Sebi and I tried to become wwoofers at Geoff’s the official way. We applied for this job, but didn’t get it. He replied with a standard answer as he explained to us later. Because we know George (Stinky) and Julia we still made it luckily somehow on the indirect way. After staying at the X-Base camping ground in Rotorua three days for partying in the Lavabar listening to a really good Maori Guitar player playing Bruno Mass and Adele and some days spent in Rotoruas fast Internet access Library) we went to George and Julia (after she recovered) for playing tennis, swimming in Lake Tarawera, kayaking and to catch up on the party we tried to have before.

Kayaking at Geoff’s

It where four of us willing to use the kayaks this day. We took two with one seats and one double for Julia and George. After 3 mins on the Lake George and Julia, she in full cloth, white long skirt and white cloth, managed to fall right in the cold lake. Struggling getting back into the boat they had to swim back to the shoreline. They forgot to close the storage lid of the boat so it ran full of water after a while and getting heavier until it sank. We towed it to the shoreline and pushed it out of the water to empty it. You can’t imagine how heavy it was. We moved it with three people, turned it upside down but this hole was not in the exact middle so impossible to tip it out. After a while I figured out that there is a plug to take out in the front. We unplugged it and tipped it out finally. Since then we weren’t focused on going on the lake anymore. We become more focused on going out with the dinghies.

Like we planned in the evening we had a few beers at the beautiful blue Lake Tarawera with Svenja (new wwoofer at Geoff’s from Germany), Julia, George, Lilith, Sebi and me. We talked a lot and it became a nice evening like most of them become here in New Zealand. This night we were allowed to stay here but in first place in our cars.

Indirect wwoofing at Geoff’s

Next day we played tennis again and met Geoff and had a short chat. He offered us to stay one night longer here and have dinner for all of us. While having a delicious Dinner (he once was a sue chef) we asked if we can stay longer and wwoof here. Why ever he didn’t reject it. He has got more wwoofers he ever had since ages. Six at one time. But it is a huge property here and a lot to do for all of us. The first few nights we stayed in our car next to George and Julias Cottage. But after some days we moved in together in the cottage next to Geoff’s property to help an old lady (Adele) with weeding her garden too. From then on we sometimes worked at the old Ladys garden, Craigs place (where every Friday is something like a small get together, bbq …), another place cleaning up a huge forrest like area to make it looking like a garden. Cool thing is we only have to work approx. 2h a day (sometimes even not 1h) for dinner and accommodation and nice company by Geoff.

Adele (the nice ladys cottage we are living in) brought us muffins one day while we were working for 2h in her garden. She made it to pass us while working somehow and not while playing tennis the whole day. We had a chat with her and she showed us her pretty huge, more than 100 year old drawn picture of cologne.

Wwoofers World

Until now it is the best wwoofing experience ever, hard or even impossible to beat. We have a lot of freedom here. We can play Tennis, go out onto the lake to hot water beach here with the 8hp motor dinghies (boats) or do one of the walking tracks around here. Geoff’s is really nice person. He is the caretaker of a huge property at Lake Tarawera owned by one of the wealthiest New Zealand people (she owns the NZ Herold, the biggest Newspaper here). He has a couple of nicknames like geeeeoffff. Germans usually pronounce it letter by letter and he knows if somebody calls him right after: “is this geeeeoffffs place?” that the caller is German. It’s more pronounced like Jeff. Another one is fluffy ears because of his curly long hairs. Another one is hobo due to the fact that he looks like someone lives in the park when he is running around in working cloth. I didn’t say that, he did. I soon call him Michael. He sees his place like wwoofers world. For him it might is like a soap opera. Here it is like a neat version of Michael Jacksons Netherland Ranch, without the pedo thing ;-). 

Once we irritate his cats with a laser pointer while waiting for dinner is finished. He sneaked in crawling really fast like a cat screaming and scared us to death. We laughed a lot after that. We talking a lot, playing Card games, listening to his great relaxing Music. Every evening is hilarious and funny. He doesn’t really need wwoofers. He’s doing it maybe for the entertainment or for the company. I don’t know but he is really hospitable.

We have two boats here with 8hp motor. George and I are driving out every day fast as hell, just for driving fast circles or for water ski, wakeboards or excavating ne areas. Okay water ski and wakeboarding didn’t work. We tried a couple of times with different techniques but the boats are too slow. Still it was entertaining fun with Georg and Julia to try it. Sadly Sebi wasn’t interested in the boat thing at all. Don’t know why.

Sometimes we even work here. Love it at the moment. Okay to be honest I love it here since I arrived here in New Zealand.  It’s just one another great place. Love it here.

5th November - Fireworks 

We had on the 5th of November a huge campfire and some fireworks. It was the day the English parliament was set on fire. I don’t know why they celebrate this here. It’s the only day of the year you can by fireworks for. I always thought they love England. We met at the Party a lot of nice locals had again great food (quit decent grilled sausages from local produced pigs this time) and a few drinks like usual. We kept some of our fire work, almost everything to continue to celebrate at our place down the lake. We fired some awesome fireworks and sometimes throwed them in the lake. It’s amazing when fireworks explode in a lake. So beautiful colors and the sound when it goes of. Like a looooow deep bass bomb.