I’m still alive and gosh here is the next Article. Even though my Thailand visit was 2 years ago I have it in such a good memory. I could leave straight away again. Especially looking at all these beautiful places makes living a normal life here hard. This Post is about my arrival on the diving island Koh Tao and my Padi Advance Open Water course. So everything until Full Moon Party which I’m writing about next time …

Have fun reading.

Cheers Jakob


Hey Folks, still hanging in there for the next update? Sweet as. This one is about continuing my trip from Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia where Amy just dropped me off at the airport leaving Malaysia to Thailand. I expected a lot of Thailand so have a read how it went after arriving in Chiang Mai in the North of Thailand, Bangkok and sweet sweet Koh Tao.


Whoa mates,

I’m exhausted now. What a freaking long post about the rest of my trip through Malaysia. But finally its done now. Hope you enjoy it as much as I did when I visited this country. One thing in advance: Nobody here lives on Trees. But it is a bit mystical and the people really push in everywhere they can. Not only at the counter.

Cheers Jakob


The headline may sounds a bit weird but that was what Amy in New Zealand once said about her home country. Now I wanted to have a proof. So that was one reason to go there. Another one: Amy lives here, I wanted to visit her and just because it is between Singapore and Thailand my last destination in SEA (South East Asia). Have a read of the first part of my discoveries.

Greets Jakob


This is my second part of my journey in Indonesia and covers the time I spent on the nice Gili Island. Way later than announced but better than never. Its about this wonderful group of islands and the French group I met here. Thanks to Luisa I changed my literary fauxpas naming my headline for this article eat prey love to eat pray love. I wasn't smart enough to come up with this idea on my own, its just another mistake so ... :-)


The headline is not in the right order, but it makes more sense to me like this. Its about the places I’ve visited in Indonesia. I wrote way to much to fit it into one article so I divided it into two. In the last month I have been a bit lazy updating this blog cause enjoying traveling pretty much consumed my whole days and nights. So now that I am back home in Berlin since the 10th of October I will try to rebuild the past with my notes as long as I remember. And hopefully finally finish this travel journal.

Have fun reading of Part One

Jakob Schille

sIMG_1457This is the first stop on my way home which is in a Asian country. It still has a lot of western influences to be honest. But except the western influences the first country I have ever been to with real Asian culture. Which means a very interesting mix of Chinese, Indonesians, Malaysians, Thai people and Indians. Probably even more then the stated different cultures clashing there onto each other. I expected it to be a big cultural shock but it was okay and you adapt fast to the customs and different food. Especially when you like Asian dishes like curry’s and sate, pad thai …. So have a read about one week in Singapore.