Short time after my last entry here is already the next one. I was very dilligent to complete it that fast. Like always have fun reading it. Translate this mess via this Link if you have to.

greet you all from far far away







After enjoying Coromandel and our one day trip the Black Jack Road up to Opito Bay in the rain we had to stop at Cooks Beach; Our most favourite camping place in NZ with the Hot Spa and the lovely managers (sometimes drunken). But this time it was different. This time NZ have school holidays. It was horrible crowded with kids that annoyed everybody. We felt a little out of place. But after fortunately after two weeks everything is over an Summer Holidays (Winter) are still far away. We applied for many wwoofing jobs. One of them sounds even more than vacation than work. They offered not only accommodation and food for free. They also offering Bikes, Kayaks and so forth. But we didn’t got this job sadly. But in the end we got another, 40 min drive away from Rotorua; only for one week, but better than nothing. And this place sounds really nice. I’m looking forward to go there.

Shakespeare Cliff

One Day at Cooks Beach we visited the Shakespeare Cliff. We missed it last time there but this time I wanted to go there. It was only a short walk about 20 min. to this cliff. It was amazing after walking behind the boarder. I’ve got a great view from the top of the cliff down to the water. After this thrill I went alone to Lonely Bay which lays in-between Shakespeare Cliff and another Cliff (forgot the name). Sebi was too lazy again and went back already and missed this beautiful lonesome place and the sun there. The colour of the Beach was also interesting. It was not really a Beach with yellow or white sand, it was more like scrambled mussels or small tiny flaked little bit Bernstein colored pebbles.


Whitianga, nice city close to Cooks Beach

On another day at Cooks Beach we went to Whitianga. My second most favourite City now, because of the delicious Burgers. Okay and the surroundings there are really nice also. Nice little shops, the Ocean and I really like this small ferry to get from Cooks Beach to Whangamata in 2 minutes instead of having a 40 min drive. Its 4$ with return so cheaper than driving. But we are always curious why they don’t construct a bridge there. Lilith visited Sebastian this weekend (or he picked her up at Coromandel again ;-)) so we went shopping a bit (bought a short pants). I often thought about going to a barber. Sebi was urged to get a haircut too. So we went all in and even Lilith got one. Hair styled like we were then we went again to have burgers at Tue Tue.

14-16.10.2011 - on Road to Ro(ad)turua

On 15th October 2011 we drove from Cooks Beach to Rotorua the smelliest city of whole NZ. Okay we tried to get to Rotorua this day. We departed 12 am to get somewhere free Wi-Fi for applying for woofing jobs. We knew that in Tairua is a Library. As we arrived it doesn’t took long to realize it is Saturday and it’s already closed. We continued to drive to Whangamata. For me it was a must to go to soul burger, it was an advice in the lonely planet to have one of their great tasty burgers. But it opened at 5pm so we stayed there for a couple of ours. We enjoyed the beach, three scoops of ice-cream at sandz ice-cream parlour and the sometimes occurring rain. We tried to

find Wi-Fi too but not in Whangamata. The burger was a little disappointing. It was good, even better than good, but we already ate burgers three days ago in Whitianga (Tue Tue). And this was awesome. Best burger ever. It exceeds even the burger in Takapuna in Auckland. After eating at soul burger we drove further in the direction of Tauranga. But we definitely didn’t want to stay there a second time. We try to avoid this place if we can. We didn’t make it this time. Close to Tauranga we got lost and had to drive to City Center again. We needed to find the right road to Rotorua. Why ever in hell it’s not displayed at all those road signs. We drove to our famous MC Donalds for free

having free Wi-Fi and using the facility’s and may have a burger.  This day, let’s say evening Wi-Fi wasn’t working. All our plans destroyed. We wanted to look for wwoofing jobs, answers of wwoofing jobs, the direction where to go to next etc..  But shitty MC DO was out of internet too. So we had to make it on our own. After driving in three different directions, meeting a ghost driver, a lot of roundabouts and annoying the locals by questioning them, we made it, finally. Now we made it to this road we wanted to. In the end we didn’t made it to Rotorua because we were too tired to drive further. Also arriving in the evening 22 pm and paying for a room one night

where you have to check out before 10 am is wasting money. It’s better to arrive after 10 am, check in and have a shower ;-). So we stopped 40 min before Rotorua and camped wild a short distance away from the main road. After going to bed at 10 pm I was watching “kein Pardon”. So I didn’t realize the police car and the police siren. Sebastian told me next day after staying 1h last night at our beautiful illegal camping spot a police car came by and found us. They wanted Sebi to open his door. He did, he said I’m a police man. Sebi replied a little harsh: “I can see that”. But they weren’t looking for illegal campers. They weren’t even interested in giving us a fine or warning (very nice). They were looking for illegal hunters. That’s why they turned on their siren. They probably thought we have guns … but of course we didn’t. And they were glad, and we were glad and everybody was happy, so they closed Sebis door so he didn’t have to and was able to continue to fall into sleep, sweet as. And they left. Maybe our excuse we didn’t made it up to Rotorua and had to sleep because we were too exhausted.

About Rotorua

Rotorua is a nice city. I like it, but the problem with this city is it stinks. It smells everywhere like rotten eggs. Boiling rotten eggs. The one night after the rugby game NZ vs. AU (NZ won and has to play vs. France in the finals) I couldn’t sleep almost the whole night. Maybe I was too drunk or because of the stinky smell. Sometimes it’s less intensive, sometimes even more. And you never know if somebody farted in your dorm room (chances are invaluable high with 6 guys in one room) or the sulphur exhaust raised. There are a few places where you see the sulphur steam coming out of the ground. Behind our Hostel is a huge park area with a lot of hot sulphur springs from small ponds to one large Smokey stinky lake everything is there. One of them is that foggy you hardly can only see 5m far while walking over the bridge over this lake.

16.10.2011 - Peter, Roy … and we watching Rugby

We met Roy again (met him in Coromandel) so he, Peter (Australian guy) and us went to the rugby NZ vs. AU. Funny thing about Peter is he can speak a little bit german and understand a lot. It is hilarious when we are talking to him in English and he is replying sometimes offensive in german language. We drank before the game while the game and after it. We went to the Fanzone (Rotorua Festival Hall) for watching the game. Peter wrapped in his Aussie Flag. We enjoyed the game and the atmosphere around us. Peter went away after he realized his team will loose and met guys offering him a ring for slapping on the es of next girl passing by. He won a ring ?.

After the game Sebi and I went back to our Hostel. But the hostel reception lady’s captured us before getting to our rooms. They invited us to their after game party to the team accommodation building for having more drinks, BBQ and a delicious cake. Again we experienced the wonderful hospitality here in New Zealand. After listening to music, chatting we went back to the our hostel lounge/kitchen. We met Roy and Peter and some more fellows back from the game playing cards. We joined them there just watching them a while until we fall in our beds.


18.10.2011 - German Beerfest

We have seen flyers all around in our hostel and in Rotorua which sounds promising praising the german beerfest at the Okere Falls. It was a must for us to go there. We met Lisa and Anita from Austria (not Australia ;-)) this morning and we already meet Peter (the Australian guy). Everybody was excited to go there. They picked us up at the library for 10$ with return at 10pm so nobody has to be the designated driver. We had there a couple of real Bavarian imported beer. I never heard of Burinator before but it was a good stark beer and I sticked to it this evening. They also sold german food like Schweinshaxe, Pretzels with camembert, grilled sausages with sauerkraut and Spätzle. For New Zealand circumstances it was good but not good compared to our local food and the really good sausages we have. They had decorated this lodge with Bavarian flags and the employees dressed in “typical” german clothes. Yeah right. Regretfully it was not crowded. Altogether we have been round 30 people. Even the Band playing not geman music couldn’t correct this lack of participation. In the end we drove back at high speed with our now most favourite bus driver Jimmy. We stopped for Cider at the grocery store ended up playing cards until we got booted out of our hostel lounge. It was the last night for Peter. Next day at 5 am he left. Because he didn’t have an alarm clock we had to take care of this, very nice ?!

19.10.2011 – Hot and Cold and a bit stinky

I learnt that in NZ at all official counters, i-sites, hostel receptions…, if you ask for places around to visit they have to advice you the places that cost money. So always ask locals or friends or someone you trust. They can advise you to go to better places apart from the famous tourist catching spots. We was advised to go to the Hot and Cold Water Streams. We went there with Anita and Lisa that evening. They are accessible for free and it was a tip from the nice Lady’s from our Hostel reception. The description of getting there was really good so I did not drove wrong once like usual. We went there switched to our swimming suites ready to go. It was a nice hidden spot below a tiny bridge. One Arm (like a Y-Cross) of the river with the cold water stream, the other one with hot water, a little smelly, coming down mixed up in a small pond leaving this area through a third arm. Nice thing about this place: you can decide how hot it should be for you. It’s really comfortable and you’d like to stay for hours. Somebody even left some candles there in the rocks so we used them. Before getting complete wrinkled by sitting in the water we sadly had to leave and headed back home.









20.10.2011 - White Water rafting the Rangitaiki River

Today I went White Water Rafting (this time alone, because Sebi don’t wanted to). It was a great experience. They picked me up in front of my hostel at 10:30 am. We had a 1 1/2 hour drive up to a camping ground next to the river with charm like it was number one camping ground 74’. There we changed our dresses from casual to raft ready. First time in my life I was wearing a wetsuit, those nice surfing shoes and a fleece sweater. It was quite hard to get in my wetsuit. Fortunately I’ve got help from my hereafter boat mates. Plus the Swim west and a helmet we all looked like professionals. Then we drove by bus further up the hill for about 15 minutes through beautiful

untouched forests until we arrived at the river again. We put our rafting boats down on the ground to be split up in teams and get our safety instructions and get drilled on dry ground. They explained how to react in different kind of situations like fell of the boat and get lost, stuck in trees and what to do when the Boat flips upside down and maybe additionally someone is underneath it. It was a bit scary but also exciting. Also they taught us what to do when our boat leader shouts the commands forward, backward, left forward (means left people have to paddle forward right people backward), hold (means paddles in specific position and hold on to boat ropes), all to left/right (when boat is almost flips everybody has to move to one side of the boat away from the water), floor (for heavy downstream’s and risky situations everyone has to get to the centre of the boat on the floor, stores the paddle safe and with both hands grab the ropes. After that we were ready to leave. We shoved the boat onto the water and jumped in. We were a good mixture of 6 Guys from South America, Texas, South Africa and New Zealand plus our boat leader from England. We were a great group nobody fell out of the boat. Except

that 2 of us and I went swimming (I always have to if I get the possibility) for a moment on a more calm part of this track. Five minutes after start we have to pass the most difficult rapids. Only one of us has done rafting before, the tour guide, but even though we made it and it have been an amazing thrill. We had almost flipped our boat upside down, lost one person and everybody got a really heavy splash and a hit by the rocks. I definitely wanna do that again with this 7m waterfall (highest commercial raftable waterfall worldwide) here in Rotorua. But it is only open on every 2nd weekend in summer season when the power plant opens his gate releasing huge amounts of water down the

river. So, hopefully next time. Sometimes on this trip there where Bridges over the river. But they are not build for hiking reasons. They were built to allow the Kiwis passing safely from one side of the river to the other one. Because they cannot fly and they cannot swim they need this support. They can’t do anything. Pity one we didn’t see those creatures walking over it. After some calm parts and a lot of choppy and rocky rapids we end up 1 ½ h later at the camping ground. Alive and a bit exhausted. We rested there for dressing, launch reasons and to buy a photo cd for 50$ with almost 130 pics of us rafting down the river. The pictures looked really nice but not affordable. I only have a few before we started. For launch we had Subway baguettes, Chips, some sweets, cookies and juice. We rested a while and then on the trip back to Rotorua most of us ended up taking a nap. At least everybody arrived refreshed at the hostel.

I need to get a Job to finance more of those thrills. It has to be just a start of doing stuff like that. Skydiving is a must here too.