Finally I’ve got a job interview. After changing some lines of my cover letter regarding my future plans andmy visa I got better replies. I was enormous excited cause I wanna have a job badly. But I also will miss this place and my friends I make here. So on one side I want the job, on the other I wanna travel with them further along. Sometimes it’s hard here. One of the bad things here. Everything is changing here somehow every day. None is like the last day.

Anyway, I started driving there alone and closely managed to dry the tank and got stuck somewhere. I found this petrol station right before running out of gas. But hurray this petrol station have been diesel only. Gladly next one was selling 91 good old unleaded gas and I made it there. After this time consuming stabber I have to catch up time. I needed to start driving 120-160 on 100 km/h maximum speed roads. Hopefully they were no speed checks. I Made it without getting lost to Auckland just in time 5 mins before my appointment with Simon. Enough time to switch from flip flops (thongs) to chucks,

short pants to trousers and shirt to a long arm button shirt. I’d gone in the building 1 min after 2pm. The boss forgot that I’m in today so it wouldn’t have been a problem if I had been late, but you never know and I wasn’t. Just one minute. I had a nice talk with Simon and Allan the founders of this company. They are doing the same like my old employer. But they are few years behind. It’s funny because it was like being in another dimension. Everything the same but employees switched to natural English speakers. Gladly the interview went well as well as the 4 page test went too. With a good feeling I drove back, just a little bit slower than before. I shopped in the town while already receiving a positive mail with a contract and the starting date 28th of Nov from Simon. Perfect. Jipeeeh finally a decent job. Even if it is in Auckland I’m really happy to have got it. I got a job, finaly, after 3 month of traveling.

After interview back at Geoff’s I had the cold leftovers of another great dinner, because I was too late and then I started fireworks in the lake again. They looked awesome again. But this time it accidently shoots in our direction to the shoreline back on the ground and exploded there. We had fun looking at it drinking beer I brought because of my victory and chatted. It was another great evening like always. I gone early to bed this time. Tired and exhausted because of the long drive and the slow driving locals. Crazy sometimes compared to good ol tschermany. I don’t even bother anymore of them not looking in the rear mirror while overtaking. Then they would see that there is more than themselves trying to overtake until the overtaking lane is over.


End of having fun ?

I’m looking forward to start, but I also have to give up a lot. It’s not nice to leave friends behind. I loved to travel with them discovering New Zealands nicest areas. I want to continue but it is impossible. I have to work first. Hopefully I have days of over Christmas and new year’s eve.  I want to visit George and Julia, Lilith and Sebi in Queenstown having fun partying and have different kind of Christmas and new year all of us together. Or I still could travel to Samoa or Fiji. Not sure. It depends how fast I can earn the money to pay back my parents loaned money. Damned, it’s all about time and money. Always. I Hate it.

So hopefully the leaking hole in my (and parents) pockets can be fixed soon. But there are also new Problems rising. Where do I live in Auckland. How long I can stay there, am I staying in NZ, what’s next? Who knows. Not even me. Like I said before. No day is the same. Nearly everything can happen here living this way.


Plus I wanna restart playing or better learning how to play the Guitar (even with 6 years’ experience playing it long time ago I forgot almost anything). Tennis is another sport I have to practice more often. Here at Geoff’s I had plenty of time to be hooked on it.

Goodbye George and Julia – 9.11.2011

This day we had a small goodbye party for George and Julia. They are sadly leaving on the 11.11.2011 to travel first to Wellington and in the end to the South Island some days later. After a couple hours of work Svenja, George, Julia and I went with two boats to the stunning hot water beach close to Lake Rotorua. On the way there we stopped at small and abandoned sand beaches, nice boat bridges and lost DOC Camps for a swim or get sunburn. It is indescribable beautiful and lonesome in a positive way there. After that we stopped at our final destination we carried our chilly box to the hot water pond. After a short

walk we were there. We went into the heated comfortable waterhole (this time not smelly water) to chill and relax while enjoying the ice cooled beer out of our chilly box. After everyone finished and heated up enough we gone back to our boats for driving back. The middle of this huge lake is always choppy. Even when the weather is nice its pain in the ass driving over it. I mean it word for word. The dinghy is then jumping bump by bump rushing towards the target hurting your ass you still can feel it days later. Exhausted and light sunburned we were just in time of drinking plunged coffee and having dinner right after bringing the boats from the lakeside to our cottage. Again we had a nice dinner. Again chicken J like almost every day. After Dinner at Geoff’s place we went down to our Lodge having a few drinks and brownies (Lilith made them, not as perfect as Volcan (Chocella) nice but still really good) with the two new French wwofers, Geoff and us. We thrown another time fireworks into the lake. It’s so much fun doing that.


Friday Partys - 11.11.11

On Fridays everybody is meeting at Craigs place. He is a really wealthy property manager with his own company in Auckland. It’s looking like it’s going well there. He has the other, of the two best property’s at Lake Tarawera, no. one is where we are, Geoff’s says). There is even a nice little waterfall and a river on his property, cool. We cutted flax, weeded the tracks in his huge garden and emptied a trailer full of fire wood (we harvested one day before) in the morning for two hours. All this for going there in the evening. He has an open living room like place with furniture’s, speakers and a fireside. There is only a roof on top without walls covering this place from water and exterior effects.

We went there 7 People in one car (Jeep), Sebi and me in the trunk for heaving delicious bbq dinner (and again drinks). Geoff prepared garlic bread, plumb toast, asparagus with sauce hollandaise (best ever) and a meal I can’t remember the name of. It was really tasty I even liked the prawns in this meal with chicken, pork, potatoes, chili, garlic … served in a lettuce leaf with crunchy noodles. Tasted goooood. But Geoff’s even cooked a lamb dish for us. It was the first time I would say I like lamb. Still the taste is not my taste but I had two plates of that lamb dish. He is a really good chef.

Geoff is fixing his self constructed pizza oven on Venice style stalks. And like Venice they needed to have a good foundation to last long and carry the heavy concrete rock and brick manufactured oven. If he finishes it somehow sometimes we look forward to try his famous pizza.

Homebrewed Beer for washing the car - 12.11.2011

Last night (at the Friday Party) Sebastian promised to Lauri to wash his car for getting more of his own brewed beer. Laurie delivered and we had to redeem our (better his) promise. We drove late evening to his place. Went in and found him with a neighbour couple and their child drinking beer and Glen Fiddich. He didn’t expect us really coming to wash his car. He was just kidding the night before. So he gave us more beer to drink and offered us anytime we want to pick up more of it. Without washing his car. Another good example of how the things are working here.

Humphreys Bay and Blue Lake walk 12/13.11.2011

Those days Geoff gave us almost two days of. We only had to switch to another cottage. So we used this time for exploring the surroundings. One day we drove by boat again with the French girls to Humphreys Bay for going to do a 50 minutes’ walk from Lake Tarawera to Lake Okareka. This walk was quite nice going through rain forest like nature, rocky scenery’s and wide landscapes. Only Sebi was disappointed after realizing this is not the Waterfall walk. At least we have spotted a Wallaby which are really rare here. Sweet. First we thought it’s a Kangaroo cause it looked and behaved like one. The Lake Okareka itself was not that nice at this place. We should have walked further around this lake but here you never know if or better when the weather is changing. If so it’s really hard to get back by boats over the lake. It occurred to Geoff’s once that he flipped his boat upside down on the lake because of the waves.

The other day we went by car to the lookout point in between Blue and Green Lake. We went with the French’s, Svenja, Lilith, Sebastian and I for a one hour walk around the blue lake. Except some special passages with water saturated walking tracks there was nothing special. Okay the last half of the track was nice. But compared to other areas nothing you have to do.

Geoff is soon driving with us a spot where a 3h walk starts to a beautiful and huge waterfall. And we might go to the hot water pool again cause the French’s, Lilith and Sebastian missed that. But instead of 8hp Dinghy’s we go with a huge motorboats with 160hp. We might should try water ski again.