nachdem wir endlich Coromandel Town verlassen hatten. Alle Schäden repariert waren, der WOF aktualisiert, der job beendet und die Umgebung erkundet war konnte es weiter nach Roturua gehen. Tauranga haben wir uns diesmal gespart.

Viel Spass beim lesen.

sweet as, bro


28.09.2011 swimming at the Waiau Falls

Marie hatte einen Tag frei und den haben wir, grad bei dem guten Wetter genutzt. Der Weg bis zu den Wasserfällen ist nicht weit. Nach 30 min. Autofahren ist man bereits da. Ich war zwar schon hier mit Sebastian, aber geschwommen bin ich dort noch nicht, das wollte ich nachholen. Nachdem wir genug Fotos auf, von unter dem Wasserfall hatten haben wir uns mit Keksen auf einem großen Stein gesonnt und den Nachmittag genossen. Dann bin ich rein und es war A…kalt. Kennt ja jeder wenn die Gefäße sich zusammenziehen und es weh tut als ob man von ganz vielen Nadeln gestochen wird. Das war es mir aber wert. Ich konnte mich überwinden eine kleine Runde zu schwimmen. Marie ist nicht über die obere Körperhälfte reingegangen. Das war es ihr nicht wert. Nach dem Trocknen und weiterbräunen und erwärmen sind wir zu den Kauri Forrest (riesige einheimische Bäume) gefahren. Nicht wirklich abgefahren oder beeindrucken aber auch schön.

So, das war mein letzter Eintrag in Deutsch. Ich probiere es jetzt weiter mit englisch. Wenn du kein Englisch kannst gibt es bei Google Translation die Möglichkeit ganze Websites übersetzten zu lassen.

Klicke den Link hier:  Dann sollte der Inhalt grob zu verstehen sein.

Like I already told you last entry I am not writing daily articles anymore. It gets to annoying and consumes too much time. From now on I try to summarize it a bit more. Nice side effect: it’s not that obvious if days or weeks are missing in my blog entries. If writing in English is annoying me too I continue writing in German language again.





The “Accident” and my WOF

After wild camping for one night at 3.10.2011 I was awake and driving from our hidden wild camping place to Coromandel downtown to prepare everything to be able to leave this day. But in NZ you should never have plans. This morning Sebastian must have been that exhausted that after he was ready to leave our parking lot he shifted to the rear gear and smashed reverse in rocks with his car (I still believe this may is not a coincidence, maybe the reason was worth the money to fix his car?) . The left rear light totally damaged and the left rear side pinched, but still drivable. So it was damaged too.

After I finished preparing everything to leave I’ve got this strange phone call. We met at the café and I saw the damage he has done to his poor old fellow. This day we didn’t leave. We decided that we have to stay in Coromandel a bit longer. We didn’t really regret this cause both of us love this place. We left the Café in the evening as usual to find out that his left rear tire was losing pressure. What a day. So we had to call the AA (like ADAC in good old Germany). An old guy with a wrecking truck came by in only 15 min. and showed us how to change the left rear tire ourselves. So we fixed it and made an appointment for the next day to let his car dents and lights fixed. After everybody was

ready to go we checked in the next three nights at the YHA Tidewater Hostel in Coromandel. The good side of all this was that my wof (like TÜV) ran out this month on the 5.10.2011. I decided to let my car checked too. The next two days after his accident was filled with mechanics, calls to get used carparts. He spend for his accident round about 270$ for a new rear light and the chassis fix. I was in with 300$ for cleaning my front light glass, configuring the breaks including handbrake, a new rear right tire and a damn light flashing unit. It was not possible to replace the damaged flashing unit with a usual one for 12$. No of course not. It must have been the 130$ Toyota original one with four pins. Not three or two, no it has to be the one with 4 pins. After some discussions and I am so poor phrases he decided to order a used flashing unit for 30$ + Shipping + 30$ worth of work. But after two days, 300$ and a lot of chatting I am now proud owner of the new wof registration plate valid until 4/4/2012. And silly me, I already lost my Tirecap. Uhhh Yeah.

Fun with a waterblaster

So now, that we were again ready to leave Coromandel, our hostel manager, Tony and his mother, had other plans with us. He told us that there is this old local lady with her 2.5 mio $ House at the Ocean and she needs help. She is living in Turkey and wants to retire in a few years to come back to live in her house. But while she is not there she wanted to rent it to somebody. That for it became our task to clean the veranda deck with an ultra-cool high pressure water blaster. Good thing about that, we had plenty of time. Both of us only had to work 2 h a day (one hour each) for round about 6 days. We’ve got free accommodation from there on and Tony promised us a bottle of rum.


Tony is a topic himself. He is a really nice guy like almost everybody in NZ. Round 45 Years old, living with his mother and taking care of the hostel. Every time he saw us we had a nice chat. He was informing us every time when in his opinion nice girls arrived, that we have to see them and what we have to do to get them…. It’s a pity that none of them were our taste, or even age. But it’s always good to stay informed. Sadly in the end we didn’t get our bottle of rum. But he invited us over to his place to have some food and drinks with his mother, a 6h slow cooked chicken and a friend (nice but a little weird too, questioning all the time if we know the cannibals, a German heavy metal rock band, and how to f*** girls …). Lucky we, we had to leave early cause we already had an appointment in a pub.


Short time ago we met Roy, a Canadian from British Columbia, a very nice guy, round about 40 years old. He is working for the Canadian government protecting the salmon’s resources in his area. The interesting point is, he is working for a half year only called job sharing. He lives as cheap as possible to have enough money for traveling the rest of the year. He has no car in Canada, only a bike. He lives with friends and don’t have something like his own apartment or house. So like I said before for the other half of the year he is traveling around the world making new friends. One evening Andreas (from Germany) Sebastian, Roy and me have met the driving creek café crew (Greg, Nick, Lilith, the others where to lazy) in one of the 3 pubs Coromandel Town has. We also met there some really nice but strange drunken locals. While drinking and chatting the whole evening the time flew by until we left; Lilith and Sebastian still dancing ;-).

We spent a long time in the closer Coromandel town area and in our most favourite Café in New Zealand. The Driving Creek Café. We enjoyed a lot of the awesome vegetarian food, coffee, tea and the nice company of all the wwoofers and employees  like Lilith (Marburg), Marie (Paris), Emily (Canada), Julien (USA), Nick (Auckland), Greg (NZ), Mehow (owner, NZ), Jess (NZ wife of the owner), Mel (pregnant NZ), Shayna (NZ), Patrick (Germany), Alex (NY), Anita (Tschech)… hopefully I didn’t forget anybody. Anyhow all of them were very nice, polite and unbelievable hospital. Coromandel is my most favourite place in NZ so far and I am missing it already.

I’ve had a good laugh about Sebis mistake with the milk spilled all over his car floor. But this time I had done the same mistake. In the morning I opened my daily ration Mountain Dew (stopped drinking because it harms the fertility?, so I quitted drinking it, now I am hooked on L&P) and put it on my closet in my car. Opened and unfinished. I maybe drank ¼ of it. I thought I wouldn’t drive this day. But in the evening I did. And, tata, how mysterious, it fall of the closet on my Bed and spilled over it completely. Of course I discovered it in the evening after I went to bed and my mattress was soaked with Mountain Dew. This day I stopped laughing about Sebis smelly car.

rainy Opito Bay

On our last day in Coromandel we met Tony and told him, that we are leaving this day and that we want to go to Opito Bay (40 min east of Coromandel Town). He told us he has friends over there with a huge farm close to the beach. He called him and 2h late we had a legal camping spot on a farm at the ocean. But this day after midday it began to rain. Heavy rain. So we still made it to Opito Bay at the beach. We texted his friend and he picked us up at the beach with a quad and we followed him to his farm. It was a crazy ride because the grass green floor was soaked with water und hard to drive. My

speedometer told me sometimes I’m driving 60 km/h but it was round about 20 km/h. Some parts where that steep I needed more than one try to get on top of the hill. But in the end we made it sliding there. The Guy showed us a accommodation like building with a toilet, shower, beds and a couch. Oh and Farmers stuff like a tractor. The Spot there was beautiful. The accommodation wasn’t. It was really dirty and uncomfortable but for free. We were really glad that we can stay in our cars. We only used the facilities of this place. But again this spot was beautiful. Another downside has been the terrible weather. It rained like hell the whole day, evening and it didn’t stop until we left.