Currently I am sitting in an Jetstar airplane on my way to Sydney. And when I posted this article I am in Sydney. Which means I had to leave my favorite place on earth. In essence back to Germany. But with some stops on the way home. Look forward to new posts from the country of the high pitch girl voices with blond bleached hair where you have to get used to use mate instead of bro.


My last Days

currently I’m sitting at one of my favorite places in whole NZ. At the House of my Friend and Boss John and Dianne on on the deck looking towards the pool. It is sunny, I wear thongs without socks Smiley and the sun is roasting me. It is warm and the sun intense like always here. That is the winter here. Every couple of days we get heavy rain but in between there are always days sometimes a full week like this. Okay, now I just had to go inside because it is still sunny but also raining the same time. Jordan just explained that it is like monkeys tea party, a south African saying, It stands for things that are unusual or impossible. Even though I like a proper winter this is amazing. NZ was amazing. It is so sad I know have to write already in past tense.


Around 365 Days are gone since I left Germany. And the time like it always is, gone in a jiff. In the beginning it seemed to be so much time to spend and waste. So much stuff to do, things to see, people to meet, work to do. But before I realized it the best time of my life so far is over. Or at least the biggest part of it. I am still not at home. And It will take some time to get there via Australia, Malaysia and Thailand. But the original planned part of the journey is over. And I am soo sad about it. You cant imagine. I had such an awesome time here.

It is amazing what I have done here in NZ

CIMG1932Just to summarize the last year. I spent the first three weeks in my favorite hostel, the Verandahs Hostel in Auckland. Originally I planned to stay there just for 5 days. But it was so nice, relaxed and full of nice people that all became friends. I went with Tante Almi, Sebi, Carlos for a week through the Northlands to Cape Reinga and back to the Verandahs Hostel. I left again after one week with them and Luisa and Amy to Coromandel spent there with Sebi and Carlos in the end almost a month. Sebi and I applied for Woofing places together at Lake Tarawera and got a Job on a small sheep farm for a week. We knew some friends who where woofing nearby, George and Julia, and went to their place once and ended up woofing together at a great place for a whole month. It was Geoffs place and a lot of fun. Finally I found a Job at a small IT Company in Auckland, xsys, and worked there for two month and stayed in the Verandahs Hostel until New Years Eve. On the same day I’ve got the Job in Auckland I met John and Dianne at Geoffs friday evening party. They offered me a Job too. They had the more promising conditions so I quit my Job at xsys and started to work for Armstrong Corporation Limited and WH-Software, his companys, to do their IT stuff. I lived at Johns place in an apartment in his awesome house. Mid march I left to travel finally down to the South Island for two month. Then I came back to stay at Johns place and while they have been in America Jordan and I took care of the house and the 4 pets. As good as we could Smiley.


Have a general impression of some of the things I did:

CIMG1968flew alone into a country on the opposite side of the planet and hemisphere, bought my first own car, did skydiving in Wanaka, had a 2 day fishing trip in Wellington with Martin, chopper tour to Coromandel, West Auckland beaches – Piha, Miruwai and Auckland itself, worked for accommodation, ate a lot of burgers all over the country, snorkeled nearby Goat Island, drove without an accident for a year on the wrong side of the road in my Toyota Estima and also different bigger manual busses, a Q7 quite often a nice new golf with 200ps …, did a couple of hikes with friends and even some all alone, camped twice in a tent for 2-4 days, kayaked in Paihia, had a proper LOTRO movie day with food and dresses, did a overnight cruise in Doubtful Sounds, Rafted the  Raikura and Waiau River, made heaps of new friends, created the gpride movement just for fun, replaced myself the speakers of my car, walked over huge sand dunes, went to heaps of amazing beaches, climbed at a lot of cliffs, raced in Dingies with Georg and Julia on Lake Tarawera, tried even to use the waterski –> fault , swam underneath a waterfall in Coromandel, walked on a glacier with crampons, met heaos of nice locals in bars, spotted a chain smoking and beer drinking crab at the beach, tried Absinth, yuk, digged a hole at hot water beach and schillaxed, met Wetas and glowworms in caves and one maori nazi, adored the beauty of the sky IMG_0049watching the whole milky way and heaps of stars shooting by, hugged a kauri tree, survived smelly Rotorua, passed heaps of rainbows, had the best cookie of my life in Wanaka, swam in hot streams nearby Rotorua, took care  of for pets for a month (two dogs and two cats), managed to burn rice, started to like savory Pies, still don’t like salty popcorn, attended at one salsa lesson, learned to make some nice bread, got used to sleep with strangers in the same room, watched many many movies in English, and at least improved my English a bit, drove with a decent boat (200hp on Lake Tarawera around to hot pools, hot beach …, drove with a friend of Geoff in Wellington out on a 800hp catamaran, almost tried every beer brand in NZ, made heaps of campfires all around NZ, swam in the Tasman Sea and the South Pacific Ocean, used a water blaster to clean a Verandah in Coromandel for booze and at Lake Tarawera for Food and Booze and a good time, ate seafood like shrimps, calamari, pipis, crayfish, scallops, shellfish, prawns … but still don’t like it too much, freedom camping all around in my car, lived in my van, boogie boarded at beautiful beaches, won in a radio competition and met the Band Foster the People, cooked some nice typical German meals, cleaned a lot of dog poo, caved through amazing caves with glow worms, experienced the hospitality of the most friendly country of the earth, experienced the Coromandel laid back chill out vibe in the best café on earth, made and ate two vodka melons, mountain biked through Redwood Forest in Rotorua, went to almost every spot in NZ worth visiting, but definitely not all of them. drove a scooter on Christmas eve over Waiheke Island, went to the Laneway Festival in Auckland, attended at a pirate party and a awesome Christmas party in the summer, visited museums, parks, strip clubs, clubs, bars all over the place, had a small earthquake experience in Hanmer Springs, searched for kiwis on Stewart Island at night alone in the woods, seen Orcas, blue and yellow eyed penguins, seals, sea lions, sting rays, morepork, dolphins, tuis, wood pigeons, …


There is much more I did. But that probably covers most of it so far.


I did things here i never did before. Most of the times I normally would have said no, but here I said yes and just did it. Skydiving even though I’m quite a bit afraid of heights and cant stand rolls or fast turns. I’ve got a bit more open minded with other people maybe even gained some self esteem, I’m just a bit more extroverted, at least I tried to dance in a club, haha, bought my own car, took care of it, did some things completely alone, traveled alone, made my own decisions without any compromises, camped in the middle of now where for 3 days, hiked for 4 days in a row, carried a huge backpack the whole time. Some of these things may sound for you ridiculous or normal. But not for me.

Sis from another mother and father and country and propably another planet, haha

Julia is leaving today on the (28th) and we had yesterday with Jordan a LOTRO Day. We started at 12 Watching all movies in a row. Original it was planned to watch the extended editions. But from 12 am to 9:30 pm is already looooooong enough. We dressed as a cheap version of characters. I only know I was a Legolas with a funny too curly wig in a bathrobe. I didn’t find anything more suitable. We cooked a Mushroom Soup from Inn at Bree, some Elvan Lembas Bread, delicious vegetarian Burger, some energy drinks to keep us awake, an Appel Strudel.., way too much in the end but good food to survive the 10h. In the evening we had again burgers but with some nice chicken and kumara's. If you need ever inspiration for a LOTR themed movie marathon have a look here:



IMG_1116drove around approx. 30000km in my Schrotti Van, spent around 6000$ on around 3000 liters petrol, and some more in other vehicles, planes or helicopters Smiley

brought 10000$ with me, bought a car for 3500$ and spent the rest within 3 month, easy as

paid 0 $ speeding fees, haha, they never caught me

got at least 100-200 times bitten by sandflies

baked two apple strudel

had to borrow 2200$ from my parents, what a shame, no worries Mom and Dad, I wont forget about it

paid approximately 4300 $ to keep my car going

cleaned up dog poo at least 10 times

all around a money throughput 30000$ in and around 22000$ out in the end

The future

What happens so far, especially with meeting John and Dianne, gave me a perspective for the future. I will  open my own business in Winter 2012/2013 reselling his software. Wicked.


DSCN1516But first what happens next: I will fly tomorrow to Australia and stay the first nights in Sydney. within 3 weeks until the 21st of August I will have to be at the Gold Coast to fly out from there to Singapore. From there on I have no clue what to do or to expect. Except meeting a friend in Malaysia and that my last flight back home will be in the beginning of October going finally home to Berlin. I can’t say that I am in any way look forward to be back. It frightens me more to be back than anything else. I had such a great time here so far and guess it will be almost as good in Oz and Asia so Germany will just suck right away. Going to the unemployment department the first working day after I arrive. That sucks. The unfriendly asshole density in my country will suck and probably a lot of more stuff too. But if I expected it to be like that I cant be disappointed. And may or may not friends and my family will make it fine to come back.    

IMG_0063Yesterday on the 31.7. Hamish John and I did a chopper tour around the city. It was stunning like always. but the weather wasn’t too great. Its still a shame we wasn’t able to go to Great Barrier Island on the weekend. Everything was prepared to go, but the weather. The shitty weather. Maybe in the future.

Man you cant imagine how sad I am right now. Leaving this wonderful piece of a small country here. It is hard. Today we had a small goodbye event with German sausages (really yummy) Dianne and Lillie baked a great cake and I made Flammkuchen. It was nice and also so sad. But now I have to look forward to what comes next.


And one thing for sure, like Arnie used to say:

“I’ll be back”