Hi Mates

Before my adventure in Aussie began it was already over and I had to move on. How sad is that. I had fantastic three weeks in Aussie. Mainly caused by the many awesome people I met on the way. But to reflect all that here is my last Blog entry about Australia but already posted from Singapore. So have a read about everything after magical Byron Bay until my last night in Aussie in Coolangatta.


I_ should have planned to spend more time here to stay longer in Australia. It is also a really nice place to visit. In a different kind of way than New Zealand is, But also great in its own way. Or maybe I had such a great time because of the people I met here. Up to now I had a blast and it was so good. I’m looking forward to what comes next and be happy to travel further. To do more stuff I didn’t do up to know and enjoy my round about last two month as much as possible. Until I have to head back into reality. Until then have a read about my last second week in the Land of Oz.


Here I am. Not in New Zealand anymore. But at least not at home already. I arrived at my first 3 weeks stopover in Sydney and will sooner or later travel up to Brisbane. But for now I am still here in Sydney and enjoying the good sunny “winter” weather and the nice atmosphere of this town. It is so far the most enjoyable town I ever have been to. So enjoy reading and also have a look at those nice pictures. It is even better then it looks.