Hi Mates

Before my adventure in Aussie began it was already over and I had to move on. How sad is that. I had fantastic three weeks in Aussie. Mainly caused by the many awesome people I met on the way. But to reflect all that here is my last Blog entry about Australia but already posted from Singapore. So have a read about everything after magical Byron Bay until my last night in Aussie in Coolangatta.


high rising Gold Coast – 14.8.2012

I had to leave early in the morning around 10am to the bus stop. Okay it’s not too early. So I did drive up to Southport which is located roundabout 20 minutes by car away from Surfers Paradise. Australians Las Vegas. And it looks a bit like this. Its definitely not what surfer original had in mind calling this place Surfers Paradise. When I passed Coolangatta, the place I have to go back to to catch my flight to Singapore, it offered already very  interesting views on the skyline of SP right.


IMG_0848It_ looks so weird from far away and also from a closer point of view. I still don’t really know what I think about this place. But anyway I just drove through it and can make my mind up afterwards. Next stop Southport. From there after a little mistake of my hostel I got picked up and checked in. Cliff the hostel owner and a new supposed to be driver picked me up and showed me around a bit. The Hostel wasn’t too new or nice but it felt cozy and a bit homey. Everybody there was very nice, friendly and helpful. With the receptionist Anja, German, I already arranged to go to the cinema in the evening. But before all that I unloaded my stuff and went to Southport beach. To get there I also passed some high rising buildings and malls like in SP but not as many and not as bad. The beach was nice though. Bright yellow sand, nice colored water and perfect weather. And in far secure distance those massive apartment sky towers. Just a bit too many of them in my opinion.


IMG_0858I_ had to be on time back in the hostel to catch the free courtesy shuttle to Surfers Paradise. After a 20 minute ride I arrived where I stopped with the Greyhound already this morning. The bus transport center also has a Ferris wheel on top. Weird aye? I walked randomly in the direction it dragged me, went to the marina on the opposite site of the beach at the river. And from there back through Surfers Paradise passing heaps of Asians, malls and shops. I went to coles, the local supermarket in a new flash building construct and grabbed some chicken, strawberries and a coffee drink for lunch/dinner. It was just in between.  I hurried up to get from there with my chicken to the beach sat down and enjoyed the beautiful view, the sand and the chicken and strawberries. Perfect. People looked a bit weird but who cares. It was almost dark and the neon signs and shops turned on the power to illuminate everything a bit. Then it looked way nicer. But anyway, it is nothing more than a artificial party place. One last picture of the sunset of the marina and then Í jumped into the courtesy shuttle bus back to the hostel. With three girls from ahh, ahh, guess, Germany. this time even from from Weißenfels where my dad comes from .... I invited them also to the cinema and in the end we went but Anja didn’t make it because of work. So we went just a few minutes away from the hostel to mall where they have a big cinema in it and watched Ted. I liked the movie but the girls where a bit weird.


IMG_0892Especially one of them. They are all just 18-20 but the one didn’t seem to be in their right place at all. Her friends wanted to do all this and she must have thought, uhh jeah lets go and get a flight with return to Aussie for 1500€. After weeks she realized it is not the right place for her, so she booked her flight back. An additional one because the other one isn’t changeable. Back to her boyfriend. On the way to the cinema she also said something like “ohhh I don’t like Australia, here a way to many Asians”. Weird. Why did she leave Germany then in the first place. Their English was really bad and didn’t even want to try it to improve.



IMG_0900After that I actually wanted to do nothing but Anja form the hostel asked if we wanna go out, just to something called beer garden with live music. So yes, sitting around listening to music, doable. So we went with Cliff back to SP and into this club. The beer garden. Damned. Exactly what I wasn’t in the mood for despite the pretty girls there. At least we got some free drinks and we played some pool with a NZ guy and his girlfriend. I stayed until 0:30am waiting for the live music but the left this place. This stupid bus home did cost 5.30$ for not even 20 minutes. Shame on them. In the bus I thought about I should come back to SP and may stay one night here. Could be funny to go out there. But in the end I never did cause plans always change.


IMG_0911Back in the hostel I met a funny drunk Asian guy who had problems getting out of the bathroom. Its so funny he said he had just 2 beer. They’re drunk that fast, it’s funny.


Moggill near Brisbane – 15.8.2012

IMG_0923IMG_0928In the morning I went around Southport again and chilled at the beach in the sun for quite a while. Then I headed through the big mall back to my hostel talked to cliff and the new hostel secretary, played pool and then got my lift already to the transit center to leave to Brisbane around 2pm. A boring but at least short ride and I already arrived in the   Brisbane transit center. First thing I did was picking up my sweater from the Greyhound counter. I forgot it in the bus the day before, and it is my favorite sweater from NZ since I lost my most famous on in Dunedin. Afterwards I waited for Louise who wanted to pick me up from there.



Waiting for her I’ve met the two German girls again Aaron and I spotted in Byron Bay who then showed up talking to Alex in our hostel. We had a short chat until I met Louise at the Bus stop next to the transit center to Moggil a outer suburb of Brisbane. The name is so funny. Moggill, the citizens are called Moggills, which sounds almost like out of Harry Potter. After a long Bus drive for roundabout an hour we ended up at her place. The house is located in a suburbia which isn’t far away the one everybody knows from Desperate Housewives. Just a typical American neighborhood except it is located in Australia. All houses there are brand new with nice small gardens, tiny fences, pools. I was impressed of her place. It was a really nice flash house, but except a few furniture's completely empty. The house contained a nice hallway, broad open rooms, a couple of HD-TVs, a lovely kitchen and a cool pool area. Upstairs heaps of rooms to sleep, couple of bathrooms and a really nice open bathroom area within the bedroom. Toriginal owners left it behind and allowed her to live in there until she has to leave on Friday back home to Wales. She also spent quite a while in Aussie but didn’t had the best experiences so far here, except in Byron Bay Zwinkerndes Smiley. It’s a long story how she ended up there but anyway we where able to stay until then.


After unpacking we went out to get some food for breakfast and rented some movies. For the evening we planned to order some nice Thai Food. You better don’t forget anything out there cause the mall is a bit away and every trip costs about 5-7AUD. Without a car it is a bit annoying out there. So we got back and hadn’t to leave until next day again. We watched some seasons the Inbetweeners and ordered food in. Very relaxing and chilled out. And the Thai food was delicious


I_ thought about staying one night longer in Brisbane in a Hostel then and then back to Goldcoast. propably Surfers Paradise. But then to one of the central party hostels to go out on famous Saturday nights doing barhopping. It will be mean and maybe I’ll go to Water World or those other movie parks or so. I should do at least one of this stuff. And maybe I could try to surf again. It is not too much time left anymore for OZ and more an more I do so regret I choose to stay just three weeks. I’ll miss so much. Today Cliff gave me a booklet about Queensland with those awesome beaches … different than NZs and so much more nice pictures of the different areas and landscapes. I Guess I would be bored of all that after while but I’d love to see Fraser Island and the Great Barrier Reef, Cairns, Noosa, the Whitsundays… and so much more …. I may should come back for a longer stay in the future. Maybe not work and travel but for up to three month would be wicked. The more you travel and see the more it is tempting to go further, stay longer or stay. But it is not an option, just a nice dream.

Brisbane daytrip – 16.8.2012

IMG_0958IMG_0957We got up pretty late and because of breakfast at lunchtime we spent some more time not leaving the house. We had bacon and eggs, fresh and dark red local strawberry’s and French stick bread with Nutella. But then, not far after noon we did leave by bus to Brisbane. And an hour later we already strolled around the nice area called Riverside. Its kind of just next to the Riverbank and is the place where all the museums, galleries, cafes and bars are. Normally there is also a market going on but not on this Thursday. The weather was good though but we didn’t do very much. We didn’t even go through the city center but it wasn’t too appealing anyway. Instead, we spent some time lazing at the river and went afterwards to one of the bars Louise knew about. We drank some drinks, listened to live music and chatted for a while until it went dark and we where hungry again and finally for the first time down under I went with her to Nandos. Actually its nothing special but good quality almost healthy fast food with chicken. And it tastes good. Especially the Nando sauces are nice. With filled bellies we strolled together back in the direction of the bus stop back to Moggill. Opposite to Surfers Paradise the buildings here where lit up very nice and the town looked even better at night.


Anyway we drove back by bus and almost fall asleep. Good that we had to take the last bus stop anyway so no problem. Actually we did the same we did the night before and did laugh our ass of with the Inbetweeners until we fall asleep.

no Plans no more – 17.8.2012

IMG_0939I had to leave around 12am a guy is supposed to come to clean up the house and move the remaining furniture's out of the building. A Louise had to pack her last belongings to leave the country back to Wales this evening. I gave her the space and time to do so and left around 11pm. Actually with no idea what to do or where to go to. I had a few options. Also cause I called John the day before about the guy he knows from Fraser Island. It was a bit of a too short notice but it could have worked out. I then could have stayed there. But he was supposed to call me that morning and he didn’t so I guess he either forgot about it or it didn’t work out. But anyway, one option still was just to go to Harvey Bay on my own and see what happens, IMG_0971I could have stayed one night longer in Brisbane or back to the Goldcoast and laze around there for a while.and attend a pub crawl on the famous Saturday night. On the way to the transit center a thought through all my options but still didn’t had a clue what to do. So when I arrived there I just asked for the bus to Hervey Bay/nearby Fraser Island. And there was one at 2pm. So I decided spontaneously I should drive up to Fraser Island and better don’t miss it. Its better than just partying in Surfers Paradise, even though that would have been fun too.



IMG_0976IMG_0973So I took the Premier MS Bus service instead of the Greyhound. Its way cheaper and as comfortable as Greyhound. And it was just 36AUD to go there. So I spent again a lot of time in the bus squished between the seats from 2pm to 8:50pm, but worth it. Who knows when I will be back in this area. And even though I didn’t hear back from John I will stay the first night in a nice YHA hostel there and then may switch to Johns friends place. I guess I will spend some money there for activities. But so far I didn’t spent any here except for partying, drinks and traveling from a to b. I guess I will select something like a 4wd tour over the sand island or do snorkeling … well see. First I have to arrive there.


IMG_0978After  the long drive was over I’ve got picked up around 9pm from the YHA hostel and grabbed on the way a sub from subway for dinner. I ended up in the first hostel which seemed to be more in a rainforest area then in a area I usually are. There where weird animal sounds all around. A bit noisy but interesting. The hostel was pretty basic but created a tropical feeling with its open bar with a pool table and the type of bulding with two layer doors to keep snakes out. I ate my sub in the bar, drank a beer and played two games of pool with an Italian guy. Around 10pm the bar closed and I went to bed. I had to wake up early at 6:30am to make it to pay my room and book a tour to Fraser Island and start it right on at 7:30am.

Fraser Island Adventure – 18.8.2012

Now its already a while ago I where able to sleep long. today also wasn’t the day to catch up some sleep. Instead I needed to heat at 7am to the reception. But at least not the alarm wake me up. The zoo did. Outside when the sun raised and started the day all birds and whatever else started to make such loud noises that sleeping was impossible anyway. I paid my room and booked in for the unique Fraser tour. How convenient it starts right around the corner and is in contradiction to most of the other tours just with a small group of 6 people camping trip. The other one would have been more crowded and with a big bus instead of a 4WD Jeep and in a shabby hotel, the only one on the island. I hoped I could meet the friend of John who lives there as one of the around 20 residents, But he didn’t reach him


Before leaving the hostel I dipped the rest of my French bread into my Nutella jar and went to the meeting place with all my stuff. There I met the other guys, two French guys Johann and Amelie their Dutch friend Vincent and a German couple Bjorn and Sarah. And of course lasr but not least our tour guide Hans, Guess where he is original from? He left our wonderful country in 1995 with his family and lived an alternative live style in the beginning and is now in charge of this kind of tours since more than 5 years already.


So that was our group, but while chatting with them I had to take all my necessary things from my backpack and stuff it into my daypack, put on swimwear, shorts and flippers … it was warm, But I didn’t thought that much about camping at night and that it could be a tiny bit cold without proper shoes and long pants … Anyway, at least I didn’t forget my sleeping bag. Instead of useful stuff like my head torch I forget to get rid of my laptop and mp3 player with Johanns favorite song: “call me maybe” from Carly Rae Jepson on it.


IMG_0992While I took car of my stuff Hans and the other guys loaded the food for the next two days, tents, thin mattresses, crockery and some other crap onto the roof of our vehicle and covered it with a tarp. Then we all hopped in it and headed to the port where the car ferry leaves from. After 45 minutes we joined in the crowed of the other waiting cars to get transferred. But we waited not for long and the possibly slowest ferry I have ever used took us all on board. It felt looked like maybe a 2km distance but took us another 45 minutes. At least we used the time to get to know us better and the excitement when we approached the landing area was even bigger. We hopped on board of our Jeep and made our way through off the ship into our unique Fraser Island Adventure.


IMG_1018There are almost no concrete roads on this island. Its just plain small grained sand abused as a road to drive on. Right after we left the ship we ended driving through a tropical rain forest surrounded by huge tall trees and green fern. I somehow expected the whole island to be completely out of sand, but no, the sand is almost everywhere covered in vegetation. But on these sand roads you only can survive with a 4 wheel drive car. Anything else would just get stuck. Even the 4WD have sometimes problems making their way through but with a bit of experience its all doable. We drove for a through these lush rain forest and through the bush. But it never got boring cause Hans has a lot of knowledge about all the plants and the history of the island, e.g. how it has changed over the years. It is also quite big. When I remember it right round about 120km long and approx. 24 km wide. Next to sand and vegetation thy also have something called coffee rock on it. The rocks, surprise surprise, have the color of coffee and are under pressure compressed old dead plants. The funny think is they look and feel like proper rocks but they are not quite there atm. You can easily break off the edges and crumble them and then it really looks like roasted crushed coffee beans.


IMG_1004After again 45 minutes on the sandy one way roads we left the forest behind and approached the 75 mile beach (I’m so dumb that I didn’t drove on my own with my Schrotty over the 90 mile beach in NZ). I never expected it to be like that. So cool. No words I know about can describe that. The water was so blue, and the beach wide and flat, nice yellow sanded and perfect for driving on it. We had the best sunny weather, it was just awesome. It could have only be topped by an empty lonesome beach like that. I guess the 90 miles one would have been less crowded. This one was more like a highway. There where two imaginary lanes, of course with left sided traffic, speed signs allowing to drive between 30 and 80 km/h and police men doing drug tests directly on the beach. Poor Hans had to proof twice that day he didn’t drink anything. But maybe necessary. I’ve read that two years ago two tourists came by themselves rented a car and where speeding on the sand highway. A tiny wave reached the left side of the side of the car and they lost control, flipped the car and actually died because of this. After this incident the maximum speed was reduced from 100 to 80 on the beach and 50 to 30 km/h and everybody who want sto drive on Fraser Island by themselves you have to attend at a one hour security training. The shoreline itself was packed with fisherman trying to get a big one, some did, and the other side of the imaginary road was packed with tents and camps of the different groups of fisherman. There was even a NZ All Blacks camp with the official flag. I wanted to take a picture of this camp but it never worked out.


IMG_1017We had two days for our tour. on this one we made our way north for quite a while driving at the shoreline and stopped at one of the few small hiking tracks They also have a track covering the whole island but a bit too much for 2 days. So we hopped off there went for a 30min uphill walk through the bush to a huge sand dunes area with yellow sand right next to a beautiful white sanded area. It reminded me pretty much of the huge sand dunes in NZ. But there they have been even bigger. So NZ 1 OZ 0. IMG_1024We followed the path over the dunes and ended up at a nice deep lake full of catfish right next to all those sand dunes, cool aye? The minerals, the depth and the sand underneath it causing it to have a interesting color. Nobody took a swim but at least I took off my thongs and went in for a walk taking care of being not bitten by the inhabitants. We hiked all that back and spotted a lizard trying to get a good spot in the sun. After everybody finished taking pictures we went on to our next stop: the shipwreck. It stranded there in 1836. It was actually in Dunedin NZ, but sold to a Asian company. IMG_1039It was on the way from Sidney to Singapore and must have hit the sand dunes. Now it is a cool but disastrous remark of the miserable sea. Over the years it more and more bursts apart. The remains are covered in something like corals and vegetation. Because we had low tide you can walk all around it, but are not allowed to go inside. Hans already said it will be tomorrow a different ship in high tide so we took heaps of pictures today and looked forward to tomorrow.










IMG_1077We hopped back into the car, took our seats. We already had something like a seating order. The couple took seat in the back, Vincent, Amelie and me in the middle but we swapped the position sometimes and lucky Johann as the front seat passenger. Lucky him he said shotgun first. We drove to our camping spot, took a bit of a head start to get up the sandy hill to enter the camping ground. The whole area was surrounded by a electric fence system and gates to protect from Dingo’s.





IMG_1059Dingoes are dog, fox, wolf similar looking wild animals misbehaving a lot, like we’ve seen the day after. They can be dangerous when they are aggressive and feel your you lacking advantages. So you are not supposed to walk around alone cause they may attack you. Recently a stupid drunk German slept at the beach and was attacked by them. Another story relict about them is in the 70s a women went into the outback with her baby and lost it. She promised she slept and next morning it was gone. She promised a Dingo must have stolen it. Nobody believed her. And she was sentenced to go to a prison for quite a while. After more than seven years they released her but still blamed her for killing and maybe dumping it somewhere. A couple of years ago they found the remaining's of the baby in a Dingo cave. So it was proven she was not guilty. The government excused for that mishap and transferred some money to make up for the mistake. So Dingo’s are well known creatures down here.



Anyway the security high voltage fence and traps may fry a Dingo but does not help against other nice things like poisoning spiders and snakes. We booked a camping trip and we wanted it. So we unloaded all our stuff from the roof as a group and built up our tents as well as prepared our food. We had nice sandwiches for launch. They all made fun of me because I put heaps of sauces on it, See yourself on the picture.






IMG_1087The food was quite nice for a camping trip. When I think of my old days as a Toyota Estima owner it was nowhere near as nice food wise. After everybody finished eating we left everything behind and drove to the Champaign pools. Actually they are more like rock pools and not too spectacular but I have to admit a nice color and a lot of seafood in it. It was again warm enough to walk in but not nice enough anymore to swim in it. So I spent my time taking heaps of pictures before we headed to our last stop for that day right before sunset. IMG_1110A place called Indian heads. A small climb for 10 minutes offered a broad view over big parts of the island and the huge ocean. We had amazing views from up there and did see so many animals. Some birds, whales in the distance, a sea lion trying to irritate the nearby swimming sharks to be dead, mantas, stingrays, dolphins playing around, and turtles, … and heaps of more stuff I already forgot about. But so far no Dingo. And in retro perspective I didn’t even see a wild koala, kangaroo or crocodile here in Aussie. I have to come back for that. And also don’t forget about a Kiwi Bird in NZ.






IMG_1154Before directly going back to our camp we did a short spot to buy heavily overpriced firewood for 25AUD. Its not allowed to burn anything than driftwood from the island. Which would be wet. For the same pack we would have paid on the mainland 8AUD. But we desperately wanted to have a campfire so everybody shipped in by scraping the last change together, haha. And especially for me it was important to survive the night and heat up before getting into the thin sleeping back. Cause I did send my good warm one home. I thought I will use it in warmer regions like Malaysia/Thailand for the first time again. Around the area of the shop was a controlled bush fire going on and transferred the whole environment into a mystical foggy and smelly smoking surreal creepy areal. Like out of a movie. But seemingly nobody here cares or takes notice of it anymore. Its normal for them.


IMG_1172Then we went back to the camp for real. It was already, but Hans well prepared everything and did hang up led lights at noon and only had to connect them to his car battery. Bright enough for preparing our dinner and starting our campfire. For Dinner we baked potato slices and had a mushroom garlic cream sauce, steaks and salad and heaps of sauces of course. Altogether a really nice dinner for campers. But for the price of 300AUD for the whole tour the right equivalent. After cleaning all the dishes we did sit around the campfire until we went out of wood. IMG_1164Before going to bed we went down to the beach again just to adore the sky. It was almost clear but a bit of haze reduced the starry sky quality a lot. NZ 2 OZ 0. I think I only count when NZ wins Smiley. We heated up a bit listened the last time for Johann to call me maybe, maybe also for Amelie and went afterwards to bed.



Fraser Island Adventures Day Two

IMG_1174The night was like expected quite cold and uncomfortable. I had a bad sleep like always when I camp cause I just cant sleep on the side. My hips start to hurt a lot after a while sleeping on a hard surface. The night was short anyway cause we wanted to make it to catch the sunrise. An even bigger problem to get up at that time of the day nobody of us had a alarm clock. Everybody left his mobile phone back on the mainland cause we where told they have no reception anyway. Somehow somebody must have had a light enough sleep to wake up on time. It was not me so I heard the cute french wake up call from Amelie. Dschakob, Dschakob, wake up. Everybody had his own tent so after the wake up call IMG_1187I got out as fast as possible, put on the shorts and thongs and jumped out of my tent. Nobody there. I thought they might have already left to the beach without me in awaiting of the sunrise. So I sprinted in the dark through the bush, leaving the high voltage fence behind and approached the beach. Alone. Also nobody there. Except some fishermen. I already thought I might have misunderstood something that they went by car somewhere but after 15 minutes they showed up at the beach. They just must have been disappeared in the shower on bathrooms or something. I skipped that part this early morning. Everybody was there except Johann. Who preferred to miss it and get 30 minutes more sleep. The sunrise was beautiful and worth getting up early. Never thought I would ever say that. But I froze my arse off there. It was sooo cold. Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.


IMG_1188There, at the beach, in the distance, we spotted our first Dingo on Fraser Island. Cool, but far away. Most of the others did see them and Kangaroos already. But most of them as a victim of the traffic next to the road. Like in NZ with the Possums. NZ 3 OZ 0, nah, doesn’t make sense. After attending this nice sunrise we had a good fulfilling breakfast with bacon and eggs, pancakes, toast with jam, cereals with milk and some apples, coffee, tea …. Again very rich and nice. Afterwards we prepared the sandwiches for lunch to save some time and packed our tents back into the bags, cleaned up everything and stored it back on the roof of our jeep. The we did leave to the ship wreck again.






It_ was different then yesterday. The high tide pushed the waves into the heart of the ship and squished even through the land sided portholes. The ship within water gave it an even cooler look. Again there where a lot of fisherman around, but also not too successful. I spoke with some that morning who told me they didn’t catch to much fish the day before. And if so only small fish. Anyway, we left and did another stop on our way to Lake McKenzie at a freshwater river which we viewed by walking a bit upstream. Full of nice, clear and drinkable water. We passed again the airplanes which start and land on the beach itself for 70$ for 15-20 minutes in the air. IMG_1212It must be very cool to do that, aye? Maybe next time. On the way to Lake McKenzie we passed more of the coffee rocks, broke some apart, and met a Dingo strolling around. This little bugger did even hit the jackpot. He approached a camp at the beach where a incautious women sat next to her car and a bucket. She seemed to chill out there. The Dingo got the big bucket and dragged it away before the women could have done anything. Somehow the Dingo opened the lid of his treasure and enjoyed the fresh caught fish from the last two days. We had a big laugh while the women was pretty much pissed of. We took heaps of pictures of this scene. Johann got some really good ones. Hopefully he will send them sooner or later.




IMG_1236After this hilarious event we leave the 75 mile beach behind and passed the main settlement. We passed all those tour busses, drinking party animals and had a pretty long ride through the bush. Every time at elevation changes it got interesting if we make it or not. The car bounced a lot and the shocks had to proof how reliable they are. The tracks at this part of the island on the way to Lake McKenzie where even worse than the other ones. It didn’t rain since two weeks and the sand was so dry and loose. A couple of more days like this and driving there will become impossible. But we didn’t got stuck at least and reached the lake. We left the car at the unexpected big car park. But it seems to be necessary to be that big. Every year between 300.000 and 500.000 tourists visit the island. Unbelievable, isn’t it? We went to the dressing rooms and swapped over to swimwear. We secured our sandwiches safely within our bag to make sure no Dingo comes and snatches our backpacks and took a seat at this wonderful lake unfortunately this time of the year too full of water. Normally you have a beautiful beach surrounding the whole lake.


IMG_1256IMG_1246But it is complaining on a high level. The leftover beach was still beautiful white sanded and crowded with groups of nice girls Smileybut also some guys. It didn’t take much effort to convince myself to go in. Don’t get me wrong it is quite warm but we still have winter here in Aussie. So it was just a bit cold in the beginning. The water quality and color was just stunning. Sooooo clear and nice. I didn’t wanna leave again. We had a rest for 2h, checked out the girls all around, went for another swim, took heaps of pictures and made fun of us and all the others. IMG_1244In the end we took a group pictures and left early enough to catch the last ferry for today at 3pm. Normally they leave later. But considering the tides the last possible chance to get a bot over to the other side of the channel. After drying and changing cloth again we left the lake behind drove for a while again through the bush for the last time. But this time we had heaps of cars and busses in front of us and some difficult chicanes to overcome. It took longer than expected but just on time to catch the ferry.








It was such a goood god trip. Everybody enjoyed it and I’m happy to have spent even that much money on it. I would have missed something if I wouldn’t have done it. After another looooong slow and because it was the second time an even more boring boat ride back to the mainland we drove back to the hostel not talking reflecting the trip in our minds. And another 45 minutes later we arrived back at the YHA hostel and unloaded all the crap, sorted our luggage and everybody departed to their next targets. I was almost lucky and got a ride to Brisbane. But in the end it didn’t work out, cause I had to pass it pretty fast. So I had to book the bus. IMG_1222But first I needed a ride back to the bus stop to arrange either a bus ride on the same day or early at 5:55am next morning. Hans took me there. For the second option I had to get a hostel closer to the bus stop. Nobody is dropping you off that early there to catch a bus. I had to make sure to be able to get there by foot. Because it was Sunday all the tourist information where closed and I had to find out a solution on my own. There wasn’t another option than taking the bus next day early morning. I was stuck there another day and had to call all the hostels nearby to find out which one is the closest and best option for me to stay overnight. Flash Backpackers in Hervey Bay did win. IMG_1213I’ve got picked up and checked in at this very nice hostel. Way too many Germans like everywhere but nice people though. I met a really nice gorgeous girl from Neu-Ulm with her girlfriend there and had a very nice talk. But she had a boyfriend waiting at home. Bad luck, like always. The only activity I did that day was getting a lift to the grocery store to by some cookies, strawberry’s, sooo yummy and a cup of macaroni and cheese. The ones you only have to fill up with boiling water. So that was my dinner. Nice aye. I didn’t went to bed to late cause I had to wake up at 4:30am cause I had to walk for an hour. So I prepared everything to be ready to leave right on after jumping out of my bed into my pants. Good n8.




Rushing back to Coolangatta - 20.8.2012

IMG_1301The alarm didn’t wake me up at 4:30 am but 10 minutes later I had to accept my destiny and hurried up to get out of there. Pants on shoes on and go. With fast and short steps I headed towards the bus stop and made it just in time. Only 10 minutes before the bus picked me up. Its weird that the Premier MS busses always smell like those smelly urinal cakes. It never smelled like that in a Greyhound bus. Good thing about the olfaction is you get used to it. I had my prepared Nutella rolls for breakfast and fall a couple of times asleep spreading my body all over 4 seats. Nice and relaxed. At 12am I arrived in Brisbane and had to swap the bus at 2pm to get to my final destination. Good time to have a KFC lunch to waste some time, money and have some crappy food.


IMG_1316In Coolangatta I headed directly to the YHA hostel there, cause it is very convenient located right next to the airport. I spent pretty much time rushing around in the bus so on my last day at least I wanted to check out Coolangatta and the beach there a bit. When I passed it last time I had a good view on SP  so I wanted to go there again. Lucky me they also had a courtesy shuttle I took to the center of this place. They only have some high buildings there and heaps of shopping opportunity's. Nothing more. I went to the nice beach and adored my last wonderful sunset here in Australia reflecting the awesome ´three weeks I spent here. For dinner I had fast food again. Yuk, And this time even double Yuk cause it was MC Donalds. But they are also the only ones with free Wi-Fi. And after my 50 free megabytes where gone in a jiff I walked back to the hostel for 40 minutes in the dark along the beach with Surfers Paradise in the background. Back in the Hostel I met a cute Finnish girl, Hanne, placed cards with her and chatted for a while. Later we played some pool and table tennis with some other guys. Actually she was the first one I met from Finland. A pity I didn’t stay longer. And then I fall into my bed. Sharing a room with 9 others. Except the smell and snoring it is not too bad and you get used to that amount of people.


My last sleep and I already have to leave this gorgeous country. Its way too short and I would love to stay longer. It’s a shame I had to waste my last two days with traveling to catch my flight to Singapore. All together to get to Fraser Island: accommodation, the tour and getting back by bus did cost me around freaking 425$ (around 380€) and a lot of time, but it was all worth the hassle. Fraser was worth it. And very likely way better if I would have had just chilled out somewhere. I still will do that in Thailand I guess.

Australia was wicked. I love this country as well. I had so much fun here, met awesome people and went to many beautiful places. I didn’t see Koalas, didn’t see spiders and snakes and I’m glad about that. But I also missed to see Crocodiles, Kangaroos and Koalas. So I have to come back aye???