Kia Ora Bro's and Coz, 

Its nice to have you on my Blog. For the one who didn't know so far I left Germany behind in August 2011. I will spent a whole year in New Zealand with a holiday working visa in my bag. I hope this enables me to travel a lot and see a lot of the country with not too much of work. Im going to leave tomorrow on the 2.8.2011, from Berlin via Frankfurt, Singapur, Sidney to Auckland. I've booked for the first five nights a Hostel to have a rest after a 30h trip to the other side of the world. And to organize the first bits and pieces of my journey here. On this site i'll post the next few month how I am, where I am and what I did so far and going to do. I promise to post constantly new storys, pictures and videos from time to time. At least as long the webspace allowes me to upload more stuff. {mosmap width='700'|height='400'|lat='-25.'|lon='134.027141'|zoom='2'|kml=''|zoomType='Large'|zoomNew='0'|mapType='hybrid'|showMaptype='3'|overview='0'|align='left'}