I think now I’m getting as lazy as I thought I would get after a while writing my blog. The gaps between my entries getting bigger and bigger. From almost daily to weekly to monthly updates now, but I try not to forget anything to write. Anyway, one update a month is still good work. I am at least more diligent than most of us (pointing on Sebi ?). To let it even look like more effort and work I putted into writing this stuff, I split it into more parts this time. Have fun reading it as much as I enjoyed, not writing, but living it.

Greets to all of you in Germany. And enjoy you winter, bäääähhh

 23.10.2011 Biketour through Whakarewarewa Forrest

Days before we already thought about driving through this beautiful forest but we have been too lazy to really do it. Days ago we asked some friends if they want to go with us. And they were in. But like it is always in the end on the day itself it was just the two of us out of 6. We decided to go alone and we didn’t regret it. It was a sunny day without rain which, in  Rotorua is special. Nearly every day it is raining for a short time; fortunately this day not even once. The forest is crowded with huge needle trees perforated by different grades of difficulty tracks. Some for children, some for beginners or for pros like us ?. The way to the tracks was a very steep and long drive up to the forest on top of a

huge plateau. We decided to try the dipper track first cause it is one of the easier (grade 3). But even this one was not really easy. Geoff our Wwoofing host here at lake Tarawera is calling us soft soccer player anyway. Maybe that’s why this track was already really hard for us to complete. I tried to shoot a short movie while cycling and closely fall of a small bridge. It was only a few centimetres to hurt myself. So from there on I stopped every time for taking pictures of me and Sebi. After the entry track I needed to try harder grades, Rockdrop and Genesis. I finished it. In the end even two fifth grade tracks. But it was hard.

Some parts were so steep down nearly impossible to go through without a bike because you easily slip. Other Parts were going so steep up I didn’t manage to drive up because the front wheels already loosing contact to the ground even with leaning far forward. There were also sections which looks like nobody drove there since three years. After this trip, exhausted and with hurting legs I met Sebi for a small Picnic for collecting enough power to finish two other tracks which were more like mud/dirt tracks together. We finished both tracks looking in the end like filthy morons. Both of us stepped in mud holes ankle deep. Happy that we made it alive we drove back very fast down from the splendid Whakarewarawera forest to drop of our bikes at the outdoor shop. I didn’t drive a bike for a long time and back in Germany I have to do this more often.



Rugby Finals at Top Ten Holiday Park at Blue Lake Rotorua

This was our last full day in Rotorua. Next day we drove to our first real wwoofing job at Lake Tarawera to Mandy. We only spend one day (Day of the rugby final) at Blue Lake in-between Rotorua and Lake Tarawera. It was a stupid idea to leave Rotorua on this day. We are not interested in Rugby but it still would have been better to watch it in the city in the Event Arena instead of watching it on a small TV at a crappy camping place in the middle of nowhere. But we’ve seen it while playing cards to make the game more interesting. I was favouring France, I have to support us Europeans, don’t I? But in the end New Zealand won the World cup for the first time. I’m fine with that too. Most of the Backpackers favoured NZ because they think they have to. Because they live for a short amount of their lifetime here. I think this is strange. Every local of course here appreciate that NZ won the first time the WC; good for them.

WWoofing at Mandy’s from 24th till 29th October

On the day we arrived Mandy showed us her amazing House on top of a hill, where we stay for the week (tule hudte, her husband born in Cologne, taught her some words with strange pronunciations, we understand it what she was talking about first time after we read it – tolle Hütte, her daughter is working in Wellington for Weta Digital), what we have to do, to take care of and so on. She showed us Hercules and Woolly and the rest of her sheep. We had to start working right on. It’s a small sheep farm so we cleaned the sheep troughs on the first days. We had to empty them first with buckets, swirl up the dirt, brushed the concrete on the sides and the floor, add

some chemicals to the water and leave the water back in the trough. Ready for the sheep to use again. The next days we used a water blasted (again, jiehaa)for cleaning the deck, cutted different hedges, cleaned the 1km up the hill drive to her place from palm leaves …, sprayed weed killer on the drive, drove a car with trailer behind to pick up cutted off plants, raking mow of the grass and build a strawberry bird defence protection with chicken wire. Every day 4 ½ h work like this can be very hard but we got a nice accommodation and good food almost every evening. Except the day we ran out of gas. Mandy had to work in town so she told us what to do for dinner. She explained to the two other wwoofers how to use a electrical slow cooker and what to put in. After 6 h of sloooooooow cooking dinner was ready. We added the self-produced lamb sausages to the soup and had a try. It was horrible. The soup itself and the sausages. I don’t even like lamb meat. I only managed to eat half a soup plate. The rest I had to throw into the toilet. Could’t eat this.

Da Gas Problem

On day I drove to Rotorua for shopping reasons. I wanted to go to Burger King. It was closed because the only gas pipe from north to south island was broken. Half of the country has been cut of the pipe and running out of gas. So BK was closed. Fortunatly MC Donalds used electric ovens and I fortunately got a Burger. Again what learned*, you never learn off*. After a few Days the Milk and Bread couldn’t be produced and some Farmers lost millions of Dollars. 4 Days later everything was fixed and the gas floating through the pipes again and Burger King reopened.


The two girl wwoofers stayed in Mandy’s house. We boys in the wwoofers barn approx. 100m away from the main house. It was nice to have the freedom but with the disadvantage to have no toilet. One day Mandy explained us that we have to do nr.1 on the drive not on the grass because it gets yellowish and for Nr.2 we shouldn’t use too much toilet paper but we have to use the toilet. Gladly we didn’t mixed it up once. Hilarious. The last night Sebi have been already in Rotorua picking up Lilith. The other wwoofers were gone too. So it was just me trying to save money by staying one night longer there. And it was definitely worth it. Mandy cooked again a delicious Indian dish with typical side dishes and appetizers due to the fact that her brother and his boyfriend from Australia were visiting her. It was a great dinner (with corona beer for me, which is here really expensive here) and nice company. So I really enjoyed the last night at her place. And I was able to finish her strawberry bird defence chicken wire bamboo construction. So it was a win win situation.

Accidently Frying Rice first time of my life

I made it to burn rice. It was running low on water. After 10 min. the rice was really crunchy and Sebi shouted I burned the rice. How can I. We started to air the room because it was foggy like hell. And it stinks. And I started to clean the pot. It was thick burned on the ground. Sebi looked up how to get rid of it. Use vinegar plus baking soda and it solves the problem. After one hour of rubbing. But in the end Mandy didn’t noticed anything.

We enjoyed the first wwoofing job a lot and also the sometimes hard and long hours work (okay, 4 1/2h ? but still, you should try that before you say it’s nothing). The beautiful sunsets at Lake Tarawera, the butter chicken she prepared for us and her delicious biscuits we weren’t allowed to eat.

We tried the whole time, while staying at Mandy’s place, to visit Romeo = George and Julia. We met them first time on the camping ground at Tauranga Bay with Almuth, next time on the camping Ground at Cape Reinga, in Auckland and another time in Rotorua. And now they were wwoofing close to our place at Geoffs. We tried to have a small party there so we prepared a vodka melon …

Vodka Melon, not

whole melon uncut, dig a hole on the outside, dig deep with a small and long spoon and put in a full bottle of vodka, without cap of course, the vodka should spread in the melon but didn’t in our case.

The hot face

… gladly we bought some drinks and chips too. But Julia had an accident this morning. She spilled coffee over her face by using those top down pressing coffee machines (plunger). There was a resisting force while pressing it down, so she pressed harder. In the end everything spilled out of the top of this glass sadly right into her face.  Every time you go here in NZ to the doctor you get morphium for the pain. So she had a few and weren’t able to enjoy this evening. She enjoyed it herself ?. George got some morpheme painkillers too after his whitishness teeth have been taken out. Since this day she ate an apple a day cause it keeps the doctor away (English idiom).

The Promise

That’s why this evening only Sebi (new nickname softy -> given by Geoff) and I had a few crest beers (10% strong beer with awful taste and the middle of a water melon soaked with vodka and watched a movie in our cottage. We promised to try meeting George and Julia again later, and we did.



* one of Georg’s (soft soccer player and crazy boat driver) self-created saying’s: “again what learned”, or ours: “you never learn off”