Now half of my time in NZ is already over and 6 more month until I have to leave this beautiful country. We’ll see. The last 6 month have been awesome and hopefully the future is continuing being good to me. This post Its like it is in the Movie Seven Pounds. I would call it Work. Not only work but most of the time is about work now. But its fine. Work is mostly fun and I,’m glad that I have enough of it and get paid well. So everything is fine. And a bit of spare time is also left to do something or to just relax.


Clean the mess 2 -  8.1.2012

CIMG2784Long time ago I decided to try to do Jogging. Here. I’ve got my Running Shoes, Sport Pants and Sport Shirt. Nothing could stop me from running here, right? Except, those fucking steep Hills. From time to time you see other people running or bicycling here but usually not. Now I can understand why.  It is just too steep. But anyway I gave my best not to give up too early. But I almost had to after 5 minutes. When I left Johns property to the Main Road there is such a upright turnoff letting me ending up without breath. I walked the rest up to rest. The left parts (90%) of the track I choose was kind of the same. But I’ve seen pretty Houses and places around my home here. Exhausted I arrived back at Home. There I met some pretty busy children’s and Sebastian helping cleaning up. They told me agitated that John and Diane called an they are arriving soon. I joined them to clean up. After a shower of course. We have been right on time when they arrived. Of course they expected it to be like this. They invited us for Dinner down in Albany, sure we didn’t refused and got a delicious Dinner and Drinks. It was an enjoyable evening like everyone of the following ones.

Back at XSYS - 9.1.2012

IMG_0063After long 3 Weeks off (Xsys not Armstrong) I’m back at work. Everything is now more complicated. I told Allan, the week before Christmas already, that I’m soon leaving. But somehow it didn’t came through to everybody. Everything was a bit more complicated now. I expected this a bit so this time I made it more clear and wrote it down with all the Dates and necessary facts. In the end we had a deal acceptable for both parties. We agreed on me only working 3 Days a week and some other Details like my last day is the 1.2.2012 and so on. But still I left that day with guilty conscience. But I wont change that. I need to do what’s best for me. That I’ve learned since I am here. Sometimes you have to make a decision even without regrets.

IMG_0061That Evening we had another Dinner. This time with the whole Family and Johns Mother in a Japanese Restaurant. We had Tennpan. It is where a Japanese, long long years educated cook, is cooking a lot of different and for me unusual dishes in front of you on a huge hot plate. We had ordered all kind of stuff like Scallops, Prawns, Chicken, Beef, Fried Rice, Salads, Soups, Vegetables, Ice cream and good Asian Beer all prepared in front of us with a pyromaniac show. Okay, not the Icecreame and the beer. It have been amazing. Everybody ended up with Tofu and Eggs in the face and on our cloth because the cook tries to sling it through the air into your mouth, or face and you have to try to catch it. Like I said with only little success.

Hello Muriwai Beach - 14.1.2012

DSCN3622Sebi and I have met The Verandahs Gang at the stunning black Lavasand Beach to Boogie on the Waves. The weather was terrible and Sebi and I have almost left the place before the others even arrived. Maybe because they have been 2,5 h late but also because of the black clouds over and all around us. But finally Luisa, Amy, Lucio, Sasha and an Australian from Canberra arrived. So we stayed and did the best you can do with this weather. Go swimming. With the Boards to ride the amazing waves. We alternate with the boards so everyone had tried it. It was fun. Until one wave was pretty unpleasant to me and I had enough for that day. It rained a bit but except that the day developed good.

Discovering Johns Property 15.1.2012

DSCN3713we didn’t had anything better to do than running around on Johns Property. His family told us its possible to go down to the water. We tried that. But its impossible. Last time somebody have been down there must have been 5 years ago. As further you are getting away from his House the more its grown wild. In the beginning its easy to walk down until you have to run through bushes and squeeze you through trees always aware of the terrible steep underground. In the end we gave up to reach the water and it became to steep to walk with thongs. But anyway we passed some interesting stuff. Some plateaus (for a bar or something he told us later). a lot of grown over Bricks for building something. A pretty old Jaguar, huge Keys and a wild sitting area with a huge Safe in the Wall. And huge Keys in the Landscape. It’s a lot you can discover here strolling around.

Goodbye at Takapuna Beach 16.1

takapunaBeachIts pretty sad that most of my friends are leaving back home or to other Parts of NZ or just left NZ to see other Countrys. All with the same result. To get more lonely. So, last Day together. So after work I meet them at Takapuna Beach to say goodbye. Cause I had to work and it was already pretty late so we enjoyed the last sunrays in the sand, played football and with the Frisbee. Until Volkan annoyed everybody that he is hungry. But only when he wasn’t distracted by the dogs running around everywhere. Yeas dogs, not distracted by girls. Hopefully he wanted to eat specific parts of them, like he told us specific nations have a strange custom Smiley..

Happy Birthday - 17.1.2012

CIMG2774I think this is the first Birthday in my life where I’m not home with my family. At work at Xsys I didn’t tell anybody that its my birthday. I usually don’t do it. I don’t like the attention just because I got one year older. And they didn’t figure it out themself. So all fine. But then I had two Messages on my Mailbox. One really funny from my Parents where my Father wished me a happy birthday and so on in, lets call it english Zwinkerndes Smiley with my mother laughing in the background. Its so funny when they do this. I love it. And the other one from John. That he especially will fly up from Tarawera to Auckland just for my birthday. Of course it wasn’t the whole truth. He had an appointment next day so it was a nice coincidence. Still I was happy to get invited to dinner this evening with the family here. We dined the nice restaurant where we have been before. Everybody was wondering where Dianne is. She came a bit later and joined us then. In the end she was late (everybody knew except me) because she picked up a delicious Chocolate Cake with Candles for me. They sang the Happy Birthday Song (tried it even in German) while the Waitress delivered the cake. It was lovely and I didn’t expected this here. We drank we ate and left the Place. Its always a event with them.

Kim Schmitz aka DomCom - 19.1.2012

DSCN3425I heard it in the Radio that Kim Schmitz alias DotCom was busted. Funny thing is he is kind of a Neighbor of Johns and of course he knows him a bit. First time I visited John I took the wrong way to go to Johns Place and passed accidently the DotCom Villa not aware of who is living there. I just thought an IT Guy. As I asked John he only knew that a bit weird German is living there who is very wealthy. Three weeks ago we flew over his huge amazing property. and two weeks ago I discover that he is the founder of Megaupload which causes 4% of all the whole internet traffic. Funny. Also that it is his Helicopter next Johns in the Garage at the Airport here in Albany.

After talking about him with different people everybody knows somebody who knows him. And he Seems to be a nice guy. At least to his employees he always have been really generous. And also to the New Zealand People. Last Year the New Years eve must have been amazing. He spent 500.000$ on it and this year he supported the Rugby Opening Ceremony with another 500.000$. Think of him what you want.


Blackjack and Hookers, okay no Hookers but Foster The People - 20.01.2012

I’ve got a call two days ago that I’ve won a competition I attended. I won a meet and greet (with a hot date) with Foster the People and a small acoustic session afterwards. Cause they are in Auckland for the Big Day Out Festival. In the end the acoustic session was unfortunately cancelled because their flight got changed and there was no time to let them play. Sebi was my Hot Date Smiley .

By the way, I left my car at the mechanic this morning. Actual because of the high fuel consumption and okay my brakes made this strange squeaking sound while breaking. In the end they only checked my Fuel consumption but didn’t do anything about it. First Priority for them was to fix my breaks I was told. They have been worn off and and needed to be replaced. This had highest priority. This shit costs me unexpected 500$ fuck. And it could have been cheaper when those idiots at the other Auto Mechanics last time would have mentioned them while they replaced my shocks. They must have seen it these Bastards, could have been half the cost. Anyway, the brakes have been replaced and I’ve got a nice bill and a even nice estimation for doing the fuel thing. It will cost me another 630 Bucks. What’s wrong with this car. When I buy another time a car maybe not a 20 Year old one. But maybe an Estima with a bed inside. Its nice to sleep wherever I want.

CIMG2795But okay back to the main Point the rest of the day was awesome. First I worked until 1pm, until my Hot Date picked me up to drive together to get a Guitar as a gift for Geoff our last Wwoofing host at Lake Tarawera. He had been so generous to us and there was Christmas and his birthday also so he deserved something. Then we hurried up to arrive at Skycity (Event Arena with Entrance to the Skytower, Restaurants, Hotels and a Casino. The Meeting is was in the Grand Hotel next to the Skycity. We went to the lobby of the Hotel and met a guy from the radio (the PR Guy, maybe FosterThePeopleandWe19 Years old) who seemed to be much more nervous then anybody else.We had plenty of time left. And we have been hungry. So we went back to the Skycity to have a look where we can end up to eat something. It was only one escalator away from the Casino Entrance which attracted me. So I persuade Sebi to visit it. I limit my game money amount for security reasons to 20$. And joined the other Asians at one of the Blackjack Tables. The only thing I knew about Blackjack was that I have to try to get up to 21 Points but not more. This time it was enough to earn 20$. Enough to get something for launch. We went to Danny’s (Fastfood Chain Restaurant). Ordered some food and gobbled it down to be not late to our appointment. We and 8 others won and went up to the 7th floor of a hotel into another lobby. We took a seat with the others of the opposite side of the room. Foster the people in front of us. First I didn’t know what they looked like at all. They could have been anybody. I didn’t prepared very well for this I guess. The radio guys did their interview asked some standard questions and than our part came. We where asked to ask some questions. But nobody did. The others because they have been too shy and I didn’t because I had none. And I didn’t wanted to ask where did you met each other bla bla. So we skipped this and went directly to take some Pictures with them and got a Shirt signed. There I had a short chat with them finding out that they may move soon to Berlin because its sooo cool. I know. Every time somebody says that, I miss my hometown. They played a concert in the Astra Kulturhaus couple of weeks ago and it was really great and so on.  We have been the only Germans and Backpackers there and the only one with a male male Hot Date combination. Awesome. After half an hour it was over. And we went back to the Casino Smiley. Forcing my luck again and Sebi. This time he played as well. I won at the Blackjack 50$ he 40$. Very nice. Then we drove back, I picked up my car, went back to Johns Office. done some work, grabbed a Friday evening working end beer and went home. What a day.

Bye Bye Sebi - 22.1.2012

DSCN3627Today its our last day. Sebastian is leaving. Its really sad. Now there are only a few friends left in Auckland. Sebastian is traveling finally to the south island after showing of at Geoffs and some Stopovers in Napier, Gisborn … Wellington. I really like to travel too. But i like the job I have now and I need money to travel again to continue fixing my car and so on. Also I enjoy and like it here very much. I’m just afraid of being alone here for longer. We went again to the Casino and Sebi lost 40$, I 20$ damned. As a farewell gift we did German Dish for Tim, Jordan and his friends. Schnitzel with mashed Potatoes, Broccoli with fried bread crumbles, cranberry sauce, Lemons. .... It was delicious And Everybody liked it. The desert was a prepared vodka melon (worked this time good) with Kiwi chocolate and vanilla ice cream.

Julia's Birthday Party - 28.1.2012

Again a crazy Day. First John arrived back from Rotorua with 2 Friends working for his Business. One Aussie and one Czech. We talked a bit and went out for dinner together. After that we joined Julia's Birthday Party. The day before she invited me with some friends to a Concert at Muriwai beach but I didn’t make it because of work to do. So I missed out on this. But here after a lot of beer and appetizers they had their own Band starting to play for 30 of her Friends and us. Everybody was dancing on the Grass next to the Pool or swimming in the Pool. It was crazy. But Julia is a bit crazy. So it was appropriate Smiley.

Laneway Festival in Silo Park Auckland - 30.1.2012

DSCN3651I bought a Ticket for me to this Festival two days ago. I didn’t really took notice of it before. It wasn’t advertised at all but after seeing accidently the lineup on the Laneway Fetival Website it was a must to go. Even if nobody else wanted to join me. For reasons like: no time, no money, don’t want to, I didn’t care. I went alone. And I didn’t regret it. The Music was awesome. It started with smaller local Bands up to bigger famous ones like The Pain of Being Pure at Heart, Feist, M83 and finally Gotye. Especially the two last ones where so amazing. Goosebumps included and forever unforgettable.


DSCN3662For half of the Event I was running around alone until I met Noemi, of course from Germany. She is working in Takapuna as an Au pair for the next 6 Month. So in the end we both alone enjoyed the Event together. It was beautiful hot sunny Day. I’ve got a light sunburned because of missing shade places, I Drank for 50$ and ate for 20$. At the counter where you get the drinks I also met Shayna from the Driving Creek Café (Coromandel) working there. NZ is so small.





DSCN3694The Festival Area was really cool. Down at the Harbor in the Inner City of Auckland. In-between concrete Silos. It was very crowded well organized with nice bands and nice people. It was just weird that everywhere somebody smoked weed. Its crazy here. Nobody cares. But maybe its in Germany the same. I haven’t been on a Festival before, just a lot of Concerts. I definitely have to go to the Melt Festival next time. However this Festival was worth 130$ I can advice you to go to next time when you are in Auckland.

DSCN3659Last Day at Xsys - 1.02.2012

DSCN3710My last day of work I was busy with some Photoshop work for their new Website and no Clients. Which I liked. It was a bit strange to say goodbye so early after just two Month. A bit sad of course but now I can concentrate on one Job. That’s good. The night before I baked a cake as a farewell gift like my parents would make it. We arrange to meet soon on a Friday for visiting a Pub or so.



Two days ago on the 2.02.2012 I left my Car again at the mechanic to get rid of my fuel consumption problem. They fixed a whole lot but one thing is still missing: the Spark Plugs. But than that’s it . I’m rid of another 690$. Bugger.

Now that I have finished the other Job I will soon start Surfing Lessons at Muriwai Beach. And another cool thing one of the Armstrong Shop owners invited me to travel with their team to Queenstown for a weekend. I think I will go. Also John offered me to soon move out to place some Servers in the other Branches all over the Country to see other Parts of NZ. For example stay one Week in Wellington, work 2 Days but stay 7 and have a look around. I really appreciate this. It’s the coolest job I’ve ever had. He and Dianne wants me to have fun here and enjoy my OE (Oversea Experience). And I do so far, very much.