough to master the nine hole Golf course. Its not like it is in America or Germany. Everybody.is allowed to play on the course. Good for newbies like me, not so good for skilled players. They showed us what they think about us by sniffing their nose and giving stupid comments. So you learn where you are in the food chain. But at all it was fun and after 2 hours and a few hits we left the course. By the way, while we were playing there was also a Horserace going on around us. This made the golf course much more interesting. In the end everybody was happy to go to Simons Place for BBQ and more drinks. They had different kinds of Beer and of course I tried all of them. While we enjoyed the appetizer Simon took care of preparing the Sausages (good tasting ones for NZ), Lamb Steaks and Beef Steaks. Together with Bread, different Salads and Sauces it was again a delicious Dinner. Eight a clock, tired from getting up early the last night in Rotorua and playing Golf, drinking Beer and eating a lot I drove home to my new old Accommodation.


My Company was founded just a couple of years ago. So it is not really big or as developed as my old one in Berlin but the Workmates are at least as nice as my old ones. In some parts they are even further developed because of different aspects you have to take care of here in NZ like Earthquakes or other disasters. I almost do the exact same stuff like before. Only the Organization is different and maybe the location. Uhh jeah and the Clients are usually much nicer, more relaxed and nicer. Most of the time I enjoy working there. I’m grateful that they gave me the chance to start working there. It’s a good opportunity and showed up in last minute. Unfortunately its not that easy but more later …

Back in the Hostel

Saturday evening after the Christmas Party I meet a lot of my old fellows who are still in this Hostel. I felt at home. As much as home it can feel 20000km away from my real home. But,  better than nothing*. Amy, Luisa, Martine (not really, he stays in a flat share, but is still always here :-) ), Volkan, Lucio, Thorsten, Simon … are still here. And from now and then there are familiar faces coming back after their journey. Most of them with funny and interesting story's. For example two guys drove backwards into a fence of a foreign Property in an rural area. The owners went out to have a look at the damage have been done to their fence. Instead of yelling or subsist of getting money for repairing it those guys have been invited by them to stay for dinner. While they where still eating Dinner with the family the patriarch went out repairing the fence. That’s new Zealand.

Last Holiday Day Day Day, so far - 25.11.2011

DSCN3130Early Afternoon some long termers and I went to the Christmas Parade into the city. It was pretty crowded for a Sunday and almost all the Streets in the inner city have been closed for the crowd and a lot of weird floats. Some of them Christmas related but most of them failed their task spreading Christmas feeling. It was weird again having bright Sunshine while dressed up Santa's passed by. It doesn’t belong here to the southern hemisphere. We went through the City to Atoea Square. The main Spot like Alexanderplatz in Berlin to find something like a fair. Ferris Wheels, DSC00981Autoscooter, Breakdancer, no chance. Nothing like this. But there have been some crude tents offering non Christmas like Food and Drinks. At least we made it to get a couple of free Apples from a nice Apple Lady and a bit of salty popcorn by devious means. Thankfully the Popcorn was only a Hand full and gone fast. Into the garbage. This day I wanted to pick up Lilith from the Harbour (she arrived from Coromandel to fly home two days later). It was plenty of time left and I was already close to the harbor so I decided to go with Martin and the blond Girl (unfortunately I forgot her Name) to the Auckland Domain. Last time I went there three month ago. So it was worth DSCN3132another visit. In the Summer Auckland looks different. Much nicer than I had it in mind. The trees in Winter have been green too, but not like it is now. And maybe the weather is also much friendlier. It feels different now here. After we went on top and almost had not view down onto the city because of the green leaved trees I needed to go back to the Harbor to pick up Lillith. We decided to have Pizza this evening. Martin and … went to the Grocery store and I ran to the Harbor. 10 minutes late but in the academic quarter I arrived to pick her up. With a huge Backpack on her back and a couple of bags. I’m glad that I have the luxury of a car. To lazy to carry all this stuff up the Mountains to the hostel we jumped into the free link bus. Right on time to make delicious Pizza to complete this evening.



Christmas in Ponsonby and Salsa on Wednesday - 28.11.2011 – 4.12.2011

DSCN3158I sworn I would try things here I wouldn’t have done in Germany. I was asked to joining the others going to take some Salsa dancing lessons. So I went to Salsa with Amy, Marten and Volkan. Free Salsa Lessons. It was the beginner Session and we have been taught the first moves. Volkan decided from the first minute on not to dance. I at least kept trying a half of a full hour before giving up. It was not bad, and even it was hard for me I lost interest after I managed the first standard moves. Maybe because of too much input for me in the first hour. But they wanted to make sure to keep the interest. Some managed it. I didn’t and struggled already with some of the first moves. So I gave up and enjoyed with Volkan the view downstairs where 30 prevailing nice looking girls were dancing lap dance (or something like burlesque, maybe it was just hiphop, but very nice). I was glad when we left. But I wouldn't have a problem with trying it again.

DSCN3146Another Night we we went to a side road of Ponsonby Rd. It is at least a close to Christmas like decorated Street. Amy, Luisa, Volkan, Lucia. Diede (from Dutchland Zwinkerndes Smiley) and Niklas made it to visit this place one Evening. There they had nice music, festively decorated Buildings and friendly people all around. The Christmas feeling wasn’t still the same like it is at home but at least it was a bit cozy. In NZ Christmas is more about Party's and drinking instead of homelike cozy feeling. Here they drink and enjoy the weather, *ridicules. For the first time it felt like Christmas for me this time. The people have been in a nice mood and the decorations look nice. They put a lot of effort in putting all those decorations.












*better than nothing, Volkans most favorite phrase used in almost any Situation. For food, activity's and especially for Girls

*ridiculous or serious, Lucios favorite words pronounced with this typical Italian accent. Used in any Situation.