The headline may sounds a bit weird but that was what Amy in New Zealand once said about her home country. Now I wanted to have a proof. So that was one reason to go there. Another one: Amy lives here, I wanted to visit her and just because it is between Singapore and Thailand my last destination in SEA (South East Asia). Have a read of the first part of my discoveries.

Greets Jakob


Just landed - 7.9.2012

IMG_2311In the last Blog about Gili I told you about my stressful flight from Bali to Singapore. So continuing form there I landed in Singapore and tried to hurry up to make it as soon as possible to the bus stop at the airport to catch my bus to Johor Bahru and in essence to Melaka both already in Malaysia. So I hurried up to grab my backpack and escaped as fast as possible the baggage claim, security checks (fortunately I had no drugs), immigration checks and the train connecting the terminals to get to the bus stop. It should arrive in 20 minutes so 5:25pm. So I assured with the people around I’m at the right stop and waited and waited and waited …. The bus is officially going hourly between JB and Singapore. But not today. More than 20 minutes later as usual wouldn’t be normal even for SEA circumstances.


I walked back to ask if there is a bus coming in the near future. They assured me 2 more hours and it will be there. Hey, good news isn’t it? When you take in mind yesterday not one bus came because the driver was ill. So I can be happy if any bus will bring me over there tonight. Anyway I now had enough time to return at the MRT station(Subway) my EazyLink card and the remaining money and went to Burger king to spend my fortune on burgers, coke and chips. I  need the Singapore money no more anyway. I sat down outside at the bus stop enjoying my burger while the rainfall increased heavily pouring down. But at least chills everything a bit down from 33° to around 28°.


I waited there for ages until finally a bus came stopped and seemed to be ours. Yeah overcrowded, small and it is just 8:30pm, wicked. Except the guy behind me, a German/Greek/English politic professor and me there was no tourist in the bus. A circumstance that happened very often in Malaysia. This professor was quite interesting. He lives in Berlin Steglitz but also in London where he teaches as well. He bought the biggest diving chain on Cyprus and goes twice a year to counties like this or Iraq, Afghanistan, Thailand … to ride a bicycle through the whole country for 6 weeks. He said he has to do it cause he has a serious disease (I guess some sort of cancer) where it is good for him to drink around 9 liters a day. It is only possible in hot countries like this to do so twice a year. This time he is tripping the whole west coast from JB to the north of Malaysia, so the border of Thailand. He had a few interesting story's about the political system in Singapore, e.g. what happens when you try to plan a political discussion there or that he have been in jail for three days in east Germany.


The other guy I was talking to is Simon a bit overweight Malay who lives nearby JB and works for FedEx in Singapore. Everyday he undertakes a 3h journey from and to work. How crazy is that? But he earns there way more then he would in his country.


Why I am all doing this is cause the lady in the Green Kiwi hostel said I can save some money traveling first from Singapore into JB and buy there a bus trip to Melaka. The two guys in the bus said it is a bit insane and not worth the stress. But now that I am in it I can’t change it anymore. So after a 30 minutes bus ride we stopped at the first border. The one of Singapore. You have to depart the bus and walk through the security checks and border control. On the other side of the terminal the bus waits and picks you up. If you are done within 30 minutes. The bus does not wait. Fortunately we have been faster. So back in the bus I’ve got a few more tips about my coming trip through Malaysia and Thailand. And there was the other border check, the one of Malaysia. So we hopped of again, security check, border control and back into the bus. Again without any problems. Despite that its exhausting. It is still hot and gets later and later. And this early morning I just left Bali and now I leave already another country. Back in the Bus we continued to JB.

IMG_2317It was already 9:30pm when we arrived in Johor Bahru. Simon was so kind to walk me around to check on possible trips to Melaka for me via train and bus. At any of these stalls, offices and shops he went directly and straight to the counter ignoring the other customers. Weird. It was impossible to leave directly tonight. I had to farewell my idea of arriving today in Melaka. But he got me a trip for the next morning. Which means I have to stay one night here. And Simon helped me there as well. He walked me to a few places one shittier than the other until I was tired enough to pick the least but still shitty one. I’ve got a single hotel room without a window, a bit dirty and way overpriced for 80 Ringgit (20€). Much worse than any hostel in Melaka would be for a quarter of the price with a breakfast. But I just wanted to sleep. Anyhow, it was so nice of Simon who helped me out a lot that night arriving in a new country I gifted him one of my Toblerone bars from Bali. As I asked him why he’s so nice and helpful even after such a long day he had he explained to me he wants to do in the near future a big trip like mine and hopes people will help him as well. So he starts helping people.


I just fell into bed tired as hell don’t doing anything at all. Not even breakfast. Just making sure being ready to leave next morning on time. Cause JB sucks. And this part of the trip sucks as well. I should have just taken a direct bus from within Singapore to Melaka. It probably would have been way more convenient. And I would have saved a lot of money not staying in this crappy hotel. Too late.

Off to Melaka - 8.9.2012

No breakfast could stop me from leaving this place. Only a shower to wake up and then I hurried up to get to the place where the bus leaves. Actually the bus doesn’t really leaves from here. Its just a pickup point in front of the travel office to get to the central bus stop in Larkin. So I waited there until a few people and I got picked up with a small shitty bus and we headed together to the central bus station in Melaka. The driver exchanged our tickets from the office with some others for the bus. Of course all in Malay. He explained me to sit down here and wait for the bus on lane number 15. It supposed to go to Melaka in 40 minutes. WTF, waiting again. I was the only orang putih/mat salih there. The only white skin. Again.


IMG_2321Of course the bus didn’t showed up after 40 minutes of waiting. Of course I had to wait for it again in the end 2 and a half hours. But on the pro side of this I must admit it was the most luxury bus I went with so far. You had huge leg space and a seat flexible enough to almost lie down. Only the air con wasn’t flexible and chilled the bus down to a fridge like temperature. Only the plastic package of some tissues did help to block the chilled air stream blowing directly into your face. But it was still cold as sitting there in shorts and short sleeved shirt. But I was happy to finally get to Melaka so no complains no more.


Of course the central bus stop isn’t in the center of Melaka even though its called Melaka Sentral. I had to take a public transport bus into the real city center. At least this one was on time. The center of Melaka is very pretty. Because of its Dutch and English heritage as a trade town it has numerous old Dutch buildings and English churches and its less the grunge style than in JB. The world heritage status together with Georgetown on Penang.


IMG_2324But first I needed to head to the hostel of my choice. I picked the Rooftop Hostel in Melaka not far away from the center. It was rated pretty good and when I arrived there I knew why. It was very very nice. The owner showed me very friendly nice rooftop with garden shower, the cozy kitchen where the owners bake daily cakes for the guests and the nice big non bunk bed room with ac for just 28 Ringgit (7€). The facility’s where nice the living room spacious and cozy and the owner very helpful with advices where to go and where to eat. A very recommendable place for sure.



IMG_2333At that time of the day I only had one roommate. The hostel wasn’t very crowded anyway. Its not really high season right now. My roommate introduced himself as Lobby Flom China. Actually he’s studies in Singapore and named Robby. He has this typical funny ploblem Smiley. He’s a nice guy and within minutes we’ve been best friends and headed out to discover the town and talk some more. It was always a bit complicated caused by the language barrier but it worked somehow. When we 

talked about Singapore he said it’s a vely cold city. Its vely chilly. Most of the times people who live there stay 


inside cause even for them its way too hot and humid. And he meant that all the ac’s are cooling it down a lot. He also said the ailcons ale legulated to cool it down to 18° cause it’s the pelfect wolking temperature. People wouldn’t sit alound lazy cause they would wolk halder to not fleeze. We walked around the old town area adoring the nice old buildings, the big old water wheel, the riverside, big shopping center, the not too nice but historical important open ocean area, some old trains and airplanes and the left pieces of a historic brick bulwark and cannons. Every now and then we hopped into chilled buildings, like MC Donalds to escape the heat for a minute. The best part was the big old St. Paul’s church on top of a hill in the center. It’s a bit cloudy but anyway good enough to have a broad nice view all over town.


IMG_2349In general the town is very diverse with its old Dutch/English past and Asian shops, people and market stalls. We where lucky anyway cause this weekend there is a night market going on. Actually a Thai night market in Malaysia. But its in the evening. So Robby and I went for a while back to the hostel to have a rest, a shower and chill to gain some energy for the night.







IMG_2366After a garden rain shower  and a few relaxing minutes in bed we headed back out to check out the night market and also find some local food for dinner. When we arrived at the famous Jonker Street the market was in full action. Heaps of stalls everywhere, crowded with strolling tourists, some weird performances, good smelling food, bad food smell (durian) and shitloads of Asian crap. Shirts, thongs, nice hand cut pop up post cards, can openers, sun glasses, cd’s, … everything you don’t need. Not as a backpacker nor as a normal tourist. But nice to stroll through anyway.





IMG_2385We had enough from the crowd and fled across the nice lit up river with its neat old buildings and structures over to the Christ Church. A lot of rickshaws where looking for generous tourist to give’em a lift. At daytime they are pretty normal but at night they crack up to be super rickshaws. They are fully covered with flashing lights flashing in the right beat of the turned on full volume music. It looks hilarious every time another couple passes by in them.






IMG_2398I still didn’t have a card for my mobile phone so we walked around through some shopping malls with late opening hours. But we where too late for that. It passed already 10pm. We continued to stroll around in them just to get some nicely chilled air and headed back into the city center. We already knew down at the foot of the hill, with the St. Paul’s Church on top, something is going on at night. So we weren’t curious when we did see and hear the crowd already from far away. Singing and dancing on stage for the local radio station. There was a big Chinese crowed looking like pupils as Robby told me singing about the good weather in Melaka. It did sound a bit ridiculous but everybody seemed to have fun.

IMG_2404We where hungry like wolfs when we headed back to the Thai market. Hoping for some stalls left to serve some. They where already cleaning up this places. A few stalls left, but most of them didn’t sell proper meals. Mainly just small snacks, not enough for hungry wolfs. In some side road we found a good place. To the left and right heaps of tiny stalls and in the middle the obligatory garden chairs and tables for the guest. We sat down and got a all in one menu for all the stores. We did order Nyonya Laksa (some soup with nasty fish balls and I hope it was tofu), a sweet sour fruit salad in sate sauce and crushed nuts and beef sate. I was stunned it was just the chewy fat, take a look at this picture, yuk. Even though, for 3€ each for everything not a bad deal, aye?



After so much food you get thirsty, right? So how to get some beer to solve our problem? In Melaka it’s not a biggie. As long as the tourist pubs are open. Malaysia is a Muslim country and they are not too much into Liquor. Couple of times after most of the shops are closed locals ask:”shhh shhh, do you wanna buy beer?” as if they would sell drugs. Ohh jeah, alcohol is a drug. Anyway the pub of our choice was still open and fully packed with tourists. Also cause the two pubs at the corner to the Jonker Street had some life music going on. So we where sitting down in the “Irish” one. To be precise, outside. Everything is somehow outside and open cause even at night it has around 28°. Robby and I shared a Jug of beer and enjoyed the live music and made some new British friends with this typical hardcore accent. Id love to talk like them. But they left soon cause they where so tired of last night. Somehow they ended up in a brothel instead of a hostel.


IMG_2370Can happen when you always go as cheap as possible Smiley. They didn’t sleep, cause they’ve been scared, as they told us. After they left we joined a unusual group of two around 70 year old guys with two nice around 20 years old Chinese girls. Cici and Jenny, their easy names for non Chinese. The old farts where locals and one of them always asked me how much I would pay for one of the girls. First I thought they are their pimps but after a while we found out they just got to know the girls and invited them for beer out of shot glasses. Maybe the right size for the girls cause they are not well trained drinking beer. The girls even joined the live music guy playing the piano and where singing quite nice with him. Later they also told us they spotted us already at this radio stage where all the Asians where singing earlier. They said we stuck out a Chinese guy and a German dude. Making friends with Asians is not as easy as with other nations I would say. I guess the cultural differences and national habits are just too different. But it works out.


IMG_2362When we walked home, around 1:30 am, the rats and cockroaches already conquered back their territory after the Night Market left shitloads of food and other crap on the streets. It must be heaven for all those animals and insects. And we had to take care not to step on one or another. Back in our hostel we had to pass the kitchen to get upstairs. But not without stopping by at the table with these delicious untouched cakes for the next morning the owners baked this morning. Robby was so hungry again and drunk after 1 1/2 beer Smileyso he took a few slices of the cakes, ate some and packed some more in foil and grabbed also two bananas. It must have been already 2am when we disturbed our already sleeping room neighbor. But instead of being pissed of, as I could have been, he was really nice and we talked. His name is Dave is British who soon starts to work for FMB, a company who is testing software. Funny thing I knew the company cause I applied for a job at the branch in Germany once. So we chatted for a while until we all finally fall asleep.

One more in Melaka - 9.9.2012

IMG_2412Robby said goodbye but this early morning I wasn’t able to get up after he woke me up. So I directly fall asleep again. Until 11am. Then I did see he left for me the cake from yesterday and a banana. How nice and polite is that? Now I at least wouldn’t have to worry about breakfast anymore. To not waste anymore time this day I went with Dave out to discover some more places of this city. But also a few I went to already with Robby yesterday. This time we took the boat for 15 Ringgit (4€) to drive through town and see everything from a different angle and as a nice side effect get a bit of a breeze on this moving tourist boat. This town even has a monorail which reminded me of this funny Simpson episode and the song where Springfield gets one. I was wondering for what reason they have one here but it seems to be that every world heritage town has to have one.


IMG_2410From the pier we strolled further around to get some food and my DiGi sim card. So we went into one of the shopping malls I’ve been with Robby yesterday already and went to the counter of one of the numerous phone shops to ask for one. First there was nobody except us in the shop and the employees took care of me directly. But it took ages to register the card and get it working in my phone. Additionally after a few minutes other customers came and just pushed it no matter what. Even when you are just talking to one of the employees the just talking to him also. It’s weird and so not our style every time it happens I have the desire to tell them to shut the fuck up and wait in line. But other country other customs. Better get used to it. 20 minutes later I finally had my working sim card. Yieppieh.


IMG_2415Not as easy as I thought it would be. Already in the mall we wanted some food. Local meals and went to the food court. I guess I made a bad decision. On the picture it looked good and the description wasn’t bad either. But the result was bad. Take a look at this picture of my ugly nasty food. The noodles where spongy, the sauce very thick, oily and tasteless and the mushrooms disgusting. The meat mainly just bones maybe from parts of a chicken I usually wouldn’t eat. Dave’s wasn’t much better. He had unpeeled prawns and indefinable seafood with rice. We should have picked something else. Mc Donalds or something.




IMG_2421Not satisfied by our food but also not hungry anymore we continued our tour through Melaka and discovered a new place. The sultans house museum and sultans garden. The garden had a few nice water pools, planted streams and heaps of nice trees and bushes. The sultans house is built completely out of dark wood in a typical Asian style. Inside it seemed to be way bigger than it looked from the outside. And it was fully stuffed with brand new looking “old” cheesy pictures of the sultan. Not only pictures also mannequins and dioramas presented the history of the sultan and Melaka. But like I said before everything looked a bit cheesy.




IMG_2432Enough done for now and I had to skype with Amy in the evening about catching up and deciding what to do after Kuala Lumpur where she works. After Melaka I will stay for a few days in KL and then visit Penang, an island north westerly of Ipoh (where Amy comes from) at the Melaka Strait. It is also a world heritage. After that, Thursday night, I will catch up with Amy in Ipoh again and travel with her to the Perhentian Islands. tiny group of islands in the South Chinese Sea to snorkel and relax for the weekend. And I planned to booked my last flight, before my big one home, when I’m in Kuala Lumpur from KL on Monday coming week to Chiang Mai in the north of Thailand. So the next few days are planned and my exit strategy waterproof to leave from Malaysia to Thailand.



IMG_2372For the evening Dave and I went out to the night market again. We only wanted to get some food and go home and sleep. We didn’t find anything decent to eat there again so we went to a nice restaurant nearby and had some really delicious food. I decided no to drink too much here in Malaysia. Beer and Liquor not water. Its just too expensive and I want to stay below 50€ a day. Very doable if you don’t buy expensive flight tickets, sim cards or drinks. On the way home, actually right in front of our hostel we bumped into the two British guys from the night before, who had to sleep in a brothel in KL, with two more friends, also English men. The new guys, both teacher of a very different kind. The had heaps of funny story’s about their pupils and also a lot of nice swearwords for them. Of course we ended up at the nightlife side road of Jonker Street again and shared a tower of Singha. Drinking alcohol again, shit. I don’t have pictures but a tower beer is a uber dimensional beer glass, surprise surprise, filled with beer. In the middle is a big cooling ice tube to chill the beer. Nice but beer in Malaysia is expensive. 75 Ringgit and its just enough for 2 glasses each when you are with 6 people. I’m looking forward to Thailand Smiley.



Kuala Lumpur - Traveling in the rain … - 10.9.2012


IMG_2442… sucks. I wanted to get to leave as soon as possible to KL to make sure I get a bus. There are no online bus booking sites so you have to show up and book just in time or go there in advance to get your ticket earlier. Anyway I left early took a shower and heard already heard the thunder. It didn’t rain yet. So I hurried up to somehow get to the bus sentral without getting wet. Just as I left the hostel and went around the corner it started pissing down. I think there is nothing like drizzling rain, or rain we are used to. Its either no rain or really really heavy rain and every now and then lightning's and thunder. I had to wait. Everybody stopped walking and waited in a safe location for it to stop. For the first time I understand why they have huge gaps, wholes and channels between the roads and buildings. Its dangerous to slip and fall heavily but necessary to avoid flooding. I


t didn’t take long and they where completely filled. After more than 30 minutes the amount of water pouring down seemed to decrease a bit. I covered my backpack with its rain cover and started heading towards the bus stop to get to bus sentral. My stupid flip flops where so worn I slipped all the time on the wet tiles they have around the buildings which took even more time and care not to hurt myself. Sometimes despite all the channels whole roads where flooded and I had to walk through massive around 30 cm deep puddles of dirty water. At least one advantage of my thongs I don’t have to take them off for that.




Finally I did arrive at the bus stop left to the sentral station and got a direct ticket within minutes and sit in the bus to KL. It was so cold in the bus again and I was very lucky to have my whole bag pack this time with me. So I did wear a sweater and blocked the A/C again. Kuala Lumpur is pretty close to Melaka. It didn’t take me more than 2 1/2h.  I like it a lot arriving in a new town I’ve never been before not knowing where to go to or what to do. It is somehow very exciting, sometimes challenging or exhausting but never boring. I had to take some train from the central bus stop in KL to get to the China Town center to finally get to the Razzys Guest House. The chosen place based on a lot of recommendations of other traveler I met.


It didn’t rain in KL at the moment and I had to walk fully packed with all my stuff through the town in the heat bursting noon sun. Every time that happens I’d love to leave my shitty heavy backpack and daypack somewhere behind. At least I need to find a solution of getting rid of some unnecessary stuff like long pants and hiking boots. I wont need or use them anyway. After 30 minutes of swearing about my heavy load in my head I found the place and adored the air con inside. The climate was cool, but the hostel not really in my opinion. Not very cozy, the rooms are packed with beds and the facilities all out of plain concrete. Here you are never allowed to wear gendals inside. So also not in the washing rooms. It always takes a bit of overcoming my fears of staying in somebody else's piss or even worse. At least it looked clean.


I changed my cloth, found out I need to do my laundry. Or better I have to drop off my bag of dirty cloth so somebody else is doing the laundry for me for 12 Ringgit. So I did drop of two big bags full of dirty cloth including the one and only short pants I had. That’s why I now had to run around in some ridiculous sport pants. I couldn’t hide, I need to explore the city and not waste more time in the hostel with my weirdo roommates. In the evening I am meeting Amy but until then I was keen to do something. I got some advice from the hostel counter and left towards one of the numerous public transport stations all ran buy individual companies. It is not as easy as it is in Singapore. There are whole lines ran by one company with their own system of tickets, but also one station with different companies and tickets. So believe me it can get complicated. Fortunately my destination was just a few stations away and I don’t have to change trains. But one difficulty I had to master. I arrived at the only working ticket machine with a huge crowed waiting in front of. It was a Chinese groups turn to get their ticket. Somehow they struggled using their bills in combination with the selection of their ticket. Sure it is complicated, to select not the ticket you want but the destination and get told what you have to pay. And of course trying another bill or coins instead could have been a solution instead of trying the same crumbled bill in every position or direction. Theses Chinese where very stubborn until they gave up. What I was wondering: where are the Malaysians pushing in when you need them? In this instance they where very polite not to. So is it cause they only do it when only humans are involved? Probably they don’t mess with machines.


IMG_2459So it took a while until it was my turn getting my ticket to Batu Caves and waiting more than 30 minutes for the right train. While sitting and waiting I started to talk to a interesting friendly Polish guy, Roman. He traveled a lot and had a lot of stories to tell from his trips all around the globe and his experiences hitchhiking everywhere. He said in Malaysia people usually don’t know what it is. When I tries to get a ride they stop and ask what’ wrong. If he needs help. They feel sorry for him not having the money to travel the usual way they know and drive him everywhere. He wanted to go to the Batu Caves as well. And there our train arrived. We made sure not taking the only women part of the train and took a seat until we read the signs for Batu Caves. The ride was 


just 1 Ringgit and the Caves even for free. A short distance walk from the station and we where there. Staying in front of huge limestone rocks suddenly sticking out of the ground and the top covered in tropical plants. In the middle of the biggest one heaps of stairs leaded through a big hole into the center of the caves. Next to it a huge golden 42m tall Lord Murugan statue and shitloads of luxurious temples around. Impressive, aye?






IMG_2476Despite the heat we climbed up the high stairs until we reached a big natural hallway with more Hindu temples inside, And not to forget the nasty monkeys. One of them sitting a bit elevated in the rocks did even throw a bottle at me. This little bastard almost hit me with it. Another monkey with a really ugly face and mean teeth tried to catch, scratch a kid right after he banged some other monkey. At least he scared the child off. You definitely have to take care of these idiots, Im not talking about the child anymore, and hold your stuff tight in your hands. I was so hungry I bought downstairs some nuts and was forced to share them with these ungrateful idiots.

IMG_2485Never mind, the location was impressive. Inside the rocks a few more staircases led further into the cave and to more temples. In one of them they had some celebration ceremony going on with weird music and splashing water over each others head. Interesting but also funny as.








Back down Roman and I went to a vegetarian Indian restaurant. We both ordered a massala tosa. Its kind of a crepe filled with a potato onion mixture. You get a bucket with three separated very delicious “sauces” with it. And you can eat as much as you want of it for just 3 Ringgit. Not even one Euro. But you have to eat with your hand, and only the right one, of course. But we where also thirsty and Roman ordered a typical mango lassie and I a coke. The waiter shook his head very weird from the left to the right. You might have seen that before of Indians. I thought he might make fun of me cause I ordered a stupid western coke with my food and made fun of it repeating him. IMG_2480Roman just taught afterwards reminding me that it is typical for Indians. A lot of them do that when they comply. And I remembered this custom and felt vey embarrassed. Not the last time here in Malaysia Smiley. But that’s the fun part of experience different country’s. Isn’t it? The food was delicious but harder to eat cause the sauce was very fluid but so good. I haven’t had such a good masala tosa anywhere else again.





IMG_2510Then I met with Amy in Mid Valley a huge shopping mall. She is working nearby for a Dutch web design company doing graphics. It was so nice after around 6 month to see a well known face from New Zealand in her own country. We chatted a lot about the past and future while walking through the mall me looking for some pants and her for choosing the right place for food for dinner. I bought a second pair of short pants and directly did wear them. But it is impressive how long you can get along with such a small amount of cloth.





IMG_2519Amy has her own car and drove me around to show me the different areas in this big town. Even while driving people pushed into lanes without any restrictions. But Amy didn’t care much. It’s normal she said laughing and is doing it as well. We drove to KLCC the Kuala Lumpur City Center with its famous Petronas Towers. We parked up the car in some location its not allowed to park, but nobody cares here and walked through this comparatively new district until we stayed right in front of these beautiful towers. They don’t look very high but I really like their architecture and the connecting bridge. At daytime you can go up there but they’ll charge you 80 Ringgit and I would have preferred to see the town at night. I still speculate that there must be a bar on top like in Marina Sands in Singapore. In a Muslim country how could be a bar on top, silly me. In front of them they had some nice illuminated water games in front going on. Water sprinklers synchronized with the music.


IMG_2542Actually there is a bar on top of one of the buildings. But it is in the not as high and much less popular tower 3 building. Amy in a decent dress would have been able to get up but I was rejected Smileynot wearing the correct dress code. I didn’t wonder flip flops, short pants and shirt aren’t acceptable even though I got like that up to the Marina Sands Hotel. I would have loved to see their face with me in my jogging sport pants from before. I forgot about getting somehow up their for free and moved on back to the car and headed home.





IMG_2543On the way home I really needed a toilet. Amy dropped me somewhere on the way to my hostel at a big open food court. I jumped out of the car before she parked somewhere and almost ran into one of the few food places to ask for a toilet. They pointed to the back somewhere. I hurried up getting through the kitchen where a lot of cooking was going on at the moment. Usually people say as clean the bathrooms are as clean you can expect the kitchen to be. Its other way around here but the condition works in both ways and I haven’t been disappointed. As expected the toilets did look very similar to the kitchen. A last look around noticing the cockroaches hanging out between kitchen and toilets and noticing its my favorite kind of toilet, the disgusting dark hell hole in the ground and the obligatory bucket of water to flush it manually and the water hose hanging around for whatever. Of course there is nothing like toilet paper around. As usual.

Let’s say the Delhi Belly is literally shit when you’re always on your way, especially when you have it for around a week …. I guess everybody who comes to South East Asia who stays a bit longer gets it and has do deal with it at least once. I didn’t tell Amy, but jeah, know she knows Smiley. But what are you supposed to do in this situation.

A waste of time - 11.9

IMG_2462Today I woke up early to get some of the free breakfast. This hostel is just weird, I came down the stairs around 9am and nobody had their breakfast sitting there and chatting or something. They where all watching Hangover 2. Nobody was talking or in any way socializing. Very weird and I also hate this movie. So I gulped down the dry toast with some jam and went back upstairs to book my flights to Chiang Mai and wanted to do something afterwards. In the end it took me 4h and another sim card and still don’t get to book my flight without assistance. Somehow these stupid visa security check text messages didn’t come through. The hopeless stupid DiGi support told me my specific sim card isn’t enabled for international text messages services and it is impossible to do so. And I have to buy another one of DiGi, So I went out to buy the “correct” one. And of course just in this moment it had to piss down on me again like in Melaka. Anyway I slipped around in my flip flops to the nearest shop selling DiGi sim cards. Back to the hostel replaced this visa security shit with my new number and boom … no text. Fuck, I really needed to book my flight now. I already had the case it was a day later way more expensive. And it is already next week I’m booking the flight for. In the end I asked a friend, Aaron whom I met in Byron Bay Aussie, to receive the text for me and send it to me. How secure is that, aye? Fortunately that worked out and the flight was booked after just 4h of trying. Bless the online banking. 


In between my booking challenge I didn’t get around socializing with some of my room mates. One of them for example a interesting guy form England around 35, left his girlfriend, sold his house, left his very good paid job to find the sense of life. He is traveling since more than a year now only in South East Asia. He just shaved his head completely, studies the Koran and converted to the Islam. We had some interesting discussions about believes, society and the monetary system.


The other guy who directly slept below me in the same bunk bed came into the room already yesterday said his name and touched my leg and arm as long as we “talked”. I didn’t understand, he repeated twice and said something like never mind. He’s definitely an Arab, a bit chubby bearded and laughing stupid all the time. Then he left. Today he did kind of the same but didn’t leave. He was touchy again and I thought its maybe their culture. Today he talked again some really weird random stuff. Walked out of the room and came back a couple of times. then around noon he put a blanket down in the room and started praying. Afterwards he grabbed my upper arm again and asked if I wanna have some Marijuana or some other drugs. The British guy told me he was kicked out of is other hostel because of repetitive drug abuse. But I guess he took also other drugs and may has a psychological issue. He was later lying down and talking to himself all the time and laughing in between really stupid. As if he is schizophrenic. At least I found out he is from Palestine looking for a wife here.  


IMG_2538I was just wondering if this is here a sanatorium for psychological cases and what do I do here? Thank god or Allah or whomever I am leaving tomorrow already to Penang. I didn’t stay long, thank god too, until Amy picked me up after work. First we went by foot just around China town, over the markets and tried some food. I tried to be polite not to eat to much different stuff. I still didn’t feel to well. We had some sliced dried fatty beef which tasted a bit like salami and carried on back to the car and drove to a big shopping mall shaped like a pyramid. They even had a huge ice skating area in it. It was late so all the stores where closed already. I cant buy anything anyway cause I have no space nor can and want I carry more shit around. So instead of shopping we looked for the advertised German beer bar but ended up at another place with shisha and cocktails. Good enough for me. So we ordered a apple shisha two cocktails and two forks for the Space ähhh Moon Cake. We bought it yesterday in the other mall. It’s a Chinese tradition to buy them for the moon festival. The day with the brightest moon of the year. They come in very nice decorated packages and taste quite good. Except the durian version. Fortunately they have it in any other possible way with nuts, chocolate, caramel, cinnamon …. Amy had to buy because of me the not traditional one. Instead I was craving for the chocolate coffee one. It was nice but very heavy. Combined with the shisha and cocktails very filling. There Amy had to take a picture of meto freak out my parents and sister on Facebook again. The headline:“Mom Look at me. The addictive Son is now in KLl. Haha”. Haha, it always works and never gets boring.


IMG_2488And there it was again the thunderstorm and the heavy rain. We endured sitting outside under a roof as long as possible until even the roof didn’t avoid us getting wet and we started to freeze. Then we left in the worst rain ever back to my hostel. Fortunately Amy dropped me off there again. I would be lost getting home from there in the rain I guess. It took a while until we ended up at the hostel. A lot of detours and the deep water on the roads lengthened the ride  . But finally we found it.

This morning I decided to swap the beds. The ACs in the room must be on 18° or so and if you are on the top bunk bed its blowing the whole time in your face. 




I felt already I get ill again so I didn’t want to spend another night there. It was already 2am and the reception closed to get a remote to turn it down. So I just went to sleep into another room. I chose the empty one right next door to my one, took all my stuff over and selected one of the bottom beds. But it was the wrong choice. After I turned off the light and lied down in my sleeping bag (that is obligatory) I felt something on my arm crawling around. I hit on it in the dark but it continued. When I turned the light on there was a bug on my arm. I did hit it a couple of times but I couldn’t smash it. So I pushed it onto the ground and smashed it with some rigid objects. Then I turned off the light and after minutes same thing again. I guess they where bed bugs. So far I didn’t see them. Maybe that’s why the room was completely empty. I didn’t wanna move back so I swapped to another bed in the same room and luckily didn’t noticed them there.